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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, what’s going on guys? Sean Nalewanyj
here, And in this video here, I’m covering a pretty big topic. It’s
one that’s surrounded by a lot of confusion. And that is what should you do if you currently
have a skinny fat body type and your end goal is to have a lean and muscular body, should
you start up by bulking or cutting? A lot of guys don’t know where to start here,
because they know that if they bulk and focus on gaining muscle that they’re also going
to gain some fat along with it. That’s a guarantee any time you try to add a decent
amount of muscle to your frame and it’s just part of the process. So, keep that in
mind. But those guys are already carrying a decent amount of excess fat. So, they don’t
want to put on even more. But on the other hand, they could start with a cutting phase
and lean down. And that would eliminate the excess fat. But since they’re not caring
much muscle to begin with, they’re afraid that they’ll just end up looking skinny.
Now, if you look for advice on other YouTube channels or other blogs, you’re going to
get a fairly even split down the middle on this one. Some guys will say that if you’re
skinny fat, then you should bulk first. And others will say that you should cut first.
And that can obviously be confusing. So, I’m going to give you my personal view on this
topic. So, in my view the problem with just making one sort of blanket recommendation
and saying, you know, if you’re skinny fat, you should bulk or if you’re skinny fat,
you should cut is that skinny fat doesn’t describe one exact body type. Skinny fat basically
just means that you’re carrying a reasonable amount of excess fat, but you also aren’t
carrying much muscle. And that comes in varying degrees. For example, if you run a Google
image search for the term skinny fat, you’ll see that it can come in a lot of different
forms. It can mean a naturally skinny sort of ectomorph body, but with kind of a small
pot belly. Or it could mean somebody who is carrying a higher amount of fat overall, but
also lacks decent muscular development. So, in my opinion, the question of whether to
bulk or cut, it should actually be looked at on a case-by-case basis rather than just
giving one recommendation to everyone. Sometimes cutting makes sense and sometimes bulking
makes sense. It just depends on how skinny a person is, how much fat they’re specifically
carrying and also what their mentality is toward the process. Some people might be okay
with looking thin if it means that they’re no longer fat and that they have a lean body.
Whereas, there are other people who really don’t want that type of look. And they’re
going to be okay with carrying a higher amount of fat if it at least means that they’re
carrying some decent muscle mass with it. And the reality here is that neither approach
is technically wrong. If you have a skinny fat body type and your end goal is to be lean
and muscular, then your initial training phase, so whether it’s a bulk or a cut, it’s
going to result in a physique that you’re still temporarily not happy with. You’re
either going to be lean, but fairly thin. Or you’re going to be muscular, but carrying
a decent amount of fat. That’s just the way it is. And so, you really have to think
long-term here, and you have to understand that that initial physique is really just
a stepping stone to your end goal. So, there’s nothing wrong with being lean and thin or
muscular and flabby, let’s say, because you do have to go to one of those two places
at the start of your training in order to get to your ultimate end goal. It’s really
just temporary. And people will say, you know, you can’t cut because you’ll just look
skinny. But keep in mind that if you’re already skinny fat, then being skinny lean
is still better than your current position. It’s still an improvement. Or other people
will say, you can’t bulk, because you’ll just get fat. But again, you’re already
carrying excess fat. So, adding some muscle on top of that, again, it’s still an improvement
from where you are right now and it’s just a temporary phase. It’s just a temporary
phase that’s leading you to your end goal. So, ultimately, deciding whether to bulk or
cut is just a matter of looking at your current physique. And then combining that with your
own personal mentality towards this. And then, just deciding which approach makes the most
sense for you. And which one is going to keep you most motivated moving forward. So, the
main thing that I’ll look at is someone’s overall body fat percentage. So, for example,
if you’re carrying a pretty significant amount of fat, so let’s say, you’ve got
like the saggy chest going on, and you’ve got a lot of flab hanging around sort of your
midsection and your love handles, then, even though you don’t have much muscle, I’d
still recommend cutting and getting down to a good lean base first. Remember that building
quality lean muscle does take a lot of time and effort. And if you can just continue adding
more and more fat on top of a body that is already fairly fat to begin with, then there’s
a decent chance that you’re really not going to like how you look. And it could end up
de-motivating you as you go forward. And it could lead to that typical sort of yo-yoing
back and forth that so many guys fall into. For example, these are some body types where
I would say cut first. Drop the excess fat, and then do a nice slow and controlled bulk
once you’re fairly lean to begin with. Again, you could still bulk and it’s technically
not wrong to do so. But in cases where body fat is already decently high, despite that
lack of muscle development, I’d still say, “Get lean first”. Now, on the other hand,
if you do have some noticeable excess fat, but it’s not to a significant degree, especially,
if you’re someone who is fairly skinny to begin with, you know, naturally skinny shoulders,
skinny arms, a smaller bone structure, then you’d probably be best going straight into
a clean bulk just to fill your body out a bit first. Get a solid foundation of muscle
going, and then lose some excess fat later on once you’ve gain some reasonable size.
Again, you could still go with a cut in that situation. It’s not wrong to do that. If
you really don’t like carrying the excess fat you have right now, then that is an option.
But given the choice between the two, if someone is fairly skinny and they’re not caring
that much fat, then I would put them on a bulk. The one important thing to keep in mind
though is that you should always do your bulk in a slow and controlled manner. Just use
a small calorie surplus and focus on gaining quality muscle, maybe around 2 pounds a month,
3 pounds the most, because the last thing that a skinny — a skinny fat guy should do
is, you know, the typical dirty bulk and rush the process. Because there’s a really good
chance that you’re not going to be happy with how you look if t you do start pilling
on a lot of excess fats on top of what you already have. So, the bottom line here guys
is that if you do have that skinny fat body type, don’t just take someone’s blanket
recommendation that you should either bulk or cut. The best starting approach depends
on your current body type. It depends how much fat or how little muscle you’re carrying.
And it also depends what your personal preferences are. Either approach is ultimately okay. And
it will get you to your final end goal if you stick with it. And just remember that
this stuff takes time and patience. And that the initial body you achieve after your first
bulking or cutting phase is just a temporary stepping stone. And if you do want my personal
opinion on whether you should bulk or cut, then you can feel free to message me on my
Facebook page, and I’ll be happy to help out. If you have decided on your starting
approach and you want to get a complete step-by-step plan that will show you how to carry out a
successful bulking or cutting phase, including exact step-by-step work outs, meal plans and
supplements, then you can check out my body transformation blueprint program over at
The link for that is in the description. If you did find this advice helpful, then feel
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Thanks for watching this video guys. And I’ll talk to you again soon with more free tips.

