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(midtempo techno music) – What’s up, Elite THENX Athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of official THENX. Today we’re going to be talking about the problem with CrossFit. (midtempo techno music) All right, before I get started, I just want to say I
have the utmost respect for all athletes, for everybody that even
engages in physical activities, any type of physical activity, training, swimming, body
building, olympic lifting, yoga, fitness, CrossFit,
all styles of fitness. If you’re doing something active I already commend you and you have my utmost respect. So today we’re going to be talking about the problem with CrossFit. But before we begin let’s search what is CrossFit. So if you search what
is CrossFit on Google, you’re gonna get the
definition of CrossFit, a high-intensity fitness
program incorporating elements from several sports
and types of exercises. All right, so the definition
of CrossFit on Google, that’s actually what I try to do with my training every single day. I try to use the best aspects of different types of training styles to incorporate them
into my workout regimen. So now if you Google
the purpose of CrossFit, it says CrossFit is constantly
varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are
based on functional movements and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weight lifting, running, rowing, and more. So that sounds great,
I’m totally with that, that sounds like you want to use the best aspects of
different types of trainings to get better, stronger,
and more efficient. Now the problem is that over the years has become to do as many reps as you can in as short amount of time as possible, which would mean the
faster you do your reps in the shortest amount of time possible equals the more efficiency or the more efficient you are. Now the truth is anybody that
has been training seriously for quite some time knows that doing an
exercise as fast as you can in the shortest amount of time possible does not mean that you’re
going to become more efficient or more efficient in that exercise. What actually gets me better,
stronger, and more efficient is progressional training with proper form and proper technique. Take pull-ups for example. I’ve had students come into
my gym from a CrossFit gym being able to do 30
kipping pull-ups in a row, sometimes 40, but yet they can’t do
simple, basic pull-ups. And there’s the clear indication
of the problem right there. There’s no progressional training, there’s no proper technique and there’s no form. If you go straight in to doing kipping pull-ups as fast as
you can, and that’s the goal, well, maybe you will
eventually be able to do 50 kipping pull-ups in
a row in under a minute, but you’re never gonna move
on to more advanced things, one-armed pull-ups, high pull-ups, muscle-ups, and so forth. You’re gonna be stuck doing
kipping pull-ups forever, you’re never gonna progress on to doing more difficult things. When I said that CrossFit
sounded like a good idea to me at the beginning of the video, the definition of CrossFit
was supposed to be cross training, taking the best aspects of different types of training and incorporating them
into your workout regimen so that you can be doing different things that you don’t normally do with the same style of training that you typically do everyday, making you more efficient,
more functional, and overall stronger. But the proper way to do that is with progressional training. Take the best aspects of all training but don’t half ass the movements to just say that you’re
doing that type of training. Every type of training comes with it’s own progressional steps. So make sure that you’re learning about and you’re taking those
progressional steps. Take pull-ups, for example, anyone that does Australian pull-ups with good form and good technique is eventually gonna to get
better at this movement, eventually they’ll work their way up to jumping pull-ups,
muscle-ups, one-arm pull-ups, weighted muscle-ups, and so forth. If you start from day one doing these you’re never gonna go anywhere. How can you expect to turn that into even 10 proper pull-ups, let along one-arm pull-ups,
weighted muscle-ups, or anything else? You’re not even getting your body up there engaging the proper muscles, doing it the proper way
with the proper overload. How can you begin to
completely control yourself if there’s nothing controlled
about that movement? So here’s a little home project, guys. I want you guys to do a pull-up, as slow as you can, do two lasting 30 seconds each. Try that. And then try to do 20 kipping pull-ups in a row, you tell me which one is harder. Write it in the comment
section down below. So did you try it? Never confuse high intensity with speed. You can have high intensity and not even do a single rep. Whew! You see, those couple seconds right there are gonna be way more intense on your body than the 30 kipping pushups that you’re doing right here. You’re really not doing anything actually, when you’re doing that
movement right there. In fact, why do that movement? Why increase your repetitions on something that’s gonna get you nowhere? If you were to just practice on something completely controlling your body start on an easy progression, something that you can completely handle, eventually work your way up to just one or two normal push-ups, take a break and practice
those perfect push-ups, you will eventually be repping
out 10 push-ups perfectly, 20 push-ups perfectly, the whole point is that you’re increasing your
perfect repetitions, you’re not increasing repetitions that are not going to get you stronger, better, or more efficient. If you’re doing it like
that and you’re counting it, you’re just counting a number, you’re just making yourself
feel good about yourself, but you’re really not gonna take it to the next level doing that. So if you start with
the proper progressions it’s inevitable that as you keep going on and you master them you’re going to eventually be doing more advanced movements. Whew! So to sum it up, guys, the main problem with CrossFit is that it doesn’t stay true to it’s definition, cross training. Right now the name of the game
is to do as many as you can in the fastest amount of time possible and the main thing to blame is these CrossFit competitions, these CrossFit championships. Like every single competition, championship, in the world, nothing counts unless you do it correctly. In any competition, any championship, Olympic gymnastics,
calisthenics, skateboarding, you have to do the move the right way in order to count. CrossFit is the only
championship I’ve ever seen where you can do
something completely wrong and still earn points for that. Now what does that develop? That develops a cheating attitude. You want to just do it
as fast as possible. Well, hey, I’m doing it the right way but if the guy next to me
is doing it completely wrong and he’s gonna get points for that, I’m gonna start doing it wrong so I can get more points than him. Now that creates a huge problem because now it’s no longer
about the training aspect, the real aspect of the movement, but it’s about who’s getting more numbers than who. And last time I checked, if we’re having a pull-up competition and you’re kipping, that doesn’t count. And making those count is
not going to help anybody, it’s not going to help
you, the person doing it, and it’s not going to
help the people around you that are trying to better
themselves as well. So the actual definition of CrossFit, the one we read on Google, that’s the one that I resonate with, that’s the type of training
that I actually do, cross training, taking different aspects of different styles of training and incorporating them
into my workout regimen. Why? So I can become better,
stronger, more efficient. But that doesn’t mean
that I’m going to take out all the fundamentals, all the technique, all the structure to these movements just to say that I can do them and that I can do them
with a high repetition. That’s not going to do anything for me. So to sum it all up, guys. Do no confuse speed with high intensity. And that is the basic problem for CrossFit right now. Remember, it’s not what you do, but it’s how you do it. You want to be training
in a progressional state so that you are reaching something eventually more advanced,
eventually more difficult than what you’re doing at the moment. Stay humble during your
training and train the things that you are going to
be capable of mastering, do not try to go ahead of yourself, learn how to properly
do things the right way and that is what’s gonna
make you more efficient. Remember, at the end of the day if you stick to the fundamentals, you stick to progressive training, you might start off doing
Australian pull-ups, but eventually you’re
gonna turn those into jumping pull-ups, then
pull-ups, then muscle-ups, eventually one-arm pull-ups. Now you tell me which
person is more efficient, the person that can do something with one or the person that needs
two to do the same thing and you can barely even do it? Let me know in the
comments section down below and with that, guys, thank you so much for watching. If you liked this video give it a like, share it with a friend, comment, and don’t forget to
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training is where it’s at, that’s actually what I do, but let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below and I’ll see you guys next Sunday. (midtempo techno music)

