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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, A little bit of a whisper here today because
I’m actually going behind the scenes. I’m going to show you the reason why I think
maybe you’re lacking the motivation to make changes to your body. To make changes to your lifestyle. To start adopting a fitness plan. For those that don’t know, Jesse was an
intern for me a while back. He’s now a full-fledged employee. He’s with me all the time, every day. So Jesse is here. He’s actually in the other room. He’s eating right now. You’d probably imagine if he’s working
side by side with me he’s got to be eating something that’s probably on the ATHLEANX
Factor meal plan, right? Something ATHLEAN approved? Let’s take a look and see exactly how this
actually works when you’re here, at ATHLEANX. So, we’re in the office. There’s Charlie. Hey, Charlie. The mascot, of course. There’s Jesse. What’s up, Jesse? JESSE: What’s up. JEFF: Say hello to YouTube. You’re on YouTube. JESSE: Hey, YouTube. JEFF: What do you have going on there? JESSE: Gummy bears. JEFF: Gummy bears? What the hell are you doing with those things. Are you creating families with them? JESSE: I like to eat them by color. JEFF: Oh, nice. So, he’s eating gummy bears by color. Jesse, come in here please. You’re going to be on the YouTube video
with me. He doesn’t know, but now he does. So, we’re going to come right over here
and get in position. Again, we’re going to uncover the real source
of why I think Jesse is eating gummy bears. No, it’s his lacking the motivation to change
because we’re going to reveal a few things that you probably didn’t understand about
Jesse. Jesse, in all the time – how long have you
been working here with me? JESSE: Officially? Three months. JEFF: Officially three months. And before that, as an intern, months and
months. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: You’ve gotten some awesome workouts
in here, I’m sure. Jesse has access to train right here, every
day, in the Xbox. How many have you done in the time you’ve
been here? JESSE: Not a lot. JEFF: Not a lot. Means- JESSE: Not a lot. JEFF: Zero actually, guys. Maybe one. I think he got in here one time and did one
workout in the Xbox. He has full access to it. He’s got access to me sitting side by side
with him. I’m willing to coach him. I’m willing to give him the advice. Guess what the issue is right now? The issue is that Jesse’s not ready. I know that a lot of people focus on me here
on this channel, because it is me that’s always up here on camera, but by bringing
in Jesse I wanted to say, “Hey, guys. It’s not – don’t always look at me and
say ‘well, Jeff’s got it all figure out. This is his lifestyle. This is what he does for a living. Of course, we can’t really do what he does’.” You could do what Jesse does though. That’s for sure. You can relate to what’s going on here because
I think there are a lot of things that you can draw from this. Jesse, tell me why you workout. JESSE: Isn’t it obvious? For the girls. JEFF: This kid’s a comedian all the time. For the girls. This is what he’s got working with him,
unfortunately, so he needs to do something else. But – nice beard, by the way. The idea is ‘for the girls’. What else? JESSE: I want to get ripped. I want to get shredded. I want to get big. JEFF: Get big, get shredded. Okay, so he’s named three things. In actuality, he’s named about the same
thing. Yes, they’re two very different things. He wants to get more muscle definition, he
wants to get more size, all of which is probable with the methods I train him with. We all know we can do both. The idea here is that Jesse’s doing it and
hasn’t really uncovered the real reason why. Why do you want to get big? Why do you want to get ripped? JESSE: I want to look good. JEFF: He wants to look good. I don’t think we’re deep enough yet. Why do you want to look good? Why is it important to you to look good? JESSE: Because I want to find someone that
appreciates that, I guess. JEFF: Okay, now we’re getting a little closer. So, he doesn’t want to just be a man-whore. He wants to actually find someone worthwhile
to be with. Great. But beyond that, what would that mean to you
if somebody found you and appreciated you. JESSE: It would mean the world to me. It’s – I- JEFF: I’m not trying to make you cry. This is not Barbara Walters here. I mean, honestly. I want you to be honest because I think they’re
going to see the level that I want you to get to, in order to uncover the real reason,
and probably the reason why you’re not training. JESSE: Because I got picked on a lot when
I was a kid because I was small. I was the – way skinnier than everyone else,
and I was sorts of teasing for a lot of people. JEFF: So now we’re actually getting somewhere. So, Jesse, because he is thin he got picked
on a lot. What’s happening now, probably, I’m going
to fill in the blanks for you a little bit. People aren’t necessarily going to pick
on him anymore at his age, but he probably feels like they’re still going to stay stuff
behind his back. They’re still going to think things. Women are going to think ‘he’s too skinny,
he’s not my type’, or whatever. So, it’s discouraging. The fact of the matter is, maybe you just
uncovered your real reason for training now. Maybe you’ll have a different outlook on
it going forward, but maybe you won’t. But I can tell you this, concentrating on
getting big, getting ripped, getting it without realizing what the real motivation is for
you is probably going to hold you back. The same reason why you’re in there, downing
