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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today, I promise, it’s going to be one of
the most impactful videos. Especially if you came to this video because
you, yourself, are looking to make a transformation. What is it about transformation videos? We actually put one up of Jessie not too long
ago and a lot of people watched it. Thank you. There was a lot of support for that video. But there’s something about transformations
and I want to get to the truth behind it. Here’s how this all started; there’s a story
behind this. I’m a WWE fan, as you guys know, I watch wrestling,
I grew up watching wrestling, it’s right here in my backyard. I actually have trained WWE wrestlers and
the fact is, there’s a wrestler by the name of Jinder Mahal who is kind of being talked
about at the moment. This is Jinder Mahal a while back. Probably a couple of years ago. He was known as being one of the guys that
just lost to everybody and that was his role; to basically lose. Now Jinder Mahal looks quite different. That’s him now. That is a hell of a transformation. Now, I know what you’re already thinking. Believe me. I know what you’re thinking. “I know how he got here. I know what he did. I know what he used.” But this is what I want to say when I talk
about the truth behind the transformation because regardless of whatever you think he
used here – did, or did not, I don’t know because I didn’t train this guy – I can
tell you there was something else that sparked this transformation. This change was made because something sparked
a transformation, a desire to transform in him, and that is what you need to do. Behind every, single transformation – including
Jessie’s, and I’ll talk about that here in a second – you have to identify what it
is, and here’s how I’m going to tell you how to do this. You’re going to walk today, after this video’s
over, go into a quiet room, go right up to the mirror. You’re going to have a little conversation
with that person in the mirror and you’re going to identify what it is that you really
don’t like about yourself. At the root of every transformation there’s
something you wish for. You’re wishing for more. You want to improve. But it has to be something that you genuinely,
truly desire, and that you really want that to happen. What happens is, in the case of this guy here,
he got thrown out of WWE. He wasn’t used anymore. He was pretty much not really someone that
they used in any of their matches. So he got fired. He desired to change that. So he focused, for the first time, on trying
to improve himself. A lot of that, I’m sure, was improving his
body because in the WWE your body is basically your calling card. It’s a big part of whether or not people cheer
for you, or they don’t. So he decided to get dedicated, and in the
process he made this transformation. Guess what else happened? He went from being a guy that was probably
paid very, very little to a guy who is being paid a lot more now as champion of the WWE. Currently a champion. So now what happens when you make that change? When you decide? In Jessie’s case he had low self-confidence. You guys could see it. We knew when we watched the videos. You could see the way he either stared a hole
at you in the camera – because he didn’t know where else to look – or he looked down. He didn’t know where to look. He’s become much more comfortable on camera
because he’s become much more confident. The self-confidence came because he identified
that he needed to improve. He felt skinny. He felt like everybody always looked at him. He felt like people thought he looked too
thin. Especially to be working in a fitness company. So he decided to change that. He truly decided “I want to change that”,
and he started working toward that. Then guess what happened? As he did he finds that he makes a lot better
food choices. He’s not eating gummy bears anymore. When he goes out with his buddies he doesn’t
drink nearly as much as he used to anymore. He’s actually – he stays here until 8:30
at night. When the day’s over – I give him the opportunity
to work out here and be paid to workout, as part of his job – and I know that’s going
make a lot of people pissed off when they see that – he has the opportunity to get
paid to work out here while he’s here. A lot of times he doesn’t because he works
throughout the whole day. He’ll stay here after and leave around 8:30
at night. Where did that dedication come from? That dedication came from the fact that he
actually, finally identified that is more important. Reaching that goal is more important and it
becomes self-fulfilling. So here’s the next part. If we look at some of the things that Jinder
Mahal did – because we used him as an example, here – these are some of the quotes he had
in an interview with Fox Sports. “I was eating junk food every day, drinking
too much, and I weighed 260lbs. real soft.” Let’s just take note here. 260lbs; he was never a small guy. Never. He was able to add some muscle to his frame,
cut down, and at the same point he was working with a pretty good body to begin with. “No drinking in over a year.” Holy shit. How did that happen? I’m sure in his profession there was some
drinking going on. The fact is, he started to see results. As he started to see results and his body
changed, and now he’s getting more, and more opportunities in his career, this is starting
to become a lot easier. As it is for Jessie, too. And as it will be for you. Things that mattered before, and became central
to how you lived your life will all of a sudden become a lot easier to conquer because you’re
getting results, and seeing results. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The hardest thing, the thing that stops most
people is the start. If you can start, and you start by identifying