100 thoughts on “The “Skinny Fat” Body Type: Should You Bulk Or Cut First?

  1. Definitely bulk first, MY OPINION FROM EXPERIENCE. Yeah you gain some extra fat but if you’re training right you’ll definitely get bigger arms and legs. Rest and nutrition is extremely important, cut out the fast foods and just get a bulking protein powder, eat LOTS of meats and train hard. & Also take creatine! You’ll thank me later

  2. Man! I thought I was the only one with needle thin arms, a potbelly and normal legs! I can't even do a girl pushup sighhhh… but im working.. I gained a little muscle I think but I don't know

  3. What if I'm obese but I want to bulk a little on my glutes and also just loose weight in general should I eat more protein for that bulk or enough to burn when working out: cardio and weights? Please anyone?

  4. So I know nobody is going to believe me…but I coined the phrase "skinny fat". I came up with it in the late 90s. I've heard some doctor named Dr. Bell claims he coined it around 2006, but that is complete BS. I used to say it all the time because people loved it. I mean, it made total sense and nobody really had a good phrase to describe the condition. Right away it was a hit with everyone that heard it and they always asked what I meant. I wish I would have trademarked/copyrighted it!!!

  5. The answer is 200 MAYBE 300 calories above maintenance. Stay at 0.6g per pound of body fat for protein intake and the rest healthy fats and carbs. Hit the weights hard and properly. Keep in mind skinny fat people are usually always newbies to the gym so you'll have your noob gains assisting you. You'll out grow your fat over your muscle for the first 4-8months. Once you feel your muscle growth platue THAN you need to higher your caloric surplus. But before you do now comes the same choice once again. Bulk or cut? Either way you would have escaped the skinny fat stage

  6. Obviously you have to do what works for you and what you want. IMO, I would cut first (if you’re on the fence). Get ripped and shredded and then bulk from there. Who knows, you may just be happy with your abs pronounced and muscular development and you’ll maintain from there. Bulking, in general, adds too much fat for the average person to be able to cut later.