73 thoughts on “The Problem With CROSSFIT

  1. Definitely good points. I've been doing CrossFit for the first time the past four months 4x week, and I notice these problems. People in the gym trying to make the fastest time sometimes cutting corners; everyone does at some point. Coming from years of gymnastics and multiple other sports, I have come to like CrossFit and definitely will stick to it (even though it's mostly lifting and cardio: there's not much gymnastics). It's the best option I have found for adults that want more out of a gym membership. I just take longer to finish a workout, so I know I actually worked out! The rest of the hoopla, I can take it or leave it, but it's nice getting to know people that you workout with.

  2. i don't really like this video, like i get it dude you're muscular and can exercise, i mean you started with you doing pull ups with a weight at beginning of video… that's pretentious af. this video sucks. youre just showing off. i mean you have a point but dude enough with showing off, so effing annoying

  3. I think this is full of lies… I'm new to Crossfit but I know for a fact you cant kip if you cant strict pull up first….I've tried it myself … I've never seen those push ups & in my 1st competition the judges were super strict & highly emphasized doing it correctly or no rep…I think this a very misleading video Crossfit is great gets you strong but its very hard work

  4. The only thing wrong with CrossFit is that it needs better judging. I’ve worked with CrossFit athletes that could knock any athlete on their butt! Judging needs to change in order to force those athletes who “cheat” their reps to improve when they get no repped in contest.

