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What’s going on fellow mutants, Brian Schmitt here, and as you guys can clearly see, I’m pretty excited for the new movie Logan, which comes out next week. With with that, over the next five days, I’ll be taking you all through Hugh Jackman’s entire workout routine that he did to prepare himself first the role in The Wolverine which came out a couple years ago, so you guys can follow me through each of these different days and you too can also get jacked, like Hugh Jackman! Now the full workout routine consists of a four-week long cycle, but in this video series we’ll just be taking you through all of the workouts in Week One. The only thing that really varies from week to week, are the weights and reps of the four main lifts. The main lifts are the barbell bench press, the back squat, weighted pull-ups, and of course deadlifts. That’s because these four weeks will include progressive overload with these main lifts to help increase strength and size. Here’s a quick look at how the four weeks are laid out. For each of the main lifts you’ll be using a percentage based off of your one rep max to figure out how much weight to use. For all the other exercises you want to choose a weight that is still very challenging to complete the desired reps i’ll post a link to full workout write up in the description box below. On this site you’ll also have access to a one rep max calculator and even some of Hugh Jackman’s basic diet. Alright guys so before we get started with Day 1, I’m going to go ahead and get changed into my X-men training gear, but before I get back, go ahead and click on that subscribe button right now so you don’t miss any of these workouts. And then we’ll get to lifting! Welcome back! So we’re going to go ahead and get started with Day one and the first exercise is going to be the barbell bench press. Now this is going to be our main compound exercise for this routine today, so like I was saying earlier this one specifically we’re going to be utilizing some numbers using our one rep max. So for the barbell bench press we’re going to be doing four sets of five reps for each set, but for the first set we’re going to be using 60% of our one rep max for the second set, 65% of our one rep max, and for the third and fourth set we’re going to be using 75% of our one rep max. Five reps for each of these sets and only resting about two minutes between each set at the max. so I’m going to go ahead and get started with my first set which is going to be a 185 pounds over here. Prior to this I didn’t mention but we did do some dynamic stretching and rolled out on the foam roller a little bit so we’re nice and loose. So that was 60% next set, after two minutes we’re going to be doing 65% of our one rep max So now that you guys crushed it on the barbell bench press you don’t have to worry about using your one rep max anymore to figure out what weights to choose. So the rest of that exercise is moving forward you want to just be choosing a weight that it’s going to make it difficult to complete the last couple of reps with. So with a lot of these there’s going to be four sets for these exercises so it’s going to be fine if you start fatiguing and you have to drop the weight a little bit each set that’s cool! The point of it is to simulate your muscles for more growth. You want it to be difficult on every single set. So for the next exercise the pretty basic standard dumbbell shoulder press and you’ll see I’m starting here with 65 pound dumbbells. So for this exercise like I said, we’re doing four sets, 10 reps per set and i’m just going to show you guys the first set and you’ll get the picture for the next three, I don’t have to show you every single set I’m doing. Make sure you have impeccable form. Make professor Xavier proud! There you guys go dumbbell shoulder press. Now do that same thing for three more sets. Let’s move on to the next one! For the third exercise you’re supposed to be doing but “behind the neck press” Well we’re actually going to be changing it up a little bit and that’s because the behind the neck is classified as a “high-risk exercise” and that’s because when you bring the bar down behind your head like that, it’s putting a lot of unnecessary stress and stretch on those muscles and it’s very easy for you to get an injury. Now of course a lot of people do this exercise for years and don’t have a problem with it but when you compare to doing the same exercise in front of the face instead, you’re still getting all the same benefits, but none of the risk associated with doing it behind the neck. Easy enough. We’re just going to do that one instead, so just grab yourself a cambered bar like this, and let’s get to it. Same rules apply for this one we’re going to be doing four sets, ten reps per set, and one minute rest in between sets. You want to be straining on those reps nine and ten of course Repeat that for three more sets and then let’s move on to the next one. All right X-men so the fourth exercise is going to be the Cuban press Not to be confused with a Cuban sandwich that has been pressed. So if you guys have never heard of this exercise before let me demonstrate to you real quick It’s kind of like three exercises that one all put together. You’re going to use dumbbells, do an upright row, bring your elbows parallel with the ground even with your shoulders and then you’re going to externally rotate them up, to the starting position of a shoulder press the dumbbells and then you’re going to do the press up, and then just the reverse motion on the way down. So down, external rotation back, and then lower the weights back down. Upright row, external rotation, press and then back down. With this I don’t want to grab two heavy of weight because you want to maintain good form the entire time especially with that external rotation and this one is going to be three sets of 10 reps per set and only use 30 seconds rest in between the sets. here we go start with your arms at your side and then upright row, external rotation press. Back down Repeat that for the next two sets and then let’s move on. Now we’re going to be throwing a super set into the workout, so the first part of the superset is we’re going to be performing 10 dips, immediately after the dips we’re going to go over and perform 12 tricep pushdowns on the cable. So after that we’re going to rest for 60 seconds and repeat totaling three separate supersets. Hope you guys follow me there so let’s go ahead and do it. Now over to the cable. Already have the weight set up. Make sure you’re maintaining good form. Don’t bend over. Full extension with the triceps. There you guys go! Two more sets and then let’s keep going! So if you guys are not fatigued yet, your about to be because now we’re going to be doing an entire dumbbell circuit set and this sounds pretty crazy but this circuit is going to consist of four exercises, within the circuit, eight reps for all those exercises without resting in between, and once you complete the first set, you’re going to complete that for four total sets. So that’s an insane amount of reps coming up, so you definitely want to pick a lighter weight. Now I am still feeling pretty strong, so I’m going to try out these 20 pounds dumbbells and we’ll see how I do, even through this first set, but I say you know if you aren’t sure always think in your head WWWWW-What Would Wolverine Workout With? The first exercise is going to be lateral raises with the dumbbells then we’re going directly into front raises with the dumbbells, then reverse or rear delts flyes with the dumbbells and then finishing off still with the dumbbells, is back to dumbbell shoulder press, eight reps, and that’s just one set So follow along with me. Let’s see if I survive this! Now front! Now reverse flyes! You can always use a bench to stabilize yourself if you want. Finally, eight reps, dumbbell shoulder press. These 20s right now feel like 60s! Actually that felt pretty good! Of course repeat that after 60 seconds of rest Three more times. A lot of reps, I’m sure you guys can do it, and after that guess what? you just completed Day one of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Workout! Professor X and the rest of the X-men team are very proud of you, as well as I am! If you haven’t yet, make sure that subscribe to the channel right now because we’re going to come out with Day 2, 3, 4, and 5 within this next week, hopefully before the new movie Logan comes out. As always I’ll see you all next time! Hey everyone, it’s Brian. If you like this video and would like to further support our channel, make sure to visit our official Patreon page. Every contribution helps us to continue making great quality videos. Thanks again for watching!

