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Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of and today I just want to do a quick overview of proper rear delt
training. Now most lifters spend plenty of time hitting their front and side delts through
heavy chest and shoulder pressing, through front raises and through side lateral raises,
but they end up neglecting their rear delts in the process. And this has two main consequences.
The first is that you know you obviously end up limiting the total amount of shoulder size
and strength you can develop, since you’re ignoring one of the three heads that make
up your shoulder and just as importantly, you actually end up increasing your chances
for shoulder injury as well. When your front delts become over-developed in comparison
to the rear head and this is actually the case in the majority of bodybuilders because
of an over emphasis on pressing movements, your shoulder joint ends up rolling forward
and out of place and this ends up putting alot of stress on your rotator cuffs. So your
rear delts will receive stimulation during all of your rowing exercises for your back,
but for proper size and strength development you should definitely be including some direct
isolation work as well. So what are the best overall rear delt exercises? Well your rear
delts are a relatively small muscle group and there’s really no need for you to perform
an endless number of different exercises or variations in order to properly stimulate
them. There really are only 2 main rear delt exercises that you’re going to want to include
in your workout routine. The first are bent over rear lateral raises. Now this is a direct
isolation lift for the rear deltoid and it can be performed using a dumbbell or cables.
You’re just going to start off in a bent over position with your upper body just above parallel
to the ground, and then you’re just going to raise the resistance out to your side.
Now I did do a video covering the proper form for this exercise a little while back and
I’ll link it up in the corner here for you to view. A few very important tips to get
the most out of your rear lateral raises. Number 1, I would recommend sticking to cables
rather than dumbbells. Both tools are effective but dumbbells provide minimal to no resistance
in the lower half of the exercise because of the force of gravity whereas a cable is
going to keep constant tension on your rear delt throughout the entire exercise. The second
tip is to pull your weight through your elbow rather than your hand. That’s going to maximize
rear delt stimulation. Third tip, perform every rep under strict control with a moderate
weight for a slightly higher rep range between about 8 to 12. And tip number 4 is to allow
your shoulders to relax and hang forward throughout the exercise. If you allow your scapula to
retract the tension gets taken off of your rear delt and is put onto your rhomboids,
your traps and the other smaller muscles of your upper back. And the second rear delt
exercise that you’re going to want to include are face pulls. Now face pulls are a less
common, but hugely effective exercise that should be included in any well rounded bodybuilding
routine. Not only are face pulls one of the best rear delt exercises that you can perform,
but they also stimulate your traps and the other smaller muscles of your upper back in
order to further counteract that anterior/posterior imbalance that I mentioned earlier. Face pulls
are performed using a rope attachment and are basically just a row that is pulled towards
your face. Now I will do a video covering the proper form for face pulls in the near
future but for now you can just google it and you’ll find plenty of good demonstrations
for that all over the web. 3 important tips to keep in mind when you’re performing your
face pulls. Tip #1, again, always pull through your elbows rather than your hands, and you
want to focus on driving your elbows outward and away from each other as you pull that
resistance towards your face. The second tip is that you want to avoid low rep, heavy sets
and instead perform your face pulls using a moderate weight for around 8 to 12 strictly
controlled reps. And the third tip is to pause briefly at the end of each rep and really
focus on squeezing the muscles of your upper back together by pinching your shoulder blades
and that’s going to allow you to get better overall stimulation on the target muscles
during that exercise. So when it comes to proper rear delt development, that’s really
all you’re going to need. Just go with 2 to 3 sets of bent over rear lateral raises followed
by 2 to 3 sets of face pulls performed in combination with all of your rowing exercises
for your back. Including those lifts is going to help you build rounder, thicker shoulders
and it’s going to help to prevent your chances for shoulder injury as well. So I hope you
found the information in this video useful today. As always, if you did like the video,
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36 thoughts on “The Top 2 Rear Deltoid Exercises

  1. sick side delts bro!….seen lately a few guys on youtube talking about best exercises for each bodypart, but when you see their own result it doesnt reflect at all..this doesnt apply to you id say

  2. Yeah, Sean has HUGE side delts man. In my opinion, for overall looks, side delts are WAY more important than the front delts (who imo get enough work with most push exercises anyway).