  7. There is a girl that's a friend of mine and that I also have a crush on. I'm worried that my friend may gain weight. She has a pot belly. I first noticed that she had the pot belly in May (she may have had it for longer) but it doesn't look like she has gained weight since then. Her father is a soldier and her mother is a vegan, not to mention she does have two dogs and she will have to walk those dogs. She does walk to work from home and back again everyday (and it is a three minute walk, 0.8 miles). Her belly has gotten smaller at times. Should I be worried?

  8. Just quick, should I go for a bulk or a cut at first? I've heard I should bulk out of this and I'd say I could take it, but I'm not sure

  9. So I am only about 145 pounds and it doesn’t look like I’m very fat but without my shirt I look terrible with lots of fats everywhere and very little muscle mass. Should I start bulking or cutting? I have a very high body fat percent at 145 pounds my body fat is about 24% what should I do?

  10. I’m skinny fat and everyone say I’m skinny so I just go with it but I know that this will not last long and everyone will start saying that I’m fat so I need to cut to keep looking skinny and hopefully actually be skinny in the end

  11. im like 5'8 1/2, 140lb, im kinda skinny fat, like do i have chest fat and belly fat but its not that noticeable, i really wanna work out my arms and legs mainly because that is whats skinny, so what happens if i work them out every day? Not everyday but arms 1 day and legs next? And it keeps switching each day? I KNOW im supposed to work all my body parts, but i really want to work on whats more noticable like my arms and legs? And what happens if i bulk healthy like eating lots of peanut butter and stuff?

  12. Wooooowwwwww it is about time someone puts a great comparison of pics for this issue thank you very much now I have a better idea of how to start this process you definitely have a lifetime subscriber now thank you very much we look forward to watching more of your videos

  13. Hell im trying to do both, u can still gain muscle while being in a calorie deficit… but not as much when ur bulking though

  14. Used to eat like 2000-3000 cal a day, started at 199lbs, cut calories to 1500-2000, skipped processed foods, eat protein rich food, do dumbbell exercises, lost 5 lbs in two weeks.

  15. If your skinny fat then your a beginner so its not about bulking or cutting just recomposition. Eat in a slight calorie deficit and lift heavy. If your new to lifting the body can build muscle in a calorie deficit due to the shock of the new stimulus. You wont get massive or super shredded but you can get to a point where you can then enter a cut or bulk

  16. what should be the things I need to eat and the workout plan? Any recommendations? I'm skinny so I want to clean bulk first.

  17. Clean bulk is the way to go, I’m not going to waste time loosing hella fat to look skinny lean. Rather be bulky and have muscle mass

  18. My BMI is 21.6% and i have 15% body fat. I don’t have alot of muscles, no abs muscles showing. But i want to get lean skinny with muscles. But I don’t want to get bulked and get big. I Just want to be skinny ripped. What would you suggest for me to do?

  19. guys just bulk up. stay with a static calorie count.

    im skinny got natrual belly fat and wigh 200 lbs highest i have ever wighed. my lowest is 160lb. and im 6'3" sooo in short.

    say your body burn 1500 a day natrually,
    say you want to body build. should you cut or bulk.
    bulk man bulk that shit up
    eat 3000 caliores a day,
    eventually your 1500 natrual burn will go from that to 2000 burn due to increased cells.
    but herees a trick do not increse or decrese from your caloire count goal. so always maintatin 3000- 4000 caliors+

    in short your body will plato the burn and then the shredding comes. think of it this way. your fat = free energy to use till the time you start actually buring more the 3k .

  20. My problem is when I did straight cardio and got really skinny I had no muscle and it’s hard to gain muscle when your super skinny now I’m back to normal and got some muscle and also some fat but don’t want to go back down cause I still could gain way more muscle but don’t want to get more body fat

  21. I have good arms legs shoulders chest but a fucking small pot belly that when I tense turns into a 6 pac…. fucking weird

  22. Forgot to mention that as you initially cut you can still put on some decent muscle, especially as a beginner. This is a big factor makes cutting initially better in some trainees

  23. I’m skinny fat and I’ve been trying to cut while weight training to gain muscle at the same time. I’ve also been doing a lot of ab exercises as well. I’m 5’6 and weigh around 170. I’ve been doing 30mins-hour of cardio for about 2 months and I can’t really see any results it really sucks. My diet isn’t bad I rarely eat sugary food and drinks I mainly drink water. However I’ve been stuck at 170 and still stuck with a skinny fat body type. I run 2 miles 3-4 times a week, play basketball 2-3 times a week, ab workouts 3-4 times a week and lift 1-2 times a week. Nothing seems to be paying off. What do I do?

