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100 thoughts on “The Strongest Man in History: Mast Lift Challenge | Exclusive | History

  1. What I just saw reminds me of my dad saying "No Shortcuts", the young generation guys just did skidding. But Nick was the beast of all, No shortcuts Just Did the Way it was expected and you really got to appreciate Him's 50.

  2. my friend showed me a guy on wrestling that turned over a semi truck (no cargo thing) and I honestly gotta wonder if that was real or fake since they do a lot of staged stuff on wrestling.

  3. If I didn't know these guys where literal TITANS AMONG MEN, I'd say the looked like chubby dudes in the snow.

  4. I wonder what the disks in his back look like 💀 They should of made the platform 1 to 2 ft lower, the dude at 4:35 is in danger of popping a disk in his neck…

  5. My boyfriend showed me this today just so I could understand a.) how big these guys are and b.) the average man gag. Long live The Average Man!!!

  6. I am as intelligent as they're strong. The most intelligent man in history
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  7. It's annoying to live in south america and have to convert pounds to kilos everytime just to know how heavy things actually are.

  8. It's not history unless they have the last 5 year winners of the world strongest man. It's not fair. America obviously taking their cup of thirst for dominance. One Englishman. Change the title to world strongest man in America in history.

  9. Nick best doesn't belong on this show. 9 times out of 10, he either can't complete the strength events or comes in last.

  10. On the actual episode they say this is a record and they want to break it etc. Yet there's not even a single mention of Hafthor Bjornsson who actually did this and broke the Viking record.

  11. I would love to see these guys walk on to the beach where the U.S. Navy SEALS do their BUDs training with the 150lb log carry. A team of trainees struggle to lift up the log and they can do it on their own.

  12. Lmfao no one wanted to accept Eddie did better they all wanted to claim the victory and say they one. Especially Brian he didnt want to even acknowledge Eddie lol

  13. Image a fuckd up society, where rich people get back together to enslave everyone, and then force this big guys to fight each other till death. Ill definitely pay the ticket (for the movie i mean I don’t want them to die ahah)

  14. … AAANNNDDD …the video ends. LOL That thing looks like it's gonna break thek necks for real, and they want to go HIGHER? Yeah … aint gonna happen!

  15. Who else saw Thor perform exactly this feat a couple of years ago?
    He beat Orm's 5 steps. NOT the 900 pound mast… and WITH A LOWER RACK.

  16. So one Viking picked this up and carried it. And the Byzantines had an entire Varangian guard made out of this Norse dudes

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