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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m addressing the oh so popular question
of “what is the best split?” that question of “what is the best training split; how should
I be training the total body?” Push, pull, the split muscle group, what is
the best way to split up my routine? The answer is so complex that it would take m 5000 videos
to answer it. Again, you want the truth? I’ll give you the
truth. The truth is that it really depends on so many different factors. What is your
goal, first of all? Are you training for explosiveness? Are you training for size only? Are you training
for strength? What does your entire week look like of training?
More than that: what does your entire month look like in training? What have you trained
the month prior to that? All of these things matter. When it comes to these hard and fast
rules, people get really caught up in them. So much so that they lose the forest for the
trees. I’ll give you an example. Right here is a perfect exercise to illustrate this.
We know that there’s a push-pull split and I’m a big advocate of push-pull splits. Again, depending on the sequence of your training
and where you’re at in your particular training, and what your goal is. A push-pull split relies
on the fact that certain muscle groups tend to pull. I.E. your back, your lats, your mid back,
your arm voids, and your biceps. They would go and work synergistically together. If you’re trying to maximize your recovery
in between sessions you would work those muscle groups together to allow you to recover in
between those sessions as opposed to hitting your back and then inadvertently, or auxiliary
hitting your biceps and then coming right back the next day and hitting your biceps
again, with them not being recovered from your previous workout. That’s the idea behind that. The same thing
applies to the push of chest, triceps and shoulders all working in concert to push.
If you follow that rule and follow that rule only you will lose sight of the fact that
there’s a great exercise you could be doing right now that could be working your back
and your triceps together. Again, a push and a pull. Guess what? They
actually work well together. Look at this exercise I’m doing. All I had to do was lie
down on the ground – again, I’m doing this in a home version so I have the two bands
anchored behind me on something sturdy. It could be a couch. I just have it on the bottom
of the piece of equipment. If you’re in the gym you could easily take
this into the gym and do a cable setup here and either lay on the bench or lay on the
floor. What we’re doing is, we’re actually working on the synergy that occurs between
the back and the long head of the triceps to create a killer exercise to hit both of
these areas. We call it a tricep extension pullover because that’s exactly what the hell
it is. It’s a tricep extension into a pullover. When
we do our first part of the exercise here we do a tricep extension, right? We do a line
tricep extension. It really hits our triceps hard, we get peak contraction here up at the
top, and it’s different than we would if we were doing this with a dumbbell. We actually
still have tension at the top here because a line of resistance is behind us with the
bands being pulled in that same line, right? From here we can intensify this even more
adding more contraction to the long head of the triceps which will help to extend our
arms and bring them back behind our body, or at least in the direction of going towards
the back side of our body here. We’re extending them, but at the same time we’re doing a classic
abduction of the upper arm and bringing it down closer to our sides in a pullover fashion,
which is exactly what the lats do. So you see, synergistically this abduction
of the arms and the extension here of our arms as we get here past neutral, or down
to neutral at least as the act of extension, that’s something that the triceps handle.
If you were to lock yourself in thinking “Push-pull. I can’t train triceps and back together. It’s
always biceps and back” that’s not going to get the job done. So I think there’s so many ways. Like I said,
5000 videos to answer that question. The most important concept is this: vary your training
and know what you’re doing and have a purpose behind your training. Remember, training without a purpose is just
working out. If you want to work out and have a purpose behind it, that’s not only how you’re
going to get the fastest results, but you’re going to get so much more out of every workout
because you’re going to be having a game plan and a reasons and some science behind what
you do. I hope that at least answers the question
a little bit, that you’ve got to stop thinking about the perfect split and you’ve got to
start using all variations of splits of your training if you want to get the best results. If you want a program that lays out your splits
exactly how I feel you should be following them, in the sequence that you should, given
the goals that I know we’re trying to accomplish; head to right now and get our
Athlean-X training system. In the meantime, let me know what you guys
want to see here on these videos. I’ll do my best to cover them in each and every video
that I do. Remember, this channel started for you and
it’s going to continue being for you and I rely on your requests to make sure I do. All right, I’ll be back here again real soon.
See ya.

