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44 thoughts on “The Top 3 BEST Muscle Building Supplements (BUILD MUSCLE FASTER!)

  1. Idiots supps don't work, if they did you'd all look like kai green. Just get vitamins and a healthy diet and consistent exercise

  2. A lot of you were asking for a video on muscle building supplements so I kept this one short and sweet and shared 3 situational supplements I'm confident recommending and if you'd like to try any of them or earn more about them, links are in the description. If you want to dive into other supplements and protocols let me know in the comments section. Also, what are your thoughts are me launching my own supplement line? It's been a long time vision of mine and I have a few formulas I'd like to bring to life. Look forward to your feedback:

  3. Hi Vince, just curious if I can get your take on supplements that contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Is it ok to consume twice per week? I've read online that it is harmful to your body. At the same time some people that I know have told me it's ok to consume and that you have to consume a lot for it to be harmful.

  4. good video  I found the constant background music to be a bit of a distraction though the supplements you started with are the ones I use currently I was thinking about working in creatine but honestly I used it in the past and it didn't do anything noticeable to help me with the last couple reps

  5. Vince, f.y.i.—anyone with cardiological problems can't take caffeine or any stimulant for that matter. Wish there was a way around that "problem." I can tell the difference! 🙁

  6. 2 things about this video 1. You actually list more than 3 different supplements when you count all the added ingredients and 2. You aren't pitching a tent 6-7 times a week 😛 Always enjoy your vids.

  7. Problem with caffeine is that that the non-responders rate is 1/4 people, so it does not effect everyone…also up to 50% who do take caffeine suffer side effects such as headaches, nausea, cramping, heart palpitations etc..use with caution especially as to elicit a training response the dosage is very high which increases the likelihood of one of the symptoms to occur..

  8. I cant take that much caffeine. My heart would explode. Would not sleep either. I take nitric oxide, creatine and beta alanine and add in BCAA and proteine. That seems good for me.

  9. I trust you Vince, I've been following you since 2009! Thanks for the advice, and something I would like to know is, HOW DO I KNOW the Whey protein I'm taking is High quality??

  10. no disrespect yes u do lift but looks like your average like u never touched a weight but yet give out advise like a typical Joe that body can't back it up but want to give advise

  11. i can testify preworkouts work.I used legion athletics preworkout.I stopped it coz the caffeine was overdosed for me since I am 5."7 and my adrenals got busted.I developed bags under my eyes coz of it.I gave up caffeine and lost like 15% strength on my lifts.Now I am reintroducing it again but under dosing it.

  12. Hey vince, someone can have excellent libido and low test and vice versa. Sex drive is not a great indicator of test levels. Which is why there is NO science that popular test boosting supplement Tribulus even tho many ppl report increased libido.

    Something to look into 🙂

  13. Hi i wanted to ask u this i eat 15 egg whites a day an i workout 2 hours to 3:30 a day but i feel a little pain in my kidneys ?!!! is it okay or im damegeing my kidneys?!

  14. The thing that scares me about using so much caffeine is the long half life that it is.  There is no way that I can take 400 mg at 2PM and still sleep that night.  The other thing that bothers me about it is losing my sensitivity to it.  If I'm in a place where 200 mg isn't doing anything than that's a problem.

  15. Thanks for the great info just wanted to ask what's your opinion on Test O Fuel to the Status witch one is better ?

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