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what’s up my skinny the legends
welcome back to KENNYK.O. where you are guaranteed to be triggered there is a
topic today I have been wanting to address because it seems whether it’s on
forums in DMs or even in person there’s not really a lot of awareness on the
subject of course you really know what that’s going to be about from the title
of this video being the real danger of steroids this is for informational and
educational purposes only based on the experiences in the opinion of someone
who doesn’t even exist so make sure I keep that all in mind when you’re
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video and without further ado let’s get back to it I’m gonna jump straight to
the point the real danger behind steroids gear
anabolics performance-enhancing substances whatever term you want to
call it and actually the compounds themselves or the effects they have on
your health the most dangerous part of it is the people that are buying from
the underground labs and injecting whatever substance or concoction that
lab came up with when you go and buy from an underground lab or an online
source or all these other funny and ridiculous ways that here at people
purchasing gear you have to realize this isn’t a pharmacy that is putting
together a prescription for you this is an underground lab where a lot of the
time they’re even making stuff in there Tubbs putting it in a vial and it might
not even be the compound you think you’re getting shipping it to you and
then you go and inject that I feel I can speak on this topic actually pretty well
because I had a very bad experience and that’s the purpose of my youtube channel
is I want to relay the experiences I’ve been through everything I’ve seen so
people can avoid the mistakes I’ve made now I can’t name this underground lab
but long story short I purchased some gear for a cycle I ran went to do an
injection in my quad the very next day my leg was probably twice the size of
what it normally is I’m talking strictly the quad muscle it was red and flame
extremely swollen as I touched on basically double the size what it
normally is super tender to the touch I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on the
subject and I really to be honest thought I had just struck a nerve maybe
did the injection bad didn’t even think twice that obviously it would be the
underground lab and whatever concoction they threw together just believing them
for some stupid reason when it injected it into my leg that’s why I always
recommend always test your source if it’s not from a pharmacy sent it off to
get third-party tested there’s plenty of kits online you can even do the testing
yourself that way at least you know what you’re injecting is what you actually
bought jumping back to my story I injected late was extremely messed up
for probably five to seven days then it started to subside and this is where me
just not even paying attention and to be honest being an idiot
wasn’t it injected again but in the other cloth because as I stated I
thought you know it just has to be I struck a nerve I did something wrong on
the injection it was a fluke and then guess what you probably guessed it my
other quad did the same exact thing the information I definitely want to make
noted is these infections are no joke mine subsided after five to seven days
as I touched on but those infections can actually become so severe that they go
down into the bone and you need to have a limb amputated me trying to take a
cheap alternative at buying from an underground lab an untrusted source
could have potentially resulted in me losing a lake there are people that have
died from taking steroids from an underground lab as I stated you don’t
know what they’re putting in these vials and
selling to you don’t know what they’re mixing them with you don’t know whether
it’s sterile or not I know firsthand people that are in the underground Labs
industry and I’ve seen the shit they do it’s actually entirely fucked up I made
that reference of them mixing it in a bathtub because that’s something I’ve
actually firsthand witnessed it’s absolutely disgusting now I’m not gonna
tell anyone where to purchase anything or what to take or who to go to but I’m
slowly making this video for the educational purposes of I see so many
people as I touched on in forums and messages saying I bought from this
online source can I trust this source don’t trust anyone unless it’s an actual
pharmacy or as I stated you go and get a third-party tested you go and do the
tests yourself it could be under dosed overdosed it
could be something entirely different than what you think you’re getting and
let me tell you these infections that I got in my legs for my experience was one
of the worst things I have ever experienced you can’t even touch your
quad you can’t move your quad you can’t train it actually feels as though you’re
gonna lose your leg when I got to the five to six day mark before it started
to dissipate on its own of course I didn’t want to go to a doctor because I
didn’t want to go in say hey I’m on anabolic steroids I inject it and look
what I did to my leg I probably should have because who knows if it didn’t
dissipate on its own the infection could have continued to spread either further
down my leg more deep into my leg like I said into the bone and that causes all
sorts of problems you can look up so many stories online of people that have
had this happen the whole emphasis of this video just be aware buying from an
underground lab is not buying from a pharmacy I want to make that very clear
also do not take anything unless you have a doctor’s prescription or if it’s
legal in your country I hope you guys got enjoyment out of this video head
over to magnum inertia circles use my discount code Kenny ko any Commission’s
that are pulled in through that discount code as I stated will be donated to a
domestic-abuse charity you can pick up protein pre-workout BCA’s
among so many other supplements but I would catch you guys on the next one

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