100 thoughts on “The Single Best Workout Split? (MUSCLE GROUPING)

  1. Chest and biceps actually work great as a superset split. Seated incline curls give great secondry stress on upper pecs. Then smash heavy dumbell press for direct stress and feel the burn

  2. This is my three day split:
    Day 1- Chest, back, lower abs
    Day 2- Shoulder, legs, traps
    Day 3- Biceps, triceps, forearms
    Then repeat the whole routine for days 4(for abs I do middle abs),5 and 6, and on the 7th day I do HIIT cardio of 20 mins and upper abs and obliques. One more thing , for days 1 through 3 I use resistance bands and for day 4 to 6 I use dumbbells. Also before starting I obviously do a dynamic full body warm-up and do a static cooldown for the muscle groups after the workout…

  3. My split
    Monday: chest , tris
    Tuesday: bis back
    Wed: off
    Thursday: legs, shoulders
    Friday: neck, penis
    Sat: off
    Sunday: church

  4. Bro the trainer at my gym gave me a programm that was like chest-biceps, shoulders-abs, back-triceps, leg abs and he told me do it for 8 months and i did it for 8 months….god i was stupid

  5. Wow what a genius .. "Biceps and back won't get the job done" … No one and I mean No 1 should listen to you … Workouts vary from experience (begin, inter, advan) and any "REAL" trainer would know our bodies adapt so each workout split/routine can and should be used to keep the body guessing to avoid plateau's and find weaknesses and improve them … Now you get to this point at the end after bashing a good routine WTF

    You are hurting people by giving out the dumbest information possible, good job (5.4 million morons and counting)

  6. My split:

    Day 1 – Bicep/Tricep/Forearms
    Day 2 – Shoulders/traps/back
    Day 3 – Chest/legs

    Repeat and take sunday off. Good?

  7. M- Back, Bicep
    T- Chest Triceps
    W- shoulders and legs
    Repeat and abs everyday, is that bad? Btw I take one rest day a week

  8. Jeff won't answer us because that'd be a full time job in itself but i'm currently doing… legs/tris – chest/bis – back/shoulders. Possibly switch up but it's working at the moment.

  9. Love push/pull especially splitting legs between push(squats) and pull(deadlifts/hinge). I've never been leaner.

  10. +Athlean-X I am 43 years old and have hypothyroid. The latter I have had my entire life (diagnosed at age 4 but may have had it since age 1). Doctor only approves me for creatine and whey protein supplements so no fat burners or anything like that. I have already been using whey protein as recommended on label (right after a workout). I am already working on improving my diet (what I eat and even when). I do a full body strength one day then next do a cardio. My sleep was affected recently due to having to take a steroid for spider bite treatment. That didn't help with the moderate sleep apnea I already have so I am working myself up to more intense levels. Any suggestions? I am trying for the athlean look but do not have money to get into the program yet.

  11. for 4x a week this is my split
    day 1:Chest , tricep , shoulders , legs
    day 2:back , bicep , abs
    day 3:rest
    day 4:Chest , tricep , shoulders , legs
    day 5:back , bicep , abs
    day 6:rest
    day 7:rest

  12. I have done many splits and personally what works best for me is the bro split:
    Repeat (Abs everyday)

    The reason I prefer this split over the other ones is because this is the only one where fatigue and soreness are not a problem. For example, if you do the push pull legs split, you would find yourself doing chest, but then fatigued when doing shoulders and triceps so you won’t really get an effective workout on the body parts that you don’t start with on that specific workout. In the bro split, you can do 5-7 exercises for each muscle group and get a great workout which would leave you sore for 3 days in that specific body part. It just makes sense

  13. Comments formula: Here's my split —> Replies to comment – 75% asking follow-up questions, 25% telling the person why their split is wrong. 🙂

  14. Can anybody help me, please? I'm following the split Chest, shoulder, triceps one day, then back and biceps, and then legs. Abs everyday. But my workouts are taking like 2-3 hours to complete! I understood that you're supposed to do 4 sets of 12, and like 2-3 exercise per muscle group. So that's like 36 sets per workout, and it never ends! What am I doing wrong? How can I make my workouts shorter, but still effective. I'm mostly looking for muscle gain.

  15. Day 1: Biceps, triceps and shoulders
    Day 2: Chest and Back
    Day 3: Legs and abs
    Day 4:Biceps, triceps and shoulders
    Day 5: Chest and Back
    Day 6: Legs and abs
    Day 7: rest
    Is this any good?

