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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys jeff cavaliere today i’m going to show you a chest workout that’s going to maximize
your chest development and we’re going to put the science behind the decisions
to include the exercises that we do and I’m also going to throw in the muscle
marker and this band to help us get the job done let’s start with the band
actually the muscle marker as well I’ve actually been practicing here as you can
see the idea here is if we take the band and we activate the chest by going into
this position here we see that there’s a lot of things going on in terms of the
fibers and the orientation of the fibers they’re not all running in the same
direction matter of fact they don’t even all have
the same attachments the fibers that originate from the upper chest here
coming off with the clavicle and they’re running down towards the humerus right
but the most important thing is they’re going from a high to low position
whereas the fibers that come off of the sternum again a different bone than the
clavicle are actually coming in more of a horizontal direction going almost
straight across the chest out towards the arm and then we have the ones that
come off with a bottom portion here of the sternum and they head up so these
are not going completely horizontal these are actually traveling from a low
to a high position so we shouldn’t know if you’ve been watching this channel
that in order to fully hit the chest you’re going to want to choose exercises
that follow those fibers meaning you’re going to want to take your arm through
different ranges of motion to better hit and align it with those fibers so let’s
see what those would be well we know we got to choose the staple
exercises we know we got to choose the exercises that allow us to load them the
most of the PEC gets the most capacity to be overloaded and that starts right
here at the bench press so as I move my arm out and a bench press the alignment
of the arm is moving here almost parallel to these mid fibers coming off
of the middle portion here of the sternum and that’s what happens here as
you see on the exercise itself to hit the middle portion of the chest it’s a
good developer of that portion of the chest okay good so the flat bench press
obviously we know there’s a reason for doing it but there’s also a reason for
doing the incline bench press in doing it as well because that’s going to take
the through a different position it’s gonna
take it from a low to a high position right we go here we push up what is that
doing you can see that now it’s taking this upper arm and aligning it more in
parallel with the fibers going here and this high-to-low arrangement you can see
that once again play out as I do the exercise so so far we’re two for two
we’ve got two of the bigger exercises we’re able to load them up and now we’ve
got to hit the lower portion of the chest and the lower chest
we’ve probably heard is best hit with a dip why is that again it’s not by
accident it’s by Anatomy you take your arm through this position of an extended
arm behind your body and it comes and it travels down and as it travels down you
go from this high to low position better allowing you to hit the lower fibers of
the chest versus the ones that run parallel and versus the ones that run
from low to high so this is really what’s important here is that you
understand that the exercise selection is not random it’s done for a reason to
try to take the muscle through its entire range of motion but there’s a
very key differentiator of what I just said there you want to not just take
those exercises through their full range of motion you want to take the muscle
through its full range of motion and that is where we need to differentiate
and that is where we need to jump off from because all of these exercises see
if you can tell the limitation on all of them from the flat bench press to the
incline bench press to the dip they’re not crossing midline and we know that
the action of the PEC at the shoulder has capability to take this arm not just
through adduction but across and horizontal adduction across midline and
all those exercises are limited by the fact that they don’t take you even to
midline let alone across it so how would you construct a better chest workout
what you’d want to do is you’d want to take those exercises and follow them
immediately with a drop set of an exercise that’s going to do that so
let’s go back to the flat bench press we go immediately from our flat bench press
here to a horizontal cable cross over now that again people might even say –
there’s a lot of fans in the cable crossover saying that it’s a better
chest activator from EMG studies then what a flat bench press is doing but
guys if you rely on energy studies and you wind up saying things like that and
don’t understand that though it may have a better percentage of activation it’s
still not capable of being loaded to the extent that a barbell bench press is
therefore limiting its ability to be effective it’s if it’s the only thing
you do but if you do it in addition to the bench press you’re getting the
benefits of everything so now we take that we drop right into this horizontal
cable crossover and we can see that we’re actually now taking our arm all
the way through and crossing midline and getting that complete activation of the
chest in that plane of motion so we don’t have to stop there though because
we can do different planes of motion because this shoulder is a
three-dimensional joint we can hit any angle we want so if we go back now we do
our incline bench press and when we’re done with that we don’t rest we
immediately go back over to the crossover and we change the orientation
so that our arms can go through this low to high arc and again we’re not we’re
not going to stop where we would stop on a bench press on the incline bench press
what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to take the arm to midline and
through midline and you can see again the degree of contraction and complete
contraction we’re getting up the chest by doing so it’s a difference maker guys
when you actually implement it and we’re go to the dip the same thing our hands
are actually fixed on a dip as well we can’t get our hands to come towards mid
line because the dip station just allows them to stay in one position but we can
take the dip we can load it up we can use weights we can do whatever we want
to create overload with that exercise as soon as we’re done we come back over
here and now we change the orientation of the cables once again to go from high
to low and once again it’s not just getting the midline
but it’s crossing through midline to get a complete contraction of the chest an
essential element for a complete chest workout and again one extra exercise
here I’ll push up one that we do a lot I’m sure you don’t have to stop with
just the push shell because we’re being limited once again by the fact that our
hands are in contact with the ground and cannot get across our body so we use the
push-up into this banded push-up where Ashley can come up and drive one hand
across the body to create an abduction across midline right one arm staying
down in contact with the ground the RL arm goes across of course we want to
switch sides and work both sides here but this is how you complete the
development of your chest by including exercises that can be
loaded by including exercises that take the muscle through its full range of
motion and of course applying full range of motion to all of the exercises even
if they are limited in how much complete range of motion they can apply to the
muscle itself that is how you do it guys if you’re looking for a complete workout
that puts this all together puts the science back in strength head to as a matter of fact we don’t just train chest we train like
athletes we try to figure out ways we can incorporate chest training into a
more total body explosive application of it so that we move like athletes
function like athletes and look like athletes those are all over at if you found the video helpful make sure you let me know below
if you haven’t already done so guys please subscribe and make sure you turn
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next muscle marker video all right guys talk to you again soon
see ya you