what it is that’s important to you, then you’re off, and running. Here, he subscribed to a meal prep service
and only ate what was prepared for him, five to six times per day. Now again, he has the access to a meal prep
service. I never say – that’s not a requirement,
guys. We’ve had plenty of people transform themselves
on our programs without a meal prep service. You can do it very easily. But the fact is, he stuck to what he was supposed
to be eating because he knew he had a goal and he stayed focused on it. He hasn’t had a cheat meal in months. Now, we’ve have this discussion come up before,
and again, that’s not necessary. You could be at 90% accuracy with what you
eat, in terms of eating healthy versus not-so-great, and still look great. Get yourself all the way down, under 10% body
fat and look phenomenal. It’s not necessary, but the fact is, that’s
what he’s been able to do because he’s seen the rewards of his commitment. You can do the same thing. He hasn’t even been tempted because he’s more
motivated by his results. That’s what I’m promising you, here. If you look behind your transformation goals
and what it is you’re truly trying to achieve. His dedication, after winning the world title,
“No cheating. I had chicken and rice, and I was back in
the morning in the gym, the next day. Early in the morning.” A lot of guys would probably be out partying,
but he’s so locked in. people ask me “Jeff, how could you eat carrot
cake once a year?” Because it’s not a problem for me. I’m locked in. I don’t feel like I’m tempted for that. I reward myself with good food – that I
actually enjoy – so I never feel like I’m reaching for cheat meals, because I always
feel like I’m having a cheat meal. I actually like what I’m eating. Working out is not hard, you just have to
make it a priority. Finally he said “The first thing I do when
I wake up in a hotel is, I head to the gym and I do 20-45 minutes of fasted cardio. I train six days a week.” Again, think about it. This is quite a commitment. I’m not saying that this is even necessary
to make the transformation he has. The fact is, he’s willing to do some things
that he probably never thought he’d be able to do, and I know Jessie’s doing some things
that he never thought he’d be able to do. The damned gummy bears are probably calling
his name, and he still says “I’m not listening to you.” You can do the same thing. The truth behind anybody transformation, the
reason why you’re watching this video, or any video at all about body transformation
is that there’s something that you need to get honest with yourself about, and you need
to do it today. And you need to stop looking for excuses. You can’t start yelling at this guy and say
“But I know why he made his transformation because he just used this, or that.” That’s bullshit, guys. Don’t discount what he’s been able to do. The most important thing he was able to do,
the most important thing was identify what it was that he was following; what he was
chasing after. When he did that and started to see results
from his work, that’s when he became self-motivating. The same thing for anybody else following
any goal. They have a reason why they’re doing it. I’ll leave this video with one, final point
for you guys. I’ve made changes. Even here, in front of your very eyes, over
the last couple of years. The fact of the matter is, I can pinpoint
the day it happened. I have twin sons, as you guys know. They were born prematurely. They were born three months early, which is
– they were at 1lb 3oz, and 1lb 10oz. I’m happy to say today, these kids are healthy,
and they’re 25lbs. One of them has already got abs, for crying
out loud. The fact is, when they were born, the day
they were born, when I came home the next day and they were still in the hospital – they
stayed there for three, and six months – I found a whole new purpose in my life for training. I’m not a young dad. I’m 42 years old. When they’re 10 and looking to throw a football
around I’m going to be 52. My goal was, I don’t want to just exist
and be the old dad at the playground. I want to be the guy who could do anything
they want to do, for as long as they want me to. I want to be around to do that. I found a whole new dedication in my training
that has allowed me to train my ass off, and train harder than I ever have before. And I have been so focused on that goal that
it is simple for me to do. The carrot cake, if I didn’t have to have
it even once a year, I wouldn’t even have it once a year. It’s very easy for me to do that. Find your purpose, guys. That will be the truth behind your transformation
and every, single other one that you follow. There is a reason for it. If you find that reason, you too will get
to whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve. Guys, I hope you’ve found this video – above
all else – to be truthful, because it is. It’s what you need to hear. The fact of the matter is, there are plenty
of transformations that can be made, there are plenty of transformations that have been
made using our ATHLEANX training program because I don’t bullshit you. I give you exactly what you need to do, and
I give you a kick in the ass when needed to make sure that you get what you need out of
those programs. But it requires that you’re going to show
up every day, and do the things you know you need to do in order to get those results. All of our programs are over at You can find the right one for you by using
our program selective link in the link below this video. It will find the program that’s best suited
to your current goals. In the meantime, if you like the video you
leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what you want me to cover here
on future videos, and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days, and weeks ahead. See you.