those gummy bears all day long – I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having
gummy bears. You can eat gummy bears if you want, but you’d
better be focusing on the rest of your nutrition. I know Jesse doesn’t. Again, he spends every day with me and sees
me eat the right way, but he hasn’t – it hasn’t really caught on with him yet because
he hasn’t identified what really matters to him. I could tell you guys I’ve had things that
have motivated me and got me – really lit the fire inside of me. I’ll tell you what they are right now. When I was a kid do you know what really first
drove me to training? It was that it gave me a chance to spend time
with my brother. My brother and I, we were never not close,
but we were four years apart. We didn’t really have a lot in common. But when I saw him start training it gave
me a reason to do the same things he was doing, spend some time with him, and talk the same
language. That was the only reason why I did it. It did bring us together. Then from that point on, as I started to see
results I started realizing the same thing. I was skinny too, Jesse. I wanted to do things that would actually
make me more appealing and gain more self-confidence. I started to do that. Then I wanted to do the same thing and wanted
to get a girl. Well, I’ve got a beautiful girl. I’m married now. We have kids. I’m 41 years old. I want to be around for a long time for those
kids. I want to set a good example for them. I don’t want to just exist here on earth
as their father. I want to dominate her eon earth as their
father. I want to be able to show up at their high
school football game, because I’m going to be a little bit older than most parents
at that age. I don’t want to just be the old guy that’s
sitting in the stands, in the corner, but the guy that can come and look good, and just
be Jeff Cavaliere, and not have to worry about people labeling me because of the fact that
I’ve let myself go. So, you have to find whatever the real motivator
is for you. I will tell you one other thing. Jesse has concussions. He’s got a long history, medical history,
long – concussion, after concussion, after concussion. That has laid him up a little bit. What has that done for you? What are some of the things that you can’t
do because of your concussions? JESSE: I can’t play a single contact sport
ever again. JEFF: Okay, how about in the weight room? JESSE: In the weight room I have to be very
limited with the amount of effort I exert because if I get a migraine I could pass out. JEFF: What else? Any specific exercises you can’t do? Do you get dizzy in any types of movements? JESSE: I get dizzy with explosive movements. I get dizzy if I sit up too quickly, move
too quick. JEFF: So, here’s the next hurtle you want
to get over, and I’ll wrap this up this way, stop focusing on what you can’t do. When you walk in the gym, if the first thing
you think about is what I can’t do, then that ‘can’t’ is going to get in the
way of you ever doing what you’re supposed to be able to do, or what you can do. So, for me, I don’t have good knees. You guys have seen. I have a nice, impressive, 300lb squat at
best. Why? Because my knees kill me every time I go down
to the ground. But you know what? I just don’t squat that much. Instead I find an alternative of what I can
do. I can deadlift 500lbs. That I can do. So that’s what I focus on. If I let the ‘can’t’ get in the way
of what I can do I’d never figure out what I can actually do. So there are some things you can’t do. You can’t train explosively. So, you don’t need to train explosively. At least not now. There are some things you can’t necessarily
load up heavy, heavy weights. But you can do bodyweight training. And it could actually serve as a foundation
for building a good physique. We know you can build muscle with bodyweight. There’s always a place you can start, but
if you’re not mentally ready for it then you’re not going to get there. Guys, do me a favor. Find the real reason why it is that you know
you need to change. Because you haven’t done it yet if you’re
on the sidelines and you haven’t started yet. I know you want to, but you haven’t figured
out the real reason. For those that do train, don’t ignore this
video either. Find that real reason why you train. It will probably be very easily identifiable
for you because you’ve already figured it out and it drives you every, single day. You get your ass out of bed, you get yourself
to the gym, you train late at night, you train early in the morning, and you do it for a
reason. Whatever that reason is, that’s what drives
you, and that’s what will continue to keep you working out, and training long into your
life because you know exactly what it is that’s moving you in that direction. All right, guys. I hope you’ve found a little bit of this
revealing behind the scenes with Jesse to be helpful. I’m not every trying to embarrass Jesse. He’s a great kid. It will click for him one day. It’s going to click for him and he’s going
to wind up starting his training and there will be nobody to stop him. Especially if knows he’s got me here to
be able to guide him along that way when he’s ready to allow me to. Guys, I’ll be back here again in just a
couple days with another new video. Meanwhile, let me know if you want to see
more behind the scenes if you want me to open the kimono for you I’m glad to do that more
often here, on this channel. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again real soon. JESSE: All right. I’m going to go do a couple curls. JEFF: Yeah, now you see? This is bullshit, actually, by the way. See you.