  16. Here’s my splits

    Monday:chest shoulders and triceps
    Tuesday:plyometrics(jump training)
    Wednesday: back and biceps
    Thursday: yoga
    Friday: legs and back
    Saturday: core

    The next week I switch out chest shoulders and triceps with chest and back and back and biceps with shoulders and arms I basically did what p90x did but instead of phases I changed up the splits to switch weekly

  17. My traing split basically goes like :
    Chest and bis
    Back and tris
    Quads and hams
    Shoulder and arms
    Abs and calves
    I haven't yet seen the results because I've recently started this split.
    I'd love to know what you guys think about it.

  18. Sunday: Metabolic Full Body Overload + Sports
    Monday: Cardio and Conditioning ( including core-intensive Yoga + Mobility )
    Tuesday: Heavy Upper Body Work with Abs
    Wednesday: Heavy Lower Body Work with Abs.
    Thursday: Cardio and Conditioning + Sports
    Friday: Explosive Full Body with slow eccentric
    Saturday: Rest

    That's a good split for the off-season.

  19. Changing my routine, would this be good? (Can only gym 4 days a week).
    Mon – back and biceps
    Tues- chest and triceps
    Wed – rest
    Thurs – legs
    Fri – shoulders, traps and forearms
    Sat + Sunday – rest

  20. How many times a week should you be hitting each muscle group? Once a week? Twice? If two or more, should you do the same exercises, vary the exercises, vary the rep range and load?

  21. My plan is like this (for last few years) :
    Day 1- Chest/Biceps,
    Day 2- Back/Triceps,
    Day 3- Legs/Shoulders,
    Day 4- Rest,
    and repeat all that. Is it optimal ? Idk, I never went in the gym more than 3 months per year, so idk how would it play out if i where doing it all like this for one full year constantly. But every summer i start going to the gym, my routine is like that, and i never got muscle fatigue/overtraining in these 3 months of regular training.

  22. How about:
    Day 1:Chest,Abs
    Day 2:Back
    Day 3:Shoulders,Abs
    Day 4:Arms
    Day 5:Legs,Abs
    Day 6,7:off
    Any opinions on this one?

  23. If you don't want to get bogged down in details – you can't go too wrong with push-pull-legs. 3 times, 6 times a week – whatever works for you.

  24. This is my routine split
    Monday : arm day (bicep, tricep, forearms)
    Tuesday : chest and tricep
    Wednesday : rest
    Thursday : shoulder ans tricep
    Friday : back and bicep
    Saturday : rest
    Sunday : rest
    Is dat correct ?

  25. hello bro my split is chest back/arm delt/ leg but doing so for 5 months now at home but recovery for that program is not the best. because when u do back monday bicep also get hit then tuesday is bicep again.planing do ppl i dont like ppl because of one thing example when done work chest ticep get weak as hell and i cant work ticep heavy. i recently join gym i want get the most out of it help

  26. I had good results with Push/ Pull/ Legs w/abs.

    Monday focus on chest first, hit all angles of the chest (this will also engage your tri's a little), polish off those Tri's after your done with chest.

    Tuesday, same concept focus on back first, polish off biceps after your done with the back.

    Wens. Legs and abs

    Repeat. (I skip Sat leg day from time to time because I hate legs, and it Saturday…Sometimes I'm just to busy)

    rest on Sunday.

    Keep variation by changing incline and angles of different lifts. Focus on compound lifts. Every 3 months or so take a week off to get a full recovery.

  27. This is my routine split
    Monday : upperbody+abs(at the gym)
    Tuesday : rest
    Wednesday : lowerbody+pull ups
    Thursday : abs (at home)
    Friday : upperbody
    Saturday : abs (at home)
    Sunday : rest

    cardio on m,w,v ans running during the week
    abs exercises that i can only do at the gym on monday, else at home.
    I focus on getting more pull ups, better core, and cardiovascular endurance.

  28. hitting the muscles twice a week is helping. I have more energy (to lift more) and less soreness, ie. Monday, Bench & Pull ups. Thursday. Incline & Rows

  29. My split
    Wednesday : Chest
    Tuesday : bicep
    Thursday : tricep
    Friday : shoulders
    Saturday : wings / back
    Sunday : Abs / Core (full tummy )
    Monday : leg day
    Tuesday : rest

  30. Lower body Monday upper body Tuesday off Wednesday legs Thursday push Friday pull Saturday rest Sunday repeat again. This is my off season workout to build lean muscle. When I start doing American ninja warrior and competing in fighting again I’m gonna take it down to 3 full body workouts a week to maintain muscle since majority of my training will be endurance and conditioning. I feel best with two days of rest 👍🏾

  31. I do a club split (CLB) So Day 1 chest, shoulders, triceps Day 2 Legs, Day 3 Back, Day 4 Traps calves, biceps and abs Day 5 rest.
    I won't train a muscle group again until soreness and stiffness are gone plus one extra day. Just my own opinion but… I think there's some hypertrophy going on for at least a day after all training discomfort has passed. Train any more often and you're probably over training.