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  2. Drinking is the one thing holding me back. Junk food is easy because it's just in and out and well prepared well rounded quality meals taste better but drinking beer trips me up because of course it's not just taste it's that special effect…

  3. My problem is maintenance over time. I start looking good and feel like i can get away with stuff. Then if anything disrupts my gym routine or i get sent away to work long hours for a week and live in hotels everything goes out the window and i drink and eat shit… Then i forget what my purpose was and realise "oh shit! i'm getting fat!" and start getting back into the gym and find my purpose again.

    What can i do to keep my head in the game long term? I feel like after a while my attention just shifts to other things in my life and i forget what it was i was doing

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    Edit: Probably will die relatively very young as many others, probably no bloodwork, no offseason. Probably taking extremely huge amounts of all the stuff possible with no time for protective stuff after cycle, just taking another cycle right away. Going to the gym a few times a week at max sometimes not going at all, doing light training and eating very high calory junk food.

  5. The hardest thing for me is working 12-14 hour days, everything is shut by the time I finish, this reduces my training to 3 times a week 2 hour session, I have to cram it all in, then have to rest for a day because I’m burnt, not an excuse, but the truth, will one hour sessions X3 be enough per week to trim a stone off and get a lean cut and pump?

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  8. Wow, I did this. My transformation was to hike up a mountain. I worked really hard to get make it to the summit. The problem was I reached the mountain top a lot sooner than I ever dreamed possible. This caused a stall in progress and then gaining back 40 pounds of the 143 I had initially lost last year. I’m back at it, but it’s not as easy without a purpose beyond the weight loss. This really helps, thank you.

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  13. I had that conversation in the mirror and found my reason. I quit my job and hired a nutritionist and made a commitment to myself. I quit all junk food, I now cook all my meals and I traded the sugary drinks for water. I bike 10 miles a day and I workout every 3 days. It’s been 5 weeks since I started my journey and I’ve lost: 15 pounds. As for any cheating, I refuse to sabotage my progress in a moment of weakness: I’m in this for the long haul!

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    ffs… The Dose makes the Venom
    Don't over endulge yerself And U will be fine. Drink, eat, smoke, cheat sometimes, and You will be fine.. N WORKOUT….!!!

  20. Making the start is actually the hardest part, once you see that extra muscle, the decrease of fat, you really fall in love with that, and you can't ever feel bad about it.

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  22. Look, it IS ultimately about choices. You can A live your life, go to gym and look good, etc. Or option B you can cut out all that good stuff, and look as good as good as Jeff and people like him. I personally love food and drink at times, though I do exercise regularly, and I do look good. But…I'm not prepared to go that length of sacrificing the good things in life, so that is my choice, and it shows. I'm no way near as lean and/or fit as Jeff. Choices, right? Almost all of us have that choice. In my opinion, it's good to look great, but don't forget to also enjoy the good things in this one and only life you ever will have.

    I love Dwayne Johnson's way. Nobody has work ethics as good as that monster! Then on the weekend, he eats and drinks anything he likes. He looks great, and enjoys this world's pleasures.

  23. You can get chiseled by doing what jeff said but you also have to face reality and realize that you wont necessarily have the same body as that pro that jeff was featuring. Its just a fact of life. Jesse has been with jeff for the longest time and though he made great improvement he’s not gonna look like jeff. The key point that jeff is making is train your mental spirit. And believe your a monster or whatever you want lol. And really tell yourself this. I believe myself to be nemesis from resident evil 3. An unstoppable juggernaut. Then tell yourself how am i gonna be that? Some of the biggest guys i have seen walk have the shittiest confidence. Not to mention so many bieber F boys who talk very loud and act aggressive but in fact have no faith in themselves period. Your body is a reflection of your mindset. And you have to train harder than your milestone. You wanna be fit you have train like an athlete. You wanna be an athlete you have to train like a pro. you wanna be a pro you have to train like a beast. And to be a beast, you have to train till insanity overcomes you. True words. Sorry it took so long lol

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    I’m 58 yo, switched to strict keto, went from 250 lbs to 185 in 5 months and now starting resistance band workouts.

    I want to be able to walk normally, gracefully, and without assistance. I want to walk on the beach and hike in the mountains. Fcuk a cane, walker or crutches or a wheelchair. The docs told me there was nothing really to do. They suggested large doses of B-complex vitamins, no exercise (too stressful and might get worse), and maybe the decline would be extended.

    I’m thinking decline can go to hell. You know, I didn’t do any workout or nutritious diet from ever until May of this year but I’ve made good progress so far and see no reason I can’t continue to.

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