100 thoughts on “The REAL Reason You Work Out (OR DON’T!)

  1. Yet Jesse now does some explosive stuff. It must also be his CNS that is getting stronger, besides he himself getting stronger

  2. The reason I train is I am straight up self centered and narcissistic lol no all kidding aside..I train to serve my family but I want to look damn good doing it lol

  3. The reason I train is I am straight up self centered and narcissistic
    lol no all kidding aside..I train to serve my family but I want to look
    damn good doing it lol

  4. The reason I train is I am straight up self centered and narcissistic
    lol no all kidding aside..I train to serve my family but I want to look
    damn good doing it lol

  5. I love body weight, I have a pretty good Dragon flag, I have a fair Human flag on my stall bars….I learned a lot of body weight from Oona Kivela, ( cheap plug) lol

  6. I love body weight, I have a pretty good Dragon flag, I have a fair Human flag on my stall bars….I learned a lot of body weight from Oona Kivela, ( cheap plug) lol

  7. I can relate to Jessie a lot as a 14 year old who gets made fun of a lot for being small (5’3) and skinny (100lb) I started athlean x and I’m now entering my 2nd month of training. Hopefully people won’t make fun of me as much in high school but we’ll see wish me luck.

  8. I started working out as my grandad was a gymnast and I knew by being 14 was quite late to reach his level. By that time i was anorexic after being fat and my friends started lifting so I thought it was the thing to do. After 3 or 4 years of working out I never got impressive results. After I researched and started to learn about anatomy and nutrition and by my age range 20 to 30 I had different forms . From 6 % bf to a a clean bulk muscular look. I did it to be better then others, to get more girls but at the end it became a habbit. Helps me to overcome things in life,i feel healthier, boosts my confidence as i know everyday i still have it. In terms of girls. It isnt about looks. In terms to always have 6packs ,the ripped look in general or a muscular big size im not interested as i had it all. My personal thing is to combine bodybuilding with basic gymnastic elements. In terms like why to do a pull up if the on on rings brings more tension and you need to stabilize your muscles. Same goes to dips on rings and isometrics

  9. I train because I want to win fights.

    I've completely fallen in love with martial arts, and I'm only going to be as good as my body lets me.

  10. Well, first, my motivation was to train, so I wouldn't be the fat guy anymore and to get the girl of my dreams. However, now I've become a firefighter, so I train to not let my brothers and sisters down when it really counts. As soon as my motivation changed, the quality of my workouts and my fitness overall improved enormous. You're right Jeff, motivation is key.

  11. this was to help him , maybe he was a little embarrased.but it was also for us to realize we cant just pick up a pair of dumbells when we see a ripped actor and not touch the weights again for weeks , if thats your only source of motivation it wont be strong enough, find out your WHY its very important

  12. Awesome video. I knew the reason I continue to workout, but I had never said it out loud to myself. Therapeutic to say/admit it to myself.

    I already go to the gym everyday and do intense workouts, I wonder if this'll increase it even more lol

  13. 5:21 Me and my older brother are 13 years apart and I’m very close to him and he inspired me to start working out.

  14. Fitness should be the main concern, its good for your bones your muscles and your heart, but extreme bodybuilding is actually dangerous for your heart.

