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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “The Rock’s Ultimate Workout

  1. Hey Rock I use the Sauna suit everyday for an Hour. I just drink twice as much water and eat before and after the workout.

  2. Thank u for giving me this motivation. I am a fat man, but I just wanna to be a man like u stronger outside&inside. losing weight!

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  4. The thing that just annoys me with this is, no matter how hard you Train like this. You will never get this big without putting a needle in the ass…

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  6. showed this to my dad. now he’s still my dad but more motivated. ur welcome for the joke now like my comment.

  7. Rock and his good partner steroids
    Together they’ve achieved so much
    Let’s not forget the drug dealer either
    An unstoppable trio
    His soon to be released supplement

  8. The Rock sieht unheimlich gut aus. Er trainiert so hart er hat den perfekten körper verdient. Bin ein Riesen weiblicher Fan. Schau mir jeden seiner Filme an. Ich mag ihn so wie er ist

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