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woo that was a good fight
now this lighting looks really weird cuz I’m in the boxing ring as you guys can
see we got all these stage lights up that’s why the lighting is like super
strong today we’re talking about the khabib nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor
fight now the fight was good but what happened after the fight was oh my god
dude I have so much to talk about there’s so many reasons to why could be
one so Conor I love Connor and I love khabib right I had no idea who would win
it was gonna be a tough fight but could be born and I had like a slight feeling
he was gonna win because his grappling is ridiculous but what could be bid in
the match was on another level he out striked corner right and as soon as
Connor like started defending against strikes he’d use his takedowns and as
soon this corner started expecting two takedowns about striking see what I mean
though when I say he uses his striking to open up his grappling and stuff it’s
insane he’s on another level with his grappling I believe he’s trained in
samba I don’t know about BJJ I know he has
wrestling as well he’s just on another level of Judo isn’t well probably yeah
he literally mauled him and I think a part that contributed to why he got
called so bad was Connor basically insulted Gibbs family his country in his
religion right and some people in America at least they might let it slide
by in other parts of the world bro that’s all they have like in Egypt for
example where I’m from a few insults a nice family just alone their family not
including their country and religion bro just family it would get sucked in the
mouth I can imagine imagine someone who’s like insulting everything you know
you know what I mean probably like anywhere in the world to be honest
instead of America and probably some Americans even know what I’m talking
about like you would sock somebody if they insult your family your religion
but anyways that’s that contributed a lot to hopping over the fence right or
over the Octagon you guys probably heard about that after could be one he just
jumps over the off to go and go slap some guy and it starts like this really
big brawl and everybody jumps in the Octagon everybody’s just beating each
other up Connor punch he got punished after he lost
which was actually really messed up like kabhi kabhi did make like an apology and
I understand why he did that but at the same time Conner shouldn’t have done
that either like they’re both at fault because what I think of it as is
everybody looks at UFC like martial arts when people think of martial arts they
look at the UFC right and when people look at the UFC and they’re seeing like
random people getting punched in the mouth by UFC fighters they’re like okay
this isn’t like this isn’t good like this isn’t what I thought martial art
should be and it’s just a bad look for UFC both fighters are at fault but at
the same time like stuff happens I would have done it too to be honest all right
now before I end this video off I just want to touch on one more thing and that
is in the couple the next couple of days I’m gonna be uploading a channel trailer
right because my channel trailer right now is just like the planet fit in this
video I made the one where I got kicked out it did really well though it had
like – like almost 100k views right now but that’s what I have is my channel
trailer I need to change that and I’m also gonna do the next sparring video
for you guys so stuff does happen it was a great fight overall though I really
did enjoy let me know what you guys thought in the comments we know who you
were rooting for thanks again for watching

5 thoughts on “The Real Reason Khabib Nurmagomedov Beat Conor Mcgregor

  1. First, congrats on getting to 700+ supporters, bro! Second, that fight was insane! It almost went a different way. Great video!👍👍

  2. Khabib employs a god-awful style of 'fighting' that is more akin to male rape than martial arts. It is well documented that part of a young wrestler's training in Dagestan involves chasing down and sexually assaulting younger students while they struggle and fight to maintain their dignity and there cannot be any doubt Khabib had his way with many unfortunate youngsters It is also rumoured in some gyms they apply the same training with various wild animals.
    There's no denying his 'fighting' (for want of a better term) is very effective and that he is a true master of it but if that is the best MMA has to offer, (and I suspect that it is) then I think I'll stick to boxing. As Conor said in the press conference, 'what kind of fighting is that?'.
    The support Khabib receives from Americans, although nothing like Mcgregors fanbase due to his complete lack of charisma and creepy personality, is somewhat confusing given he is managed by and very close to a former terrorist who when apprehended became an FBI informant although they soon suspected him of secretly being a double agent and carrying on his jihad so strapped him to a polygraph that showed he was continuously telling lies. Whatever you think of Conor, he deserves praise for shining a light on this vile, foul pond-slime of a guy. Khabib himself has issued a resentful assortment of anti-american statements and sentiment.
    It is obvious that Nurmagomedov is a very focussed and professional fighter but the narrative that he is usually a nice, respectful guy and the scenes after the Mcgregor fight were somehow out of character and purely the result of intense provocation is just nonsense. He is a horrible, nasty, bullying character who tries to portray himself in the media as something else as a means towards creating more fans, selling more tickets and being paid according to his own self-worth. I am pretty sure most of his hatred towards Mcgregor stems from jealousy.
    Look at the human scum he's associated with. Look at the way he approves of measures to stop rappers performing in his country. Look at the life threatening gang assaults on Rasul Mirzaev or Shamil Kuramagomedev. For sure Artem was fortunate there were cameras present when confronted by Khabib and his gang of brave, hooded men.
    Lastly on Conor's assertion that Khabib shows 'fake respect'. Well, consider his demeanor towards Vladimir Putin, who he undoubtedly holds deep resentment for having locked up his sugar daddy, and decide for yourself if there is any truth to that.
    He may well be the greatest at rape-fu but he is not someone who I would pay to watch.

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