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Push-ups are one of the most fundamental body-weight exercises and are very popular. The movement is simple, can be done everywhere. And it’s very effective because you are using a lot of muscles at the same time. Sounds good. Right? The problem is that a lot of people concentrate on quantity instead of quality when doing push-ups. To avoid this, you should focus on these four points to make your push-ups perfect. Let’s start straight with number 1. 1. The Body Position. A push-up is not only a triceps, chest, and shoulder movement. Most people neglect attention in the abdominal muscles, the hips and the legs. Often they form an arched back and have a lack in body tension. To avoid this, tilt your pelvis backward and keep your butts squeezed tight. The movement gets a lot harder with this. But it’s also more effective. 2. The second point is the arm position. The arm position doesn’t really matter in terms of the perfect execution. A perfect push-up can be done with a wide or a narrow grip. But it’s important to place your wrist in a nearly vertical line under your shoulder when you do the standard push-up. There are still exceptions for that rule. For example, when you’re doing pseudo planche push-ups which puts the focus more on your shoulder, or when you doing sphinx push ups which are a triceps dominant movement. If you’re working with standard push-ups and choose a wider grip, it involves the chest more than a close grip. And a close grips sets the focus more on your triceps. The only thing you should avoid completely are out flared elbows. Because this puts a lot of stress on your shoulder which can lead to injuries. The closer you place your arms to the body, the more your elbows point backwards. The wider you place your arms, the more your elbows going away from your body. But they still point more backwards than to the side. 3. The third point is the range of motion. This is quite simple. Just don’t cheat. Go all the way up and all the way down. And let your body straight. Don’t decrease the range of motion by bringing your head forward or your hips down. 4. The last point is the shoulder blade movement. This is a very neglected point. When you’re going down, your shoulder blades come together. And when you’re going up, they go apart. You should also focus on pushing them downward instead of upward. But don’t forget this still difference between a passive and an active way of the shoulder blade movements. If you are too weak in the shoulder girdle, your shoulder blades come together. Because you are not able to hold your body against the gravity. You can see this especially at the top of the movement. When you’re going down, always focus on the tension and an active shoulder blade movement. Don’t let yourself fall down into your structures. If you consider all those points and try it on your own, you will notice that it’s much harder to do. Maybe your amount of maximum repetitions will drop. But that doesn’t matter. Always focus on quality over quantity, And you will be rewarded with progress and a healthy body. If you have any questions to this topic, just leave a comment. Thank you! El Egss!~

100 thoughts on “The Perfect Push Up | Do it right!

  1. 😂 in our gym class, barely any of us get past thirty, because everyone is laughing or farting and we can’t focus.

  2. Sir, u have great stamina! No wonder u have achieved this perfect a body! Your hard work is unbelievable! Respect! 😊😊

  3. I have been trying it for months now… May be for more than a year and still not able cross 12 in one rap…. How to increase the pushup in one set?

  4. 2 years ago, i was in gym class and I was the very first person and the teacher used me as an example of how to do a push up. i did push ups in front of everyone correctly and i was so proud. Now, well fuck its so hard.

  5. today I left the gym because my parents forced me to do it…I was very angry.Do you know what i did then???I did 50 reps of pushups in a row,100 squats in a row,30 pullups in a row that anger let me do this…
    And now I am focusing on homeworkouts and calisthenics

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  7. When I place my wrists on the ground I see my left wrist is kinda up say about 2-3 cm from my right wrist is it okay?

  8. Ooooook saying the nigga thats skimpy thena hoe u aint got not 1 muscle in yo bitch made body and you got the mf nerve to tell me how to do a push up i outa slap accent out cha mouf

  9. I know this is embarrassing, but I have this doubt. I have stage 2 heamorrhoids and it is not sever and it's painless. Various sites suggest not to do weight exercises and pushups, cos it may make it worse. But I don't wanna stop doing weight(dumbbell) exercises and all. Do you think I should stay away from exercising cos of this?

  10. Great tutorial bro…. Fantastic trainer having superb fitness and also very muscular…Also u covered whole topic on push ups…Very good video …

  11. The sandal slipped… possible i can reverse it with butt cheeks tight & arms full where is going the right way like u said.. 😸 (edit: ALSO MY WINGS!!)

  12. yes I m doing ,I m from Pakistan and there is lot of ice on the mountains around my home but I regularly doing exercises

  13. I place my arms in not a vertical way with my shoulders ,is this wrong ? (With that position ) I can do 15 pushups but when I tried it with what you described I couldn't do even one , what do you think ? Please tell me

  14. I did everything he said perfectly then played a song to motivate myself and then i gave up before the guy started rapping. 🤦‍♂️

  15. Anyone else here just to make sure if for some reason you have to do a pushup in public you don't look like an idiot?

  16. I did 40 push ups (first trial: 20 second trial: 20) and I forced myself to do it. It wasn't that easy but atleast I got perfect score for our Physical Education.

  17. I can't understand the shoulder blade movement.. does he say that shoulder blades shouldn't come together, or they should come together?? Confusing…

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