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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome to your fit body cardio challenge today is going to be a cardio workout thats 21 day challenge that i created for you to get unbelievable results the description of this challenge is right below of this video so go ahead to go through but just an fyi second week i will be adding a full body toning class for u to go along with this challenge if u stick to this 21 days i promise u you’re going to see amazing results so stick to these workous continue to eat clean because remember 70 percent is your diet 30 is exercise sp if you’re ready grab a mat your water and lets do it alright guys so were going to begin today with a single leg side squate step out to side reach arms forward lets go keep going last one get nice and low into the side squat superman pulldowns for one reach forward and squeeze and last one switch sides last one come on over to the side squat ready reaching forward i want you to get down low next exercise called jump tap squat jump up and down 9 last one great job next one simple squats 10 times ready and go get nice and low repeat jump tap squat simple squats this time you’re going to do it for 15 times 9 and 10 last one alright next exercise is going to be your lunge jumps here we go awesome job next exercise if your single leg deadlifts all about finding control in this exercise great exercise for the glutes u got one more guys flying warrior 3 and hold making sure the supported knee is bend hips are square lifting up that back leg with your glute next exercise your baby back pulses pulsing the leg 10 times come all the way down to your lunge mountain switches switching from one lunge to the other great job guys come one up reach arms up and take the lunge jumps on the other side get down and jump one remember the back knee gets low last one take single legged dead lift back and up hips are square keep your abs strong take that same leg back hold flying warrior 3 breathing here remember not to hold your breath and baby back pulses 10 times with that leg awesome job come on down to your lunge mountain switches one more time your switching from one leg to another lets go awesome coming into plank for 20 sec shoulders over wrists pull the bellybutton to ur spine quick little rest almost done now in plank you’re going to jump out jump forward up to the sky and then come down just like a burpee lets take it out in jump forward jump up bring it down back to plank and bring it down thats two out in forward up to the sky last one now from here starfish plank jumps awesome plank position 20 seconds just breath catch your breath shoulders over your wrists do not give up just focus on the breath almost there guys breathing and you’re done awesome come on up next exercise is your football runs jump and pivot to the right get those feet moving fast and jump and left move those feet fast one more time as fast as you can and you’re donw lets get over to your mat you’re almost there were going to work the core lets get down to your mats starfish crunch open like a starfish and then crunch up 10 times use those abs lift yourself up make sure you’re controlling your body on the way down and 7 3 more keep pushing almost there last one and ten bring it up and hold boat posture here 25 seconds release the arms forward pull the bellybutton to the spine again guys use this time to catch your breath focus on the inhale keep pushing yourself almost there last stretch awesome come on over to your back steady bicycle twist touching opposite elbow to knee u got 10 more and double time work those core muscles and you’re down good job slowly make your up to plank mountain climbers here guys first ones are slow get that knee to chest here we go use those abs alright double time 20 timew last exercise i want you to give everything you got get those knees nice and high get that speed up as fast as you can awesome alright guys take a second come forward lets take a forward fold stretch release your body this is your moment to breath it all out god job you guys did an amazing job today slowly come on up inhale reach the arms exhale release the arms and again a couple of breaths here allowing your heart rate to slow down inhale big breath let all the air out inhale nice side stretch reaching over to one side feet together to the other side now just slightly bending back push the hips forward look up and you’re donw awesome job guys thank good luck with the rest of the challenge and if you love this video feel free to like it share it and obviously subscribe to our channel for more workouts and yoga videos

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  1. Hey Guys! We are so happy to see so many of you enjoying all the fitness/yoga challenges we've posted on our channel. Your stories of success and dedication, and each of your individual journeys fill us with so much inspiration when we make new videos. So thank you all so much and keep em coming!

    Lets all stay connected with our progress and results by using the hashtag #bohochallenge #bohochallenge #bohochallenge

    Also check out our online store for our 10 program and to help keep us making this all happen!
    <3 <3

    Good luck everyone! XO

    Juliana & Mark <3❤️☮️

  2. Hi ma'am Namaste from India.I discovered you few days before only and tried some of your videos.Yoga really helped me in improving the concentration as it is not easy to hold tough postures.Although it is 5 years with the weight training I found your yoga videos quite challenging.Kudos to you for helping people worldwide.God speed!

