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57 thoughts on “The Urban Monk – Losing Weight with Bone Broth with Guest Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

  1. Heating kimchee kills the bacteria. Also, most people add vinegar to their bone broth when making it. That draws nutrients from bones. Nice video

  2. Great video! What about all the drugs in the animals? Shouldn't we only use organic or grass fed bones to make broth?

  3. It's so crazy how all the things I grew up with in East Germany and now becoming so popular. We used to do bone broth soup with eggs all the time. And that's just one of the things.

  4. i have read that bone broth is not suitable for people with leaky gut and leaky brain because of its high glutamic acid. Also, would bone broth help increase stomach acid for those who have low HCL?

  5. I lived in S Cali for 10 years. Horrible except for the beaches. Traffic, smog, phony people. ect. sorry to say.
    I'll do bone broth but no meat. I do eggs no dairy or gluten.

  6. A huge factor that besides the broth, that it takes 21 days to effectively rewire your brain into changing lifestyle, bad habits etc. So if you can commit 21 days your thought patterns will have changed dramatically. Even at the beginning if you don't like the food she suggests you will be excited to eat it by day 21! Stick to it it's worth it. living unhealthy in any form of way will kill you

  7. My experience has been that slaughter houses/butchers pay to have the guts and bones hauled away and are delighted to sell cross sections of bone or joints to anyone. Also, it goes without saying request grass fed… they know what they're butchering. Any grass-fed & finished producer will be very interested in marketing bone when they have an animal processed. Vote with your dollar.. the market is moved. Producers are focused on capturing the market.. shop clean beef and bones to move CAFO's into fulfilling natural markets .

  8. Hello Dr., I have a question for you, whats the difference between the fat that is created in the frig after you make bone broth, called Tallow and the fat they talk about as being super nutritional, is the fat that surrounds the kidneys of the cow?

  9. Great show I loved it and I learned a lot this is wonderful I was drinking my homemade beef bone broth as I watch the show wow Great knowledge thank you thank you

  10. I had a sinus infection for a year. I tried everything from conventional medicine to alternative medicine except chicken bone broth because I was a vegetarian. I finally decided that I could either try chicken bone broth or have a tombstone saying, “died of a sinus infection”. Chicken bone broth did the job.” I have 2 cups of chicken bone broth every day.

  11. She promises way too much. I am sure bone broth is great, but beware when someone claims that a supplement or food is a cure all. She probably sells it.

  12. As far as the scent. I cook it in a large crockpot in the garage where I have an electrical outlet. That keeps the smell out of the house. I think by the end of the cooking it starts smelling good like soup anyway.

  13. The Vegetarian Myth is a great book on sustainability. So is Cows Save the Planet (I personally have not read this one but have read articles and researched grass feeding and how it restores soil and aids the planet). Animals are a part of nature’s processes, and they play a huge part in sustainability. Thank you for the video!

  14. Crock pot the bone broth only to find I could not stomach it. Is there a dried powder capsule of bone broth that would work instead and do you have a suggestion?

  15. 33:06 the way to make bone broth
    Best Bone Broth Recipe:

    What you need:

    2-4 lbs of healthy bones: cow, chicken, deer, goat, T-Rex

    If your goal is super gelatinous stock, throw a few chicken feet in there

    Bits like chicken backs and necks can also be cheaper and are a great part to use in addition to the bones you’ve been saving up

    My math is to use about 2 lbs of bones per gallon of water I’m using, but usually just make sure that the bones are covered by 3-4 inches of water at the start.

    Most importantly: Don’t get nervous about doing it perfectly. It’s soup. It’ll be okay. There is no perfect. Just get it done.

    2-3 Tablespoons raw, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar or other mild vinegar

    1-2 medium organic onions, including the nutrient-rich skin

    3-4 medium organic carrots, with the skin

    3-4 stalks of celery or 1 stalk plus all the little flowery bits from the top plus the heart bits that are all bitter and you likely wouldn’t eat anyway

    4 or more quarts of filtered water or spring water, again, enough to cover those gorgeous bones by a few inches

    1 bunch of parsley and thyme (technically optional, but they add nutrients and a rich herby taste)

    A cookie sheet and some parchment paper that fits it if you want to roast your bones (an optional step)

    A good-quality stainless steel stock pot. You can get one from 6-10 quarts in size. It should have a lid, which you will use for the chicken stock, but not for the beef stock.

  16. Can this be done in a pressure cooker?! I don’t want to buy a whole other kitchen appliance. And the prepared stuff on the shelf seems a little sketchy to me…especially the ones that have absolutely no fat (am I overthinking it?)

  17. I am allergic to beef and chicken, I appreciate the person that asked about the alternative. I am looking into organic farms near by that I would be able to find pork bone . . . wish me luck

  18. Love the bone broth… I’m new to it and loving it! This is great info… thank you! I totally agree with Dr Kellyann that we need to bring this to the world and save people with it because it is so nutrient dense, a part of our heritage etc… and I think is the missing link to actually saving the planet and reversing climate change! Awhile back I was blown away by a ted talk with Allan Savory called ‘how to fight desertification and reverse climate change’… essentially by raising animals, and mimicking migration patterns to allow the grasses to recover and slowly rebuild the earth’s crust!! He speaks of places like Africa where animals could be raised this way and feed the poor quality food! And get away from mass agriculture which is destroying the topsoil! Also I would like to mention how important animal protein is to our survival and wellbeing by mentioning German New Medicine… a discovery made by Dr Hamer about how our body heals naturally, (requires animal protein to heal) and that all so-called diseases are the bodies natural mechanisms to restore itself back to balance… in case you want to check this out too, the most reliable website to share this ‘truth’ with the world is

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