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100 thoughts on “The Pescatarian Diet of Kron Gracie, MMA Fighter

  1. Just eat real food that taste good and workout , all those people trying to make food like rocket science are irritating.

  2. The fight won't end up on the ground if you know how to fight standing. The chance you will fight an experienced fighter on the street is slim to none.

  3. My God, Kron has bad stand up. Runs in the family though just like being a great grappler does. Luckily the whole family has been taught the importance of healthy eating.

  4. I had the privilege of meeting this cat 0ne late night at a popular hamburger joint in Seattle. Nobody knew who he was, but I did😎 Super nice and chill dude! 🤘

  5. To be honest he's a bit too extreme and VERY lucky he doesn't have to be a builder, scaffolder, painter, electrician to pay the bills or he has to pay his ex for his kids…… most people are not as lucky as him and his familys genes and money. So he is a bit of a primadonna. I have always worked very hard as a stonemason. And trained very hard at karate 3rd dan just not trained now for ten years in karate. I'm 50 now but as well as working I still managed to eat very well and still drink and have a social life. And bring up three kids as a single dad. I still run now gym sports etc but I can either do ka ra te everyday or not at all so oss

  6. Dude sends $250 a day eating tiny portions of synthetic and plastic covered boughey frou-frou. His has the plastic footprint of a dozen normal people.

  7. that foo looks sick. its a fucking cadaver. eating hella sugar to keep you going and a banana is not nutritious. its like he has some mental health issue. fuckin an eating disorder.

  8. I’m here because of a Joe Rogan name drop from months or weeks ago. Love at first sight for Kron Gracie. He’s on the right path.

  9. We all have so much aging anxiety. This guy's 28 and lamenting about his aging body…I know he's an athlete and its relevant to his career but it still makes me sad. Enjoy your body and your self, all. Life is much too short to sweat age.

  10. 3:31 "My grandfather was to Jiu Jitsu what Einstein is to mathematics"
    Sorry to tell you this man, but Einstein didn't do much for Mathematics.

  11. Just wanted to point out when he exits the sushi restaurant, you cant say mata ne and then sayounara. The first one means see you next time/until next time, the last one means goodbye (we wont see again)/goodbye forever.
    Anyways, it's cool he's confident to speak japanese, a hard languaje.

  12. What I learned from this is basically he eats in 24 hrs what I can have in one meal, two toasts, some lentils, sushi and a burrito. But he trains like 8 hrs,that's why he's so ripped and keeps the body fat down.

  13. So weird to me, those that want strong minds and bodies, don't want strong people, populace and country too. Oh yeah, because they're narcissistic, racist, hypocrites…….not so strange after all.

  14. He eats healthy but he doesn’t do anything that a normal healthy person wouldn’t do lol he probably spends a fuckin fortune too on his diet. Eating out 3 times a day at least… and I never trust anyone who wears a jacket all day long even when they’re sitting in a massage chair or chillin at home at 1am eating a burrito. Dude gives me anxiety for some reason.

  15. All these fighters want to fight but when the fucking trigger pulled you gone like everyone else. Its over, all that traing did nothing

  16. I could never do a bunch of training and then binge on liquids.. I drink as I go.. every 10 or 15 minutes another bottle of water or gatoraide/poweraid cut with water.

  17. This mans got to learn how to cook something besides toast. Rice and Beans. Plantanos. Every single day like you live under communism. You gonna save money.

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