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100 thoughts on “The Strongest Man in History: Eat Like a Strongman | History

  1. I'm around 6'1'' and I can leg press a thousand pounds and 16 years old. These guys inspire me to get really strong and I do some of the same kind of work outs they do

  2. 🎶"When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs
    Every morning to help me get large
    And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs
    And I'm roughly the size of a baaaaaaaaaarge"🎶

  3. When you’re 50 years old and they picked you to be on a TV show with 3 of the greatest Strongest men to ever live. That should tell you just what level Nick is still at. We could all just hope to be even half as capable at that age.

  4. Brian is a size 16 sneaker not size 18 🤦‍♂️, I wear a size 13-14 at 6ft tall, no way he’s a 18.

    Robert wears a size 12.5 sneaker, what’s with the shoe size inflation, this the NBA? 😂

  5. Strongman must be a lucrative career, if they can spend $3000 a month on food and still afford a nice house, car, and training equipment.

  6. The cheapest diet here would still leave me completely unable to pay my rent – let alone be able to pay for anything else.

  7. Remember, "if anyone can do it, its you, Nick"
    And he didn't let you down. Talk about being smallest, shortest and oldest of those strongmen

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