  3. What do you mean adding weights in part 3 to Cardio class? Do we just do that on our own or is their a new video to follow for that? Thx

  4. I feel soooo amazing after this work out!! I couldn't do some of the exercises effectively or at all (I have a problem.with my foot, so jumps are all hard for me to do) but even so…I feel amazing right now!!! thank you!!!

  5. Hey.. I have started the challenge from today..m taking breaks in between..WIll that have a bad affect on the workout?

  6. I post this here for all the people wondering if this challenge works…

    IT WORKS, in so many ways ! At the end of these 21 days, I've lost 2,5 kg (5,5 lb). I've lost 4 cm around my waist, 4 cm around my hips and I am much flexible and stronger than before. Every part of my body is either stronger, firmer or/and leaner. Another great change is within myself : I no longer see workouts as a chore, I now see it as a gift I am offering to my body. I want to do more, I want to go on and get better.

    Dear Juliana and Mark, I hope you will be happy forever. You deserve it, for all the light, the motivation, the softness and the beauty you are spreading around the world. Juliana, your voice and your encouragements made me feel worth all the sweat and the efforts I spendt during this challenge. Mark, even though you are hidden behind the camera, I know you are contributing a lot to the quality and the efficiency of those videos. You are doing a great job.

    Thank you both so much, lots of love from France !

  7. You're amazing!, after a serious injury, i wanted a fresh start treating my body properly(i used to be too strict and didn't realize I was pushing myself too much), and i am so happy I discovered your videos! Yoga had never been appealing enough for me to start practicing it, and now it's my favorite part of the day and it has changed my point of view completely. I have never felt more tuned to myself, to my inner happiness and well-being <3. Gracias!!

  8. i am starting my 21 days tomorrow. thank you for your video. i have PsA (arthritis – i'm 46) and find most exercise very difficult, but your work-outs are manageable for me, and can be modified. (melissa from Texas)

  9. I love these videos because they are a challenge, but doable. I like that you can do a short workout with one video or add to it by doing multiple videos and really customize your own workout! Keep making them and we will keep loving them!

  10. I have an idea you should do a success story video where people share their results and u make a video about it to encourage each other

  11. Day one done, it was hard, had to skip the ''burpees'', haven't worked out in months, will do this for 21 days and see the results <3

  12. We enjoy it, we enjoy it! My asthma wasn't triggered either! I became vegan last Christmas, then I became organic and now I am cutting junk out. All in less than a year!

  13. Hello guys so I really want to this challenge and I want some motivation. I'm actually doing an ab programme but I don't feel there 's enough cardio in it so I might do this challenge with it.
    To encourage me please comment to either be doing it with me so I won't be alone or like but I won't get the notifications.
    once I start this challenge I'll comment on this the first day and hopefully finish my 21 days and give a feedback

  14. If I take break in between after doing 5-5 mins.. Will the effect be the same? I am not able to do it continuously as I am just a beginner.. Please help!

  15. Hi there! Im wanting to start this challenge but I am not able to see the description is there another place I can go to view it? Thanks!!!

  16. Where have I been that I haven't tried this 21 day challenge? I do at least one of your videos each day, so this is perfect! Thank you Juliana and Mark, you are both rays of light in my life!!

  17. So I did this whole challenge for 21 days before holiday and I got so many compliments on my body. Didn't expect that. But loved it. Now I have unexpected another holiday and only one week to prepare, so this challenge is the choice

  18. Okay I just made it to 9 minutes and it's made me realise how unfit I am. I'm gonna try this again tomorrow but this was a bit much today and I need to just keep at it

  19. This is such an amazing workout and it has helped me tone my body so much. It is really tough but if you stick for 21 days, you’ll see a transformed body. Thank you so so much for this beautiful workout. Love youuuu♥️

  20. what do you recommend for me to practice doing to help me on my balance it is really hard for me to maintain my balance . I really love the way you inspired me to get into yoga and i would love to be as good as you. thanks

  21. Hey guys! Just started the challenge! Had a bit of trouble but got through it and looking forward to tomorrow. I am combining it with my daily luminotherapy and hoping for some good vibes and results. This is great seeing as I work from home and getting a gym membership is too expensive. Thanks for these!