  24. Hey Sean! I see you have a bit of vertebrae alignment issue. I see one side of your neck is bigger and visible than the other. Your head sits on your shoulder a bit sided. I have this problem and every time i take a photo my head is always towards one side. I am interested in knowing what you have done about it or it can just be ignored?

  25. I suppose to some extent, a lot of skinny fat probably have low to no gym experience and low to no nutrition, I guess if you get into the gym, get used to the movements the programme etc, start to sort out your nutrition, eating better etc then perhaps in that month or few weeks of figuring ** out you may have awoken your muscles to some extent, toned what you have slightly and lost a small amount of fat, then you can make a choice about which avenue to go down…

  26. Can someone please help me? I’m at 20% body weight percentage. I’ve been working out for a while, whole body muscle and some decent arm muscle. I’m pretty strong for my age, 14, I’m at about 145. Do i continue working out with muscle workouts? Or do i start doing HIIT a ton? Or do i cut? Or all ? I do all three at the moment, but my cutting isn’t major because of my strength training.

  27. I have quite a bit of muscle for being completely untrained but I have a layer of fat over most of my body (especially my lower body). Definitely cutting! Thanks for the info

  28. Just wonderful, I've been looking for "skinny fat ties" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Monamilla Zoylena Smasher – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

  29. This guy is always on point. His channel needs to be the fitness go to. Pretty sad how it not as huge as some of the fitness YouTubers bc he doesn't put girls with yoga pants in his videos and isn't on gear.

  30. Neither. You don't know enough to make informed decisions on how you should treat your body. Since you just started working out, you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Enjoy those 6 or so months and do as much research as possible. After that you'll have to do bulk/cut like the rest of us, because you'll be out of the noob gains territory.

    As for what I'd choose, depends on the month. I cut starting in February, so I get lean when April comes around and I have the cut look for summer. Then I start bulking for 6 months in August, so I lose the complete shred in about October, just in time for the sweaters to come out.

    Overall, doesn't matter what you pick first, just pick one

  31. Simple: Always cut first.
    Fat is bad. Fat cell created never go away.
    Fat messes with your hormones.
    Visceral is inflammatory and can causes many diseases.
    So do yourself a favor, learn to diet and lose that fat. And prevent it from ever coming back again.

  32. An hour to an hour and a half of strength training with compound lifts 3 days a week and an hour or more of LISS cardio the other 3-4 days a week, do this for a year to two years.

  33. Cut first I think. If you try to add muscle over the fat that you already have you will be demotivated. Get to 8-10 percent and then bulk slowly till 15 percent. Repeat this cycle for atleast 3 to 4 times until you see your dream

  34. If they get muscular while carrying a significant amount of fat, they will just look like 50% of the muscular guys at Planet Fitness, so they will fit right in.

  35. Lift heavy. Fuck everything else took me a year of bullshittin around to find that lifting heavy wieghts work the best. And incline treadmill fast walk or light jog to finish off.

  36. My advice make bodybuilding exercises and cut first…you can easily lose fat and make muscle in the beginning..after you lose fat you can make clean bulk

  37. If you want to lose 20lb of fat and
    A noobie, be in a 300 calorie surplus and train 5 or 6 days a week for 3 months see what happens.

  38. I know this is a old video BUT damn it's what I needed to hear!! For months I have been struggling with this issue, try to bulk but I hatebeing fat as it is but don't like cutting because I hate not progressing in strenght! But fuck it I am committing to a full cut to finally get lean then I can then concentrate 100% on building muscle in a few months. Thanks so much.

  39. I’m trying to be chubby I am orginiallt skinny and now I’m skinny fat. Tbh I don’t wanna be muscular so I think I’ll bulk up and not lose it 😂 #fatboyadventures

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