  15. For me when my body is. Trembling and I need to do one more set and I internally ask myself
    “ why am I doing this”
    There are responses but none that will drive me long term, just day to day. Reasons such as
    A sporting career
    Fear of regret
    And generally the line of “this is who I am”

  16. I just don’t want to die early I want to live long. Getting girls is just a bonus. Plain and simple

  17. I don't want to be a quitter, I want to reach my full potential. I'm tired of opportunities passing me by because I feel I don't deserve them, that I'm not worth it

  18. I train because I’m tired of feeling pains and going “i should probably stretch more “ I’m tired of feeling my body weakening and deteriorating and knowing that it’s going to affect the rest of my life and not doing anything about it . I’m tired of shrugging off the harmless comments people make that actually stick with me. Comments about my chest , my stomach. Tired of being the small guy at the same time. Nobody wants to be the small guy with the beer belly . Thats what pushes me to work out

  19. I get where jesse is coming from. As a man, we know that the rule of attraction is based first in the eyes. A man has to catch a woman's attention. Being in good shape boost confidence in men. It makes men more comfortable to be around women. It inspires men to not worry about what others think. I also do it for the girls, but most importantly for myself. At the end of the day, I want to look back at these moments in my life and say that I actually achieved a six-pac, broad shoulders, pecks of steel look.

  20. Maybe this is little late in but my reason as I'm getting older – I KNOW I'm going to die one day as my 1 year older brother did so as long I'm still here I want to be the best I can be.

  21. I train because I need to stay healthy for my kids and also set a good example for them. I have a physical job that has in the past caused back injuries and I can't have that happen again. I want to look good too.

  22. This is exactly how I finally starting lifting consistently. I found the root of the reason of why I wanted to get bigger and that was all the motivation I needed.

  23. 04:30 I tell people this all the time man. It shouldn't be about getting big or trying to impress someone or something. Whether you train, or workout, or whatever it is you do, you should be trying to better yourself, FOR YOU. People don't matter, negative opinions don't matter! PUT THE WORK IN. Don't focus on what you can't do, focus on what you CAN DO.

  24. Bro I've seen so many of your videos…you have helped my life Jeff big time. These videos are more appreciated then you think. Keep up the great work man

  25. I workout because I want to live as long as humanly possible because I want to see as much as I can of the world. The world is so big that we can't live long enough to appreciate the rock we are living in. I want to tap more into the animal instinct that we have. I've felt it and it feels different than anything I've ever felt.
    Sounds corny, but fuck itttt. That's my brain.

  26. I love gummy bears, they're such a good source of energy!!! Next to Skittles, but you've to switch it up and you'll be more energized for your workouts and if you play sports, for that as well..

  27. Bruh if I was in Jesse's shoes I'd be the most motivated MF alive. I just finished my workout with a hay bale, cinder blocks, and rebar for a bench press

  28. i train cuz i wanna be the greatest fighter to walk on this earth. anyone who reads this remember my name cuz that is what will be known in the next 7 years.

  29. I don't work out cuz i don't like pain, I don't like to use money on someting I don't like, I don't like time where i don't stimulate my brain (gets bored easily) so instead I try activities I find fun instead that stimulates both my brain and body. Hobbies mostly, and try to eat more healthy.

  30. Who would have thought 3 years later that shy skinny kid would be an absolute beast and an indispensable part of AthleanX!

  31. I think the bottom reason for most od us really, Is just self-esteem and self-respect. You cannot ve victim od bullies if you believe in yourself, if you trust your worth. Same with girls or work achievments. If you see the progress of your workout, you will know that everything is possible and you are good enough to be the one doing it. To me its not about the body that much, Its about the mindset, Its lifestyle. Love you both guys

  32. I trained for every reason but the one that stuck especially as I got older was self control and the positive effect I can have on others. Being admired, or attractive, or above all inspiring not because of looks which can't really be controlled, but because people can see you have the strength to control yourself, dedicate to a cause, and that you have integrity. I'm actually a beta. I know everyone wants to be an alpha, but I'm too old to care about the stigma. I was very competitive younger and was usually the strongest person everywhere I went, I also happened to be good at figuring out things so I won at most of the stuff I would do. But, for me, I slowly realized that wasn't what made me happy in life, I'm not an alpha. I am much happier when I have a positive impact on other people. Life needs alphas, but I think it also needs betas, even though it's practically a slur.