  3. I dont mean to b hating but I dont ever see u lift or perform any of the exercises u talk about… I think if u put videos of u actually doing the work instead of just talking it will b worth watching…

  4. all of them are important…front delts bring out your chest and traps, side will bring out your V taper, and rear delts look great from the back

  5. All are important, but side delts make you look wider and actually wider. Front delts are already overdeveloped in most trained individuals, side delts are not. Side delts not some more respect!

  6. tried rope face pulls 11x 4 sets at 150lbs…wow feel all my upper back from neck to shoulder blades! thanks!

  7. Hi Sean, I have tried face pull and it works for me, but for real lateral raises, i can't use much weight and made no overload progression in a long term, whereas if i use to much weight, my back started to kick in and i strangle for bit to move the weight which makes the exercises not benefiting, any other exercise that i can substitute for this exercise?

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  9. Dumbells can give constant tension too. Just go down the weight a bit and when performing the movement squeeze and hold at the top for 1 second and do a 3 second negative on the way down.

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  11. Hey guys. Fine video.

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  12. Sean … you ABSOLUTELY hit the nail on the head, for me!!

    I'm so pleased I came across this video.

    I've developed a "click" in my right shoulder. There's a sharp pain, only sometimes, and apparently this is due to an inflamed tendon (or was it ligament? Anyway, one or the other!).

    I went to physio yesterday, and the therapist thinks it's a muscle imbalance (basically what you stated in your intro).

    I only started a programme 3 weeks ago (this is the 4th week) so do you think I will be able to reverse this "error" fairly quickly?

    I'm doing Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut To Size program, but I haven't been increasing the weight, as outlined in the program.

    I've basically just been using his exercises/split. Before this I was just going into the gym and doing "a bit of this, and a bit of that" and this was very unproductive.

    So, bottom line … if I work on my posterior (rear?) deltoids, do you think it will reverse the imbalance and stop the clicking?

    Please respond, fella … I'm worried, and I feel like you know what you're talking about (especially as your intro was word for word what I wanted to hear!).

    Thanks, buddy, and I hope to hear from you.

    All the best …

  13. You mentioned doing this along with rowing and back exercises. So should i add these two to my back day routine? or keep it with my shoulder day routine?

  14. Hey man I've been researching for a long time but I can't find anything that works
    Do u have any great side delt workouts

  15. I tried bench pressing today and I felt pain in my right shoulder (rear deltoid), and I just wanted to hear ur thoughts on that. I usually neglect training my rear delt and just focus on the other 2 heads. Is there an imbalance in my deltoids that cause me having the pain when bench pressing?
    When i got the pain, I only lifted about 70kg, which isn't much for my standards. Just wanted to know if you could identify the problem.. thx.

  16. hey Sean, when i perform a face pull i can't go really heavy because that weight is causing me to fell forward. however when i do reverse flys i can go heavy so my rear delt is developt. do you know how i can perform a face pull without falling forward?

  17. I don't want to be that guy, but the anterior deltoid is a bigger muscle than the posterior, so having a balance between these 2 are more or less impossible unless one only trains the back/rear delts, on top of this the anterior deltoids are used MUCH more in our daily lives.
    Also, bigger front delts does not cause protracted shoulders, spending more time in a protracted than neutral/retracted position does that, like sitting in front of a computer with the upper arms in front of the body or driving a vehicle all day long.
    What we do in the gym has little to do with this, it's the 22-23h outside of the gym that counts.

  18. Hey guys, this is an older video from several years ago and I'd highly recommend checking out the updated version here which includes the top 3 rear delt exercises along with detailed form breakdowns:

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