100 thoughts on “The PERFECT Chest Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

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  2. Man this workout is designed for people that have the whole gym to themselves. I’ll definitely do it but not in that order it just can’t happen.

  3. It seems like the only time you could do this if you have the gym to yourself. It's hard to do the drop sets with a lot of people in the gym. I guarantee after set 1 on the bench, someone would be on the bench by the time I finish the cable flys

  4. Look I love the perfect workout series because it shows me what needs to be hit however…can we get a variation for beginners/obese people to start out and work up to advanced with? Like I guess I could use the band as he shows to sub the dumbbell exercises but would it be productive?

  5. Can you give us a work out plan for the week on exercises you should do and hit on certain days and when’s a good rest day

  6. Do you decrease the weight after each set of bench press because of the increasing reps (6-8-10-12)? If so how much do u decrease by? Thank you!

  7. Novice here.

    So these perfect workouts are primarily hypertrophy training, right? Mainly muscle development aka you shouldn’t be doing this if you’re a beginner and focusing on strength. Is that right? Or does it do both?

  8. Ty so much for the amazing content.

    My chest is total hot garbage worse muscle on my body. Going to start giving it extra attention with this workout on Saturdays followed up by laps in the pool. Hopefully that takes care of it.

  9. Bro u are talking to much I'm thinking a million before going thru your vedios. Relax make the vedios short and clean

  10. Notice that there is more activation in the upper chest with cable crossovers BECAUSE THE SHOULDERS ARE COMING FORWARD AT THE END. What about doing that shoulders forward motion at the end of a bench or incline press? As soon as your arms straighten, round your back, push your shoulders forward an inch or two and extend the bar even farther upward. THAT should burn those upper chest muscles to exhaustion.

  11. This guy is freaking awesome, finally a guy that knows his anatomy, and that actually cares about health before gains.

  12. The perfect workout is supposed to be working chest alone in that particular day, or can you combine it with biceps to turn it into a bro-split? 'Cause it feels that if you want to make it into a bro split you need to cut off a few exercises to fit in the 45' mark…

  13. So, is it like 6 heavy reps into bands, then 8 slightly lighter reps into bands, then 10 even lighter reps into bands, and then finally the lightest 12 reps into bands? And this counts as 4 sets?

  14. If i wanted to train for stability should i superset bench press with a stability chest exercise. Or jus do stability chest exercise with cable crossover?

  15. This is great but trying to secure a bench station and a cable machine at the same time at my gym is a feat not even Happy Gilmore can accomplish.

  16. Please please please let me know how to fit perfect workout series into push pull leg split! Thank you! 🙏

  17. I have incorporated these principles in my chest workouts and have seen amazing results. You`re the man Jeff!

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  19. Man idk how this is free, I do dips alot and I've been seeing improvement on my "pecks" it probably took about 24 hours before I noticed a shrink in my pecktoral muscle. I looked at it about a week later and they are almost gone it helps alot when I did the dips and I even added in a pull up to it. I took a day off of working out for about a day and a half now.
    I now have a girlfriend and lots of friends thank you so much.

  20. Jeff…this is exellent…I'm assuming you mean for one to do this as a specialized workout once, MAYBE twice a week, with minimal "maintenance" work on other muscle groups for a while…maybe a month or two?

  21. I'm not familiar with drop sets…. so let's say I do bench press, on the last set I have do 12 reps and then go lighter and then go to failure? Or perform all sets from heavy enough to 6 reps and go lighter every time? I'm confused. Someone explain pls

  22. So are you calling the cable exercises drop sets or do you decrease the compound exercise weight each set?

  23. Thanks Jeff simple yet very informative as Always I shall try this next 'chest day'.

    There's one among many reasons for your success Sir & it's Your honesty no bull approach Every Single Time.

    I Frickin' Love It!!!

    Thanks Sir


  24. Hey Jeff, I really hope you are proud of your contributions to society with all of these EXCEPTIONAL videos you put out. On a real serious note, THANK YOU! This has helped me tremendously!

  25. First time in a long time i cannot do triceps, at same excersise as chest, so this was a great chest workout!

  26. And what would the difference in weights be? Different from say bench press to the cable crossover be? Max weight on both?

  27. I’m currently doing the ultimate chest+tricep workouts in one day and then doing the perfect back+bicep workouts in one day as well (and then of course legs on the next day). Should I split it up where I do each perfect workout on its own separate day? Because I feel like I don’t get to push myself as hard as I could when I do, for example, the back workout and then the bicep workout. Or am I still getting the full effect?

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