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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Let me ask you a question. Take a look at these three guys and you tell
me what makes their mid section so impressive. One by one. First up, marshal arts legend, Bruce Lee. Take note because I’m going to show you
another picture in a second. Next guy, famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao. Again, take a look, remember it. We’re going to look at another picture of
him in a second. And of course, my childhood fitness icon,
Sylvester Stallone here. Take another look. Good. Now, I’m going to show you another picture
of each of these guys again. Let’s go back to Bruce Lee. What’s happened? Do you notice what’s not as impressive? What’s different? We’re going to go to the next guy, Manny
Paquiao. Once again, take a look. What do you think? What do you see? Then finally, Sylvester Stallone one more
time. The difference – if I put these pictures
side by side – in one picture we see the development of the serratus anterior, a muscle
a lot of us overlook. In the other picture here, we’ve taken it
away. Now, you don’t want to take yours away. You want to make sure you’re developing
yours as good as possible because you can see when the serratus anterior is developed
it starts the tapering effect down, feeding into the external obliques, which then feeds
into the abs. If you want to have the best-looking midsection,
it’s going to rely on this fan-like muscle that comes in here. Here, here, here, and it feeds down right
out of the lat, down, and in. And guess what happens? Guess how we activate that muscle the most. We activate the muscle the most from punching
because the protraction of the arm and getting that shoulder blade around the body to wrap
around. It’s not just flipping your arm out like
this, but getting your arm extended as far out as possible. That gives us the ability to activate that
muscle. But you know what? We can do that and incorporate that into an
entire ab workout. That’s what I want to do for you here today. I’m going to give you five exercises that
will not only take your arm through that protraction to get the major activation of that muscle,
to help develop it, but secondly, incorporate the abs as well. So, you’ll have one, complete workout. Let’s kick off this boxer ab workout with
a pretty basic exercise, but we’re going to do it differently. This is a plank. We’re going to activate the serratus anterior
and we can do it simply by not just resting passively on our forearms but raising the
bar a bit and pushing through our forearms. We’re going to try to keep our forearms
in contact with the ground to push our body away. By doing so, we’re getting that protraction
and rounding of the shoulder blades around our body, which is key to activating the serratus. We’re not overlooking the impact that this
can still have on the abs. What’s great about this is we get that one-two
combo of incorporating serratus activity with the traditional rectus abdominus that we get
from a plank. Next, we can take one of my favorite ab exercises,
which is the ab-wheel rollout. Dust yours off. You can still use this thing, I promise you
guys. It’s still good, but what we do is, once
again, we focus on how we’re using it. When we do the rollout a lot of us will sink
down into it and let it collapse on us. No! If you want to activate the serratus as well,
what you’ll need to do is push that wheel out, actively in front of you. I get up on top of it. You can see me initiate by pushing my arms
down and lengthening them as far as I can. Then, holding that position – because that’s
the key; being able to hold that position the entire time – then execute your rollout,
and come back in. Again, there’s no differentiation here. We’re still working the abs. There’s nothing we’re taking away from
working the abs. All we’re doing is adding to the fact that
we’ve now activated the serratus on top of that. Now this couldn’t be a boxer-ab workout
without actually throwing a few punches, right? We know this is one of the best ways to activate
this muscle and we can make it more of a core challenge by varying the position of our body
when we do this. So, I’ve anchored a band behind me, and
what I’m focusing on to get the serratus activated is to push my hand out and even
further. We’re reaching as far out, and away as possible. So, it’s not just about getting to here,
but it’s about getting to there. So, we can get the shoulder blade wrapping
around. But I mentioned the feet. What’s going on down there? Well, we’re trying to narrow our base of
support, so our core has to do more work to stabilize our body. Especially as we’re moving our arm against
the resistance of the band. So, you can see I’ve staggered my feet and
put them in line with each other, and the back foot, I’m just going up onto a toe. So, I’m minimizing my entire base of support,
and narrowing that at the same time to make it more of a core challenge. But as we talked about, the band and the pushing
out in, and of itself is going to really hit the serratus as well. This next exercise here is one of my favorites,
overall. It’s a variation of something we call our
‘gymnast abs’ exercise. That is getting into a dip bar station and
then not just worrying about doing dips, and not worrying about doing knee ups, but working
on pulling our pelvis up into this posterior tilt, which we know is going to activate the
abs. But, look what’s going on at the same time
with my hands. I’m not just pulling up. At the same time, I’m pushing down on my
hands, and away as far as I can, really trying to round those shoulder blades, and get them
around my body to activate the serratus. We call this a screwdriver. The screwdriver is a great way to incorporate,
not just the serratus, and not just the abs, but also to get the obliques involved as well. So, in the holy trinity of ab training – I’ve
actually made a whole video on that. If you haven’t seen that yet I’ll link
that at the end of the video. But in the meantime, it falls in perfectly
here as yet another option to really hammer home the serratus. Finally, we have another popular ab exercise. The crunch pulldown. Not only do guys tend to do it incorrectly,
but I think, in this case, they’re missing out on a great opportunity to include the
serratus in this move. It’s by simply changing the position of
the rope, in relation to your body when you’re doing the exercise. Most of us will take that rope right in front
of us and go straight down, and crunch. Why not turn your body around? If we have the rope anchored behind us, and
we pull that weight stack, and we reach; now we’re getting the serratus activated against
the resistance of the stack. Then from there, then we execute the crunch
pulldown. We’re getting the serratus activated the
entire time, we’re incorporating the abs again through every, single exercise here,
the rectus abdominus is getting a great workout. We mentioned in the beginning that the serratus
feeds into the external oblique, which feeds right down into the rectus abdominus. So, these muscles prefer to be engaged together. We’re going to finally allow them to do
that here, for the first time. So, there you have it, guys. There is your complete workout. Do each of these exercises. Focus mostly on the quality of every repetition. If you find that you’re losing the ability
to contract your serratus, slow it down. Get a good, quality rep and if you can’t
get anymore then that’s the end of that exercise. Take a rest and move onto the next. Try to go through two or three rounds of this,
if possible. Guys, I’m telling you, if you want to look
like an athlete you’ve got to train like an athlete. You can’t overlook muscles that matter. The serratus, not only does it look good,
and as it helped all those guys that I showed you in the beginning to have an entirely impressive
core. And even if you’re not a fighter, it’s
going to lead to great benefits, in terms of shoulder stability, and keeping your shoulder
moving right. Especially so you can move it up over your
head. These are all things that matter. We overlook none of it when it comes to our
ATHLEANX training programs. If you’re looking for a program that tells
you how to do all this step by step, head over to In the meantime, if you haven’t subscribed,
guys; make sure you do. And turn on those notifications so you never
miss a video. I told you I’d link one of those videos
here at the end of this video. I’m going to do that for you in just a couple
seconds. In the meantime, I’ll be back here again
in just a couple days. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that in the days and weeks ahead. See you soon.

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