    Another part of my workout split is to maintain variety in the training itself. After a couple of months, I swap out one old exercise and replace it with something different. Difference can be in reps, resistance curve or angles/stance etc. If you keep the same routine for too long you stop getting gains. Some will argue that you just "try do more weight". But I'm getting a lot more gains from a little extra variety vs some smaller gains from a lot more weight.

  32. Using bands causes you to work primarily your stabilizers… using a decline bench with a barbell doing that same movement, it would be a whole lot better for building muscle.

  33. Can i ask what's the best split for me? Heres the split ive been using

    Mon – chest. legs
    Tue – bicep .forearms. tricep
    Wed – shoulder. back
    Sunday rest.

    I dont have any knowledge about the right schedule cause i am a beginner nobody told me whats the proper way. Its already my first month using that split. Is it good? Ps: im having a fair gain.

  34. If cables coming from the bottom will be able to bicep curl and then push out toward the ceiling to activate the chest

  35. I know this video is 3 years old but my question is this:

    My current routine is Push Pull Legs, But if I were to perhaps train triceps and back together then I went on to train chest and biceps wouldn’t my triceps be fatigued while pressing and my biceps fatigued from pulling?

  36. Day 1
    Chest – Legs

    Day 2
    Back – Triceps

    Day 3
    Shoulder – Biceps

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Is this ok? (im just a begginer)

  37. The problem with push/pull split for me is, after chest, I'm not getting 100% out of my triceps right after since they are pre-exhausted. I think Chest/Biceps, Back/Triceps is better as long as you spread them out by a couple days. Could also technically do Chest/Back, and then Arms together… again, as long as the days are spread out.

  38. I have recently read that MPS stays elevated for a maximum of 48 hours so I arranged my schedule like this:
    Day 1: Chest and Biceps
    Day 2: Off
    Day 3: Back and Biceps
    Day 4: Off
    Day 5: Legs
    Day 6: Shoulders
    Day 7: Off
    Any recommendations on how to improve this or is this already good? I thought about isolating the arms to be able to focus on them more.

  39. Jeff if it wasn't for you I'd not have a clue about a lot of things, your videos are very easy to understand and you put things into perspective

  40. Any of you fuckers know how to grow calves?!?! I’ve upped my leg training to every single month and I’m STILL built like an ice cream cone

  41. Lets say im gonna go with the 6 day split workout, should i cut my sets into half? Like for example i do 8 sets for my chest on chest day, should i cut it so that i do only 4 sets on Monday and the other 4 on Wednesday???

  42. The answer to any question or to get the real information always involves sending you money. Your videos mainly seem like infomercials.

  43. hey guys!… I'm new to this whole thing so i decided to purchase the A1 plan as a introduction to working out… my wife really wants to start working out with me but shes concerned she'll get bulky if she follows the same plan….. her goal is to loose weight, tone up and a lil extra muscle around that booty lol…any advise?

  44. The actual best split for strength and muscle gain

    A: Chest, shoulders, triceps
    B: Legs, back, biceps
    6 workouts a week 1 rest day
    Maximum gains

    OR if 48 hours isnt enough recovery time for you, the famous PPL is better in that case.

  45. If u have only 3 days to workout with a day in between. What is the best split? If i do push and pull and legs is enough only working one day a week each group or better total body every 2 days?

  46. Chest Triceps
    Back Shoulders
    Biceps Forearms Legs
    Core cardio.
    Rest day
    Start again.
    Works for me then ill do one week in every 4 where I'll do some full body days drop sets super sets etc.

  47. Day 1: chest, triceps, anterior deltoid, and the medial deltoid.
    Day 2: upper back biceps, lower back, rear deltoid
    Day 3:legs, calf's, and cardio
    Repeat for day 4-6, rest on day 7.

  48. Split
    (You can do any upperbody workout on upperbody day, same goes for lower body).

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