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Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of
here. And in today’s video, I want to do a quick review on beef protein isolate powders.
Now, beef has been a staple in bodybuilder’s diets for decades. It’s packed with valuable
muscle building nutrition coming from high quality protein, creatine, branched-chain
amino acids, B vitamins and zinc. And because of the overall quality of beef as a bodybuilding
protein source, supplement companies are now offering beef protein isolate in powder form.
And the idea here is to give you all of the muscle building effectiveness of regular beef,
but in the convenient form of a protein shake. But is beef protein isolate a good investment?
And how does it compare to regular whey protein? Well, if beef protein isolate was actually
lean meat in powdered form, then I’d say go for it. Unfortunately, most people using these
beef protein powders have no idea what they’re actually made from. What they really are is
essentially the throw-away parts of the cow; they’re joints, ligaments, connective tissue,
hide, ears, et cetera. Basically, all the parts you end up with after the butcher is
finished with the cow. And all of these parts are combined to form a substance called gelatin,
which is actually the primary ingredient found in all of the popular beef protein powders
on the market. They take the gelatin. They turn it into a powdered form. And then they
fortify that powder with added creatine and branched-chain amino acids to make it seem
like you’re getting the real thing. Now, I’m not saying that this is a health risk or that
it’s going to harm you, but the overall protein quality is nowhere near that of what you get
from a piece of sirloin steak. Now, if consumed in limited amounts, gelatin is not going to
negatively affect your results. But why bother? For around the same price, you can buy a pure
whey protein isolate, which is the highest quality source of protein you can possibly
put into your body. Whey, has the highest absorption rate and the best amino acid profile
of any protein source out there, and is significantly higher quality than that of gelatin. So, that’s
really all there is to it. If you want a lower quality protein powder made from cow hoofs
and ears, then go ahead and buy a tub of beef protein isolate. If you want a pure source
of the highest quality muscle building protein available, and for the same price, just stick
with regular whey. And if you’re allergic to whey, then egg or casein powders would
be your next best choice. And if you do want to check out a very high quality, 100% pure
whey protein isolate product, make sure to check out our IsoM3 whey protein over on
The link to which is in the description box below. So, I hope you found this information
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72 thoughts on “The Truth About Beef Protein Isolate Powder

  1. I wonder if there's even an actual factory that can extract the beef protein from beef. I think it's a big hoax tbh, just like these pea-protein powders, marketed as the next big thing…

  2. Thanks for the question – what matters is hitting your overall macronutrient needs for the day and getting the bulk from high quality protein, minimally refined carbs and poly/monounsaturated fats. Focus on your diet as a whole and don't obsess about individual food items.

  3. How can people still eat these precious/kind/herbivore animals?Have u guys studied the ancient sages, how they worship the cow? Have u guys seen the torture done to these animals? PLEASE STOP EATING MEAT. We must not be ignorant. We r the most intelligent animals on the planet, therefore we must set good examples as the childrens of higher heavens, B compassionate, B kind, B virtuous. If there wasn't any1 eating meat, there wouldn't be any1 cooking meat, buying, preparing/killing. just STOP.

  4. I hear what your saying, but how you know that's exactly how they made it? were you in the lab during manufacturing, do you have an inside person? It's easy to assume that's how it's made, but I would need more evidence then just word of mouth.

  5. Where else is the beef gonna come from? ribeyes, and top sirloins, lol. I hope someone purchasing this product would recognize its not gonna be made from prime cuts of beef.

  6. Actually, Casein protein may have their disadvantages too. Casein is also used in products of glue (look it up). Casein protein has a lot more use than just consumption; such as home construction. Even whey protein is the off product of another intended product. 

  7. beef protein may come from an inferior source but as long as i'm getting what is listed at the back of the label then it's fine by me.

  8. well im lactose so i went for carnivore cause i wasent sure what else to get  im really skinny guy trying to get myself back in shape any suggestions?

  9. I purchased Ultimate nutrition beef protein isolate just to add some variety to my cutting diet and to get some convinient solid food replacement. However,I noticed that amino acid profile was not listed on the tube label eventhough their whey protein powder tube labels do contain that information.After I listened to this review googled beef gelatine amino profile to find out it is basicly worthless since it contain tones of glicine, histidine and other useless aminos while being very low in BCAAs. I should have done my research first, needless to say I will never waist my money on that cr.p again.It's very refreshing to hear some unbiased and honest reviews on dietary supplements. Thanks Sean! I subscribed and recommended this chanel to all my gym buddies.

  10. The reason people may buy a beef protein is because the are lactose intolerant. Also some people are allergic to egg which is in ceasen and some whey (albumen) 

  11. Men I bought Muscletech Platinum Beef Protein, I'm in "bulking season" so I thought it was going to be a good one..?!

  12. I am allergic to dairy (not lactose intolerant). What would be the next best type of protein supplement next to beef isolate?

  13. Know anything about beef albumin? Thanks; I can't have eggs or dairy and the vegan stuff kind of upsets my stomach… :S 


    This is in response to the bit about cow ears and hooves used to make gelatin. Hope y'all enjoy. Also, something that should be noted. Whey has a biological value of 60%. Meaning the human body only uses 60% of the protein available for building and repairing tissue. Compare that to beef and egg protein who boast a bio value of 94%. Whey might be a little cheaper, but 40% of the protein, on average, is being wasted right out of your body.


  15. It doesn't matter what the beef protein is made of, tendons, skin, cartilage or whatever, as long as it contains the same amount of protein, other biomacromolecules, and amino acids.

  16. So its basically hotdog, or potted meat protein. lol And don't forget unborn baby calves, yeah! I use to work cattle.

