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Namaste (Hello) to all our viewers. Today, we are back again with our new workout video and today’s workout video is for the shoulder muscle. All the exercises which we will perform in this video are my personal favorites. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin our shoulder workout video Before beginning your shoulder workout, we shall first do warm up, For which I have selected a lightweight. So the first exercise will be side lateral,
in which I will do 20 repetitions One set The second exercise will be
‘Front dumbbell raises’ in which I will do 20 repetitions One set The third one will be ‘Dumbbell press’ in which, again, I’ll do 20 repetitions One set So the first exercise we’ll do is ‘Dumbbell press’ Dumbbell press is a very effective exercise. It is a compound movement which helps in the overall development of your shoulder muscle. I’ll use this bench while performing this exercise. The purpose of using this is that, while doing dumbbell press it doesn’t cause much load on my spine. I need to give it support with the help of this bench. and, Before starting the dumbbell press, First, you should give support to your back. Lift your chest Before lifting the dumbbell, make sure your elbows are not curved inside or outside. Neither like this, nor much inside It should be 90 degrees. and while lifting, move through the full range of motion. Squeeze your shoulders. Stretch. Squeeze.
Stretch. While raising the dumbbell, Breathe out and breathe in. The next exercise we will do is ‘Overhead press’ for which we will use a barbell. You can call it ‘military press’ as well. I will show you
how you keep your body posture from head to toe while performing this exercise. Firstly, it is important that you place your feet in the right way to ensure the balance for your body. So many people place their feet like this You will not be able to keep your core tight this way and it would not give you stability. Firstly, keep your feet as wide as your shoulders are. So that it gives you proper stability. Secondly, keep your core tight while doing this exercise. Third, keep your chest lifted. Make sure whenever you are lifting the bar, do not bend too much. Make sure not to keep the barbell so low that it causes strain in your lower back while lifting As I am keeping the bar little high by using this stool. You should also try to keep the bar at some height in your gym. Secondly, The question you may have is
How wide should we grab the bar? So, you should hold the bar slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. So, I have noticed many people holding the bar like this, which is a wrong grip. The bar can slip off your hand in this way. So, Keep the thumb inward so that you get a firm grip of the bar. While lifting, perform a full range of motion, Lift until the bar reaches above your head. Just squeeze your shoulders and breathe out. Bring the bar back and just stretch your shoulders here. Again Lift until it reaches above your head. Just squeeze your shoulder and breathe out. You must do it in a very controlled way. When the bar comes down You cannot bend the spine too much. Have a look. Breathe out.
Squeeze your shoulder. Stretch. The next exercise we will do is ‘Both arm dumbbell side lateral’ in which I will focus on the middle head Before starting this, you have to keep the placement of dumbbells in mind It will not be like this nor on sides. It should be like this. It should be A-lined. which means when I join the dumbbell,
it makes the A alphabet. While starting how high you should lift the dumbbells Even if you lift the dumbbells this much, your middle deltoid muscle is targeted. Do not unnecessarily lift above your shoulders. So, Whenever you lift, breathe out. Also, keep in mind that whenever you are lifting your dumbbell, Your shoulder, elbow, and dumbbell
should be parallel. Neither like this Nor like this Just like this. No need to bend your spine unnecessarily. Make sure to keep your spine straight. The next exercise I’m gonna do
is for my front deltoid muscle. This exercise is called
‘Front cable raises’ The purpose of doing it with the individual hand is Whenever I will perform this exercise, I can move through a full range of motion. When my arm goes behind my front deltoid is properly stretched and when I raise, I will squeeze my front deltoid. and Breathe out. Full range of motion Stretch and Squeeze But I have to be careful here not to lift my arm above my shoulder. Parallel to the ground. And properly squeeze your front deltoid.
and breathe out. One more thing to keep in mind is that Bring your arm slightly inward while raising. Breathe out, Just squeeze your front deltoid and stretch fully at the back. Like this. Stretch Squeeze and breathe out. You have to perform it with your other hand in the same way. The next exercise is done specially for rear deltoid. We have already done some exercises for rear deltoid in our back workout video. This is the advanced version of that. This is one of my favorite exercises. in which I will use cross-cable. and D-handle. Stand right in the center.
and and hold both the handles slightly above your face. and Try to make sure these handles do not clash with each other. So whenever you bring them down, You should Bend down a little at the back. then come back to the same position. and breathe out. and when you bring them down,
Just squeeze your rear deltoid Hold it here for a second and release it slowly. With two compound and some isolated movements, we have targeted our front deltoid middle deltoid and rear deltoid. But one muscle is still left which is called trapezius muscle. In order to train my trapezius muscle, I’m gonna do barbell shrugs. How wide should the barbell grip be? Should be as wide as my shoulders are. Many people hold it slightly inwards. which is completely wrong. Many people hold the barbell way too wide which is, again, wrong. grab the barbell slightly wider than the shoulder width. Keep in mind. You can neither bend forward. nor backward. So stand straight. Raise the bar to the maximum. Hold it here. Just squeeze your trapezius. Breathe out. and release it slowly. Do not release with a jerk. Again. Lift it to your maximum.
Squeeze your trapezius and breathe out. This is the end of our shoulder workout video. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch such informative videos. Press the bell icon to get instant updates. I will be back with a new video soon. Till then, Good Bye.

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