    People will tell you to be yourself, unless being yourself is being selfless and making others happy, then they will insist that you're doing it wrong. Being yourself "should" be about doing what you want and not caring what others think and ultimately not letting anyone get in the way (which is ultimately not caring about them). So it leads to a lot of vengeance motivation, beating an enemy, an ex that insulted or hurt you, some rival that taunted you, a bully, or just self-promotion knowing that you're better than others or that you can't be stopped by trials. A lot of motivation from others will be about winning, dominating, building an image of yourself through success. If those things don't really motivate you, then you won't have the "heart of a champion" that seems to be necessary for success in training.

    I know this is super long, but it's just a perspective that I've never really seen someone express so if someone out there feels like I do it may be helpful to them. "To look like a warrior you need the conquering spirit." Well, that never worked for me long term, dominating didn't provide happiness, showing people up was empty. What motivated me was knowing that I can help others. I saw strength as the key to doing that but above that self control and integrity. The best I feel I can add to the world is to control myself, training forces me to control those instant urges and TRAIN them into better urges. When you learn that training isn't self-denial but self-direction you see that power of self control. Giving up sweets and finding better foods that lead to more energy trains you to make better choices naturally almost without effort but actually with desire. That chains out to everything you do in life. When you stop giving into urges, you stop being late, being unfaithful, being unreliable, your word ACTUALLY means something, you become actually valuable to your friends and peers not just admired. The pride from those things becomes addictive. So learning to control myself and to keep seeing the benefit of long term good choices has become my drug and there is no side effect and no OD.

    In training, I literally set up workouts to visualize situations and it has been a powerful motivator. It's silly and childish, but if you have any imagination it can be powerful. I'll give an example with burpees that I use. I take a deck of cards pull a stack off that I don't know how many it is. Mentally I visualize being a first responder of some sort and some sort of tragedy. Each card is a person. With the squat of each burpee I grab a card and put it on the bookcase in the jump. I know that's cringy cheesy… but it has pushed me so much further than trying to get my personal best or doing more than someone I know ever did. I find ways to turn every exercise into a real reason like that where I cannot live with failure. Helping someone else always has more power in my mind than doing something for myself. So, maybe if the "being a world dominator" or getting all the girls (or any of them) is not getting you there, give that a shot. Every rep has a purpose outside of yourself and it's a bit easier not to skip a day. Unless you're already an alpha in which case you probably do not need any motivation anyway.

    P.S. I am not in any way implying there is anything wrong with being an alpha. Of course not, it's just a different mindset and I think people really need to recognize which heart they have. Trying to be an alpha when that's not really what is in your heart might be why you never follow through on the goals you set because your heart really doesn't care about those things that drive others. That's the point I'm making you will do better perhaps if you focus on things that are actually motivating to you even if they would be embarrassing to say to others because they'll call you a "beta cuck" or some other typical emasculating insult.

  33. Just stumbled on this video, Holy shit Jesse what a transformation in 3 years! Great Job brother!!!! And, at 42 a great inspiration to continue to push myself!! Love it man, after elbow surgery, wrist surgery, and a diverticulitis pocket flared up and exploded ripping my intestine in half I know i can survive about anything, now i just need to push myself like you did! Purchased ultimate arms, going to have to repeat it several times as my left side (broken wrist and elbow) is much weaker than my right, so im especially focusing on it but not neglecting the whole workout! Thank you so much for everything you guys do!

  34. That was a really great question to ask. For me the reason I train with weights is to improve my Martial Arts. As the Martial Arts are my main thing and the weights are just a means to an end I don't have a problem keeping motivation in the gym because the weights are not, in themselves, the main motivation for me.

  35. I train because the world is cruel and there is people I want to protect. Something I can't do with a low self-esteem and for this I always thank Jeff. Ever since I started with this channel, I have gotten stronger, more functional, and even smarter. My confidence and self-esteem have seen huge gains as well.

    I will always wonder if Jeff knows how important his videos are. To me, they are a lot more than just physical development.

  36. I’m willing to relocate and be a study or a apprentice I’m 29 and use to be fit around 23 I lost all my gains and I’m as skinny as I ever been. Take me under your wing

  37. When I was younger, I was always physically much weaker than my peers. I couldn't throw a basketball high enough to hit the net until I was in my tweens. I'm 23 years old and to this day I've never been strong enough to get across the monkey bars. I never had a full range of motion in any joint on my body. I can't do a full push up. I can't do a full crunch. Can't. Can't. Can't. I will train until I don't have to say "can't" ever again.

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