  22. So I was in car wreak a few months ago, and I could not do this ever day after doing it for the first week. It took me more like 25 days, due to the pain in my back and neck. However, I do believe this and walking a hour every day really helped me get back to where I was, and feel better after having such a bad accident. I really enjoy your videos. Thanks!!!!!!!

  23. Sweat challenge…you weren’t kidding! Wow day 1 was tough. Mountain climbers are tough when ya belly is in the way trust me, but I’ll keep trying. You look amazing and your general persona is inspirational. Thank you 😊

  24. I'm a skinny fat person/ kinda slim but with a pooh ie not fit looking. Is that challenge / workout plan enough or should I do something extra like running?

  25. Your body is literally my dream perfect body! So, definitly doing this challenge! Please keep doing what you are doing, cause you are such an inspiration and motivation! <3
    So it is been 3 months since I left this comment. And I have to say that things have changed. I have done this challenge, her 14 day ultimate and 21 day ultimate pilates challenge so far and about 10 days ago I switched to being vegeterian. I also do her workouts and yoga reguraly, and I have best results ever. I lost 5kg, got nice and lean mussceles in my arms and legs, got abs and smaller more toned booty! I am so happy, thank you! Namaste

    UPDATE 2:
    So, I was very consistant with her workouts and being vegetarian, now I am trying to go vegan, and I have literally transformed my body and mind! I have never been happier with my body. I pretty much look exactly like she, which was kinda my goal. I also meditate every day, about 2-3 times! And, I am about to go do this workout challenge, because I just love it and feel good when doing it! I maybe also add some other videos from her, when I just feel like doing something more! Namaste 🙏🙏🙏💟💝💗❤️

  26. Thank you for this challenge! Day 10 is done! I look forward to finishing this challenge and trying your others! I love your videos and hope you do more challenges in the future, they are so helpful in staying on track because they are nicely laid out with instructions for each day! Thank you!

  27. Omg this was intense! I did this with two of your yoga workouts and wow I feel the burn. I love your videos so much especially with being a busy mom of two and trying to get back in shape. I’ve been doing them for a month straight now everyday and I’m starting to see results. Thanks so much!!

  28. Amazing challenging workout- definitely the lunge jumps- 😫 but I loved it and I'm so proud that I did it, can't wait for tomorrow!

  29. For me (170cm, 72 kg) this burned aprox 100 calories – but i had to take a few breaks here and there 🙂

  30. Juliana! you are fantastic! body ,genetic ,strength perfekt! best wishes from Hungary! this is the real sport!

  31. I swear by your fitness videos to get in shape for summer😍 Have you ever tried working out in barefoot shoes? I have a pair of vegan ones from Freet Footwear which I run in! So great for your feet and posture etc!

  32. I love you guys. I worked myself from post partum to going for your challenges. I couldn't walk first round, now it's easy…I LOVE that you create these for us, I love your generosity, I love the way you teach and the videography is outstanding. so beautiful. I recommend you to anyone who wants or doesn't want to hear it. I want you to know how appreciated you are. THANK YOU.

  33. I tried your arm workout before and seemed really good. I found your other videos I'm going to try a challenge. Thanks for the workouts!!!

  34. smh im in an apartment i cant jump ugh 😩
    does tiny af jumps to be quiet

    update: i did fine until 11:25 like wew aint no way i can be that loud o-o

  35. Hello Boho Beautiful! Thank you , it's my 3rd challenge with you (just attack the second week..My god), and my body is right there I wanted to be <3 Such a pleasure to join you each morning before going to work. You're my best coach ever!
    Merci beaucoup from Paris

  36. This video is superb besides that you gave the whole 21 day challenge in that discription box with links 😍😍
    That’s so sweet n considerable….
    I am starting this today… hope this works on me 🤞🏽

  37. Hi, i really like your challenge videos♥ And I have a question about this video. Can I change the day 5 routine and day 6 routine? I wonder if it is bad for my body.

  38. I’m so grateful for your informative workout and nutrition videos I downloaded the thrive market app and I’m so excited to grocery shop through the website. Thank you forever BohoBeautiful!

