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100 thoughts on “THE STRONGEST MEN IN HISTORY’S 10,000 CALORIE DIET | History

  1. Instead of dropping bombs and putting troops on the ground of all the poor countries the us invades, they should just drop millions of TVs and put this on a loop to mentally cripple other countries.

  2. These 4 guys "you got a table for 8?"

    Hostess "okay and when do you expect the rest of your party to arrive?"

    Guys. "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

  3. Amount of food Ron Swanson can handle suddenly became much more unrealistic, given that these guys can’t eat as much

  4. Yeah 10000 calories and everything. But.. my babsuhka's easter lunch? And those sandwiches? I mean 4 of them should be enough to eat it. But christmas dinner? We would need 12.

  5. 2:45 Imagine having your seafood restaurant sort of featured on the History channel because these guys decided to eat there, only for them to say how bad your crabs are.. RIP

  6. You guys should eat at the "Heart Attack Grill" in Las Vegas – they have a 10K calorie quadruple-bypass burger, and a 20K calorie burger (4 lbs. of beef) that they call the "Octuple-bypass burger"!
    They seem super nice, but eating all that meat, they must smell…..

  7. Nice waste of ressources, while other people have nothing to eat, typical american life style. U should feel ashamed becouse it is a big disrespect to the nature

  8. I'm a kid in middle school and I only eat like 2 meals a day and it's all about 5000 calories and I'm still skinny

  9. I ate a burger the size of a dinner plate when I was 17 and won $100. I can still eat a whole large Papa Johns pizza and I only weight 216 at 6'4"

  10. Wtf is this racisim when i opened the video it said The uploader has not made this video available in your country just bcs im frol palestine

  11. I found this video very informative. I actually pictured these men slaughtering a bull and eating him for every meal.

  12. I just imagine having them as house guests. Cleaning out your fridge and then wrecking the springs on the spare bed lol

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