  17. so muscle tech offers a beef protein isolate that does not have gelatin nor collagen in its ingredients. i bought this because whey usually will upset and bloat my stomach even though i am not lactose intolerant . what are your thoughts on muscletech's beef protein now?

  18. According to this Article You are wrong, Beef protein is being shown to have the same absorption rate as Egg at around 97% Vs that of Whey at around 60% Thus making beef protein a much better (in early tests) protein to use compared to whey.

    But this may come down to trigger times. Both IMO are to be used in any good supplemented diet.

    Other things to take away are, less bloating and stomach cramps, and the ability to be consumed by those sensitive to Lactose.

    Ref: HOAGLAND R, ELLIS NR, et al., Supplemental value of certain amino acids for beef protein, Journal of Nutrition 10;35(2):167-76

  19. Sean nalewanyj I'm allergic to dairy I'm not lactose and tolerance and heard some things about egg white proteins is bad for u and good for u what kind of protein source do u thing is good for me??

  20. Hi Sean, have you heard ISO PRIME BEEF from MHP?
    they claim the products made from USDA inspected beef and concentrated on Amino acids, it is also contains 0 fat, sugar, lactose and cholesterol.

  21. You might be right about the way they make beef protein like Carnivor, I can see that because like usual the companies want to cut down costs. But the problem is that I don't eat/drink any dairy products. It produces acne to me + Im lactose intolerant. What would you recommend (any one that has knowledge, on the subject)?? Is Vegan Protein any good? What about whey Hydrolyzed? Has it good milk in it?

  22. beef protein should be useful when cutting since its got no fat and no sugar, got mine with peanut butter flavor and i find it okay, i'd normally just eat meat but my schedule is tight and sometimes i don't get to eat enough meat, i'll see how this goes, i only need it for like the last 2 months of my cut and after that i wont need it anymore until i cut again, if i see its good enough

  23. Idk how true this actually is. Everything I have read leads me to believe this will process faster than any other protein, maybe would like some paper work to back up ur "facts"

  24. You make this video making all these assumptions how about you back up what you are saying with actual sources or facts. saying whey protein isolate is the best and no other can compete is bullshit. people reacted differently to different supplements. what about all the people who are lactose intolerant and are asking you about other products and you don't reply ?!.
    instead of making a video talking shit about beef protein how about you make an honest review and back your shit up !

  25. There are beef proteins without gelatin, lactose is harmful for human body that is a fact. I prefer any source of proteins rather than whey protein.

  26. Actually whey protein is the lowest quality protein source you can put in your body. And is much much worse then beef protein powders

  27. anyone can make a video saying whatever they want. I see no sources, and if schools taught us anything it is to not plagiarize and cite your sources lol. I bought beef protein because when I consume more than 60g of whey in a day I get really bad stomach pains.

  28. "pure whey isolate"

    lol, you must mean pure nitrogen protein spikers but I don't expect a protein salesman to ever talk about this subject

  29. Been using carnivor for a month now i put on 5 pounds, and its not fat, i know there is creatine in there but i drink 1 shake per day so its 2.5g… i am also 45 y old so good stuff right here i just added beef amino too.

  30. Many companies use meat. You need to look for the ones that say no collagen. You need to look for the powders that say they are made from meat, instead of hooves.

  31. I saw no results from carnivor only thing it gave me was alot of water weight an i felt heavy no muscle gains what so ever

  32. I bought some Beef Protein powder from Bulkpowders. I thought it would be good. It gave me bad diarrhea. What I also noticed was that sometimes I prepared a protein drink the night before to have the next morning, when I went to drink it.. it was like drinking really thick custard. The only thing I would think that would cause that would be gelatin. Sean is right. I have switched back to whey protein, beef protein powder is a big ripoff !!!

  33. Both whey and beef protein powders are effective at adding lean muscle mass. Telling people that are sensitive to whey products that beef isn't a viable option is wrong. Personally I'd rather take whey because they do mix and taste better, but it upsets my gi system too much to use it. Also the beef protein users had more fat loss versus the whey protein users in the study.

  34. Well, I'm lactose intolerant so I guess I don't have much choice, either this or plant based protein which I assume is even worse…

  35. I've watched a few of these Vs videos and each one of them said follow my link to my supplements for the best results, what a load of crap.

  36. Some of the healthiest people are primitive tribal people. Like our ancestors they ate the who animal. Even our grandparents would have eaten far more of the offal than we do. eyes and testicles were highly prized. People made broth out of the bones. Today people have all kinds of issues with health tied to poor glandular responses and bone issues and so on. Now people buy in tablet form what comes naturally from eating the parts we don't want to eat. As a kid I used to eat liver and kidneys. I haven't eaten either in years. There is a chef called Jamie f'ing Oliver. He went around saying we should eat whole lean chicken breast rather than skin and so on. How many vitamins and minerals are in breast compared to skin! Other chefs have campaigned against mechanically reclaimed meat.

    There is a tribe that actually eat the rectum (Or something in that area) of a deer. We think yuck. But those who study gut biology say it is actually really healthy to increase the healthy gut bacteria which they get from it. Today you can get an operation to have healthy gut bacteria implanted and it is called a poo transplant!

    So, in short, there's nothing wrong with eating all those parts you mention. My criticism would be all the healthy benefit has been removed and only the protein is left. And if that is what a person wants to build muscle then it is a good thing. I have heard whey protein spikes insulin. I have insulin sensitivity so was looking for information on that.

  37. Stop talking like whey isn't made from the left over scum that milk companies would normally throw away after making skimmed milk. Also if made purely by gelatine, beef protein powder would be very high in fat and calcium. Most brands are neither

  38. All those "throw away parts" are extremely nutritious, and have been eaten in traditional diets around the world for millions of years.

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