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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all right if you have been working out
for any bit of time now you’ve probably wondered like how did working out even
start and I had this question multiple times it was like dude I’m done I’m
gonna do some research and make a video on this so here we are I did some
research and here’s the video on how did working out become a thing all right so first of all we’re gonna
start during the caveman times right so most of you guys already know we had to
hunt so we’d be running doing all of that right but we wouldn’t really call
that exercise at the time we just call that like a daily life we got to go home
and we got to go lift like tree limbs lift rocks we got a run for her alive
sometimes sometimes you gotta fight you know what I mean
there’s so much stuff we got to do back then we don’t really call exercise and
we were just jacked sometimes more giant than we are now but
that was because it was a way of life not what around 10,000 BC the crop
culture era came around right after the UH right after we were cavemen right so
instead of having to go hunt our stuff we have crops right so it reduced us
having to ride it reduce all of that stuff right so sure we would have to do
work but it would be repetitive so would be like reaping reaping whatever we’re
planting you know what I mean it’s repetitive instead of climbing a tree or
climbing a ladder stuff like that and it’s just a little stuff that add up at
around 4,000 BC we had Wars right we had the Greeks the Egyptians the Babylonians
all of them they were training their soldiers now this was a little bit more
advanced right so back then we were we’re just doing it because it was a way
of life now we’re actually training so now we’re actually running practicing
running we’re actually practicing lifting heavy
crafts we’re doing stuff that we used to do back then but now we’re doing it with
like more what’s the word we’re doing it was like a program around that if that
makes sense so instead of just doing it to do it back then because it was the
way of life now we’re doing it because we need to now it’s a time of war and
that’s what they did and at the same time the Egyptians and Greeks made games
out of this too right so they made like a little sports and stuff and of course
it would match what happened back then because it’s not too much more advanced
right so they’d be doing like running stuff like fighting stuff and the Greeks
had the first Olympic Games right after this era from the fifth century right up
to the 15th century it was the Middle Ages the Dark Ages that’s when everyone
was so focused on the soul and the mind that nobody really focused on the body
right the body wasn’t really that important to them it was all about just
the soul this lasted for a really long time this was ten centuries but right
after that that’s when we got the Renaissance right and this is when it
was a game changer people were focus on anatomy biology or focus on
their own physical fitness working out hitting’s themselves into shape in 1440
this is when Victorino death fell Trey made his first school and this school
was focused on physical education right so this was the first school that people
were actually focusing on being healthy in 1553 Cristobal Mendez wrote the book
the art did gymnastic and that is when everything was game-changing this this
Renaissance is when people actually started working out and this is that
little shift transformed finished lifting crap to like actually working
out that makes sense so this is how working out actually became a thing if
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