  5. I'm 44. When I was in my late 30s, I had a trainer that believed in DH Keifer (he's been critical of crossfit). I did Crossfit when I was 40 at 4 or 5 different CrossFit facilities. What I liked about it was less expensive than my trainer sessions and kicked my butt more than my trainer sessions. Though today I use my trainer's workout routines at my current gym. Of the 5 crossfit facilities I went to, some were with owners that didn't have graduate degrees or any degrees at all and others that had Masters in Exercise Science. Now, I do believe a non-degreed person can be better than a highly degreed person. With that said, one of the things that I kept having was repeated injuries to my joints especially my wrists and elbows. Having been training with a trainer with a Masters in Exercise Science on proper form and going into these VERY fast pace movements, it's challenging to not only have the right weight for the repetition but also the right form. I forget what it is called, but the movement where you lift the barbell from the floor and flip it up onto your chest killed my wrists. I felt like I was in the minority but I also was the oldest person there. I always made sure I did a low appropriate weight, but in hindsight, it seemed like it was the repetitive endless nature of the exercise. Crossfit was there to beat the living daylights out of you because they were into this whole paleo running from dinosaur mentality that if only you could escape a lion then you'd be ancestrally fit. Maybe it's for younger people, it's like America Ninja Warrior. There's a cutoff age limit for pounding your body with these things. I also didn't like the particular crossfit gyms that tried to make it a social event, this might work better in a more rural area. In some of the gyms we'd start off with a goofy question and we'd go round robin to answer the question as a starter to the class, then there'd be ugly sweater contests, etc. You do your best to be "in" with the young crowd but it felt like I was too old to be there. Anyways, I'm now doing Equinox gym which has issues, but I at least feel like I'm not part of a groupie thing that kills my joints to the point that I have to wait many weeks for repair while still paying the crazy crossfit monthly dues while out of order. Yeah, no Crossfit isn't for me.

  6. At first I just thought you wanted to bash CrossFit! Then I saw you talking about “keeping push-ups” and then I knew you are just completely ignorant about it! But hey, if it is so bad, how about you do a CrossFit Fran against Mat Fraser… I bet you should be able to beat him pretty easily, right?

  7. The kipping pull-ups he showed in this video are performed inefficiently and with objectively poor form, like any movement a kipping pull-up performed incorrectly will increase the chances of injury. There is a tendency in CrossFit for beginner to learn bad form to compete faster, that is the problem, not a variation of pull-up used in a competitive setting.

  8. There is no problem at all with crossfit. The movements in the sport are specific to the world of crossfit. Period. So there not "wrong" as this ignorant host claims.

  9. I actually agree mainly on the numbers part.. people go after numbers.. they focus on increasing weights and proper posture

  10. Try working out with Rich Froning, Matt Fraser, or Tia Toomey. I’d love to see you go and do a workout with them and say it’s not hard or high intensity enough for you. When you do make a video so we can see how it goes.

  11. I know a kid who does cross fit at my school and i can see good in what he does but i like what i do cause i try to do the lower progressions and now i can start working on my lever progressions and have a backwards lever down for 15sec

  12. You’re definitely right, but I believe you’re trying to sell yourself by emphasizing the bad of CrossFit and deemphasizing the good. I do also believe you know what you’re doing, but I believe you need to mention that most CrossFit gyms teach strict pull-ups and strict pushups and not generalize because in doing so you insulted a lot of coaches who support what you and your content. I’d like to end by sayin I fkn love your content, but this video is less informative and more a competitive ego boost.

  13. You are indeed correct Mr Heria. CrossFit is exercise not training. CrossFit is ineffective from a technique and physiological stand point. Exercises are not performed with enough frequency to achieve technical or physical positive adaptation.