  39. I have done this challenge a couple of times with breaks and the results were amazing but I noticed crackling sound from my knees with a pang of pain.Would love to do again but don't know what to do about the knee pain😕

  40. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 80 kgs I want to loose weight so I'm going to try the various challenges that this channel has to offer, I will also try to change my diet so wish me Luck!!! (So gonna need it)
    Today is Day 1

    All Edits are under here :

    Now on Day 2 : I took alot of breaks 5 I think because I'd be completely out of breath and the yoga was amazing, thank you

    Day 3: feeling so relaxed after yoga again, I took fewer water breaks and my stamina is increasing.

    Day 4: I almost didnot do this today, but I did and I am feeling so thankful that I did, alhamdolilah!

    Day 5: pushing through it! Today I took three breaks, once after the second lunge jumps, once after the plank burpies and once after the plank jumping jacks., so Yaay!

    Day 6: So as I was getting up this morning , I groaned inwardly thinking oh god I dont think I'm going to exercise today, then I remembered it was a rest and yin yoga day, so…yaaaayyy!!!
    Amazing relaxing yin yoga!!! Just did it!

    Day 7: I guess its because I'm so over weight , I found that after a 1 day hiatus , it was difficult to get going but I did and I took 3 breaks, and the yoga was challenging but I felt so relaxed after it.

    Progress after 1 week: I feel my body starting to get toned, my stomach and thighs are definitely shrinking and I notice my arms are loosing the bat wings. I haven't weighed myself, I will do that at the end of this challenge, also I'm trying to shift to a more vegetarian diet and healthy diet.

    DAY 8:
    Just finished the workout and I did the entire thing with about 6 breaks, ( and my breaks were very small guys about 10 to 30 secs)
    The 2nd week workout is so good and ahhh….loved the hip opening yoga.
    Anyway today I tried on a pair of trousers from two years ago and it fitted very well, I didnt have to stuff myself in it, but sadly I didnot eat clean, today I had a packet of crisps and chocolate cake 😯

    DAY 9: I did it!!!
    And all I want to say is
    "Thank you Juliana for this awesome workout"

    DAY 10 : So after I finished the first part of the challenge,…….sadly something happened to my mobile,….the screen stopped responding….😮? And I could not complete day 10…..😡 and check in here…😕

    DAY 11: I'm feeling so thankful that my mobile got fixed on time and I did day 11, I've to say my splits are at a 90 degree angle…….I wanted to do the part 2 of the challenge twice cuz I missed yesterday but I was exhausted,…. 😥

    Day 12😊 Rest d

    Day 13 : just finished totally exhausted , my phones key pad is o u t of whack will detail when I get it fixed😔🙇

    DAY 14: I'd just like to say thàt the 2nd week is super hard yesterday, I think at the end of pt . 2 , I was dead but the Elephant flow yoga was so helpful , and I do fall behind sometimes I miss a few reps specially towards the end but now I'm doing this entire workout pt.1 and pt 2 with only 2 breaks, so my stamina is growing, so 😆😉😃😁😊.

    My phone's screen cracked and I couldn't type in anyway I finished the challenge on my husband's phone and than I waited till I got a new one so I couldn't type in 😅 anyway I've lost about 4 kgs that's about 10 pounds, and I got a waist, my stomach is almost flat, I have a thigh gap and toned arms instead of bat wings.
    This is an amazing challenge 🙌
    Thank you Juliana and Mark
    You guys are just wonderful

  41. That was so amazing workout❤️I finished day 8 and I absolutely love this challenge , thank you so much ❤️

  42. Have been doing this for almost two weeks now and even though I had to take a 2 day pause cause of travels, I can definitely feel the difference at the day 11! At the beginning I had to take so many breaks between the different exercises but now I can make through this video in one go (though there are some moves I still can't do properly like lung jumps and burpees hahah terrible) but it's such a nice change to realize you don't have to take so many pauses anymore!! Definitely will continue to the very end and maybe start this again from the beginning after that!!

  43. I want to keep myself accountable so I'm posting this comment.

    I'm starting this today along with a healthier diet and I will update results after a week! We'll see how this goes! 😬

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