27 thoughts on “The Wolverine Hugh Jackman Full Workout- Day 1 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

  1. Me and my friend have just started this workout today in the gym. Brilliant routine. Leg day tomorrow! God help us haha. Subscribed ๐Ÿ’ช

  2. Why are you doing a shoulder press with a barbell after doing it with Dumbbells, also the behind the neck press brings in more rear and lateral head activation compared to the normal OHP, but yes it is dangerous and I don't do it either.

  3. Man i cant thank you enough for this video thanks a lot mate,if you can maybe do jason statham workout for his movie death race(2008) anway thanks a lot for this video you got sub ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I'm going to start this tomorrow. Does it feel strange to only do 5 reps with 60% of 1 rep max? Never seen this done.

  5. Doing 4 sets of 60%/65%/75%/75% of your 1 max rep seems too light and they only want you to do 5 reps each time. That is a little odd.

  6. First of all loved these videos and I am also following these program 2 weeks now.Secondly,I would like to ask something.Aren't Dumbbell Shoulder Press,Behind the Neck Press and Overhead Press actually the same exercise?Also Cuban Press makes you really tired lol

  7. Fucking burly man. Totes using the cuban press now. No offense, but you don't wanna rest (even for a moment) with locked elbows when the barbell's raised.
    Still badass. Just saying๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Maybe I'm misinformed but isn't a Superset when you work opposing muscle groups back-to-back with no rest? How is a dip followed immediately by another tricep isolation a Superset? It should be followed immediately by bicep curls.

  9. My first day trying this, I felt a little nauseous. I havenโ€™t been doing weights lately. Hopefully the next time I go in, I