  14. seriously ignorant video… you would swear all crossfitters are fat lazy idiots who just compare big numbers without getting stronger….

    trained in crossfit gyms my ass. loads of stupid and misleading comments. if you want to do calisthenics, fine, but crossfit is a proven fitness sport which has proven strength and conditioning results for members.

  15. You obviously just want to bad mouth Cross fit. Proper form and strict movements are and essential part of Cross fit. Being that you trained and coached in Cross fit gyms you know this.

  16. Siempre oí que no era recomendable el crossfit… incluso q era lesivo… al fin alguien me lo explica bien…
    Thank you Mr. Heria

  17. I'm in crossfit, and it's true…. But in my crossfit we do all different styles of pull ups, just in the competition we use kipping

  18. You're talking shit, mate. So someone could do 50 Kipping pull ups but not one strict? Virtually impossible. Also, literally everything out your mouth was nonsense.

  19. This video is just you promoting your app and throwing bad vibes to CrossFit …. CrossFit or not don’t talk bad about another style of fitness, if you haven’t tried it.I’ll take this video serious when I see you flying through CrossFit workouts like nothing.

  20. As long as your CrossFit gym has trainers that teach proper technique then it’s a killer worthwhile workout. Otherwise you’re just wasting your results, time and money.

  21. If you even are talking about the problem of crossfit, go get your facts straight. Are you dumb? This just makes me laugh because you clearly dont know what you are talking about

  22. Im no fan of ether side.. but my babybrother do crossfit and i know he deadlift 230kg becouse of his sport and he sqads 160kg becouse of the sport.. i like to see you do the same.. and i like to see you run 2 mile in under 12 min.

  23. These guys coming into your gym are more likely the victims of bad programming OR ego. A good Crossfit gym offers scaled options in workouts and skill work. If the individual is driven by ego- they run the risk of short cutting.
    HOWEVER kipping is a strict gymnastics movement- which you cannot do in this video – don’t underrate a skill. Why not ADD it to your skill set, not replace your strict stuff.

  24. You can’t compare two different sports to each other, it’s like comparing tennis and ping pong or baseball with softball or football to rugby lmfao each sport has different strengths and different techniques even though it all starts with the basics…don’t make a video on a sport and say it’s wrong when it has its own regulations, standards and goals, remember its all in its own sport. But nice form on the pull ups.

  25. Your just jel about crossfitters and it’s nowt like what you do because you don’t do cardio like rowing or running so you’ll be unfit at cardio vascular things and also you don’t even lift

  26. Just depends on what goal a person is trying to reach.. if one is maybe more interrested in training the conditioning and endurance of the body it may be more efficient to do more reps in a faster way. If you want to master a sertain kind of technique its beter to follow your kind of style. Only kind of argument you could have is thag when you perform the excersise faster and without proper technique you could have an injury faster. But i didnt even hear you say that as an argument.

  27. yeah world wide used by Millitary and special the Special Forces. Why dont they use your stil "Thenx"?

  28. What an egg. Your sport is calisthenics, so don't compare your technique and form for a movement to that of a completely different sport. Strict pull ups/push ups/muscle ups are all 100% taught and encouraged in CrossFit as fundamental necessary skills to always maintain, and before progressing to the dynamic version. (Also "kipping pushups" are literally something you've just made up honey). In CrossFit competitions there are always judges, and movement standards that every athlete is expected to meet. Butterfly pull ups are specific to CrossFit, you may not personally choose to do them, because doing them doesn't match with your training style. But a crossfitter might train that movement because it enables them to be faster, and more dynamic – both necessary to be successful in CrossFit. CrossFit has different fitness and strength goals to calisthenics, but fundementals and quality of movement are not one of them – just the movements are different sports – with different goals.

  29. That Cross Fit Shit Trash. The Pull Up Motion Looks Stupid AF.. These Dumb AzZ Fools Have No Control CONTROL Is Key. I Will Out Work Them All The Best Body Overall Work Out Is You Own Weight. It's Why I Have The Utmost Respect For What You Do. Cal Aesthetics Is The Best Hands Down….

  30. Completely agree, they're swamping their efforts with competitive elements, instead of the focus on precision and accuracy of movement. Keep up the good work Chris.

  31. I agree problem I have is I am top heavy been training for years just a heavy man trapped in a thin man body. Trust me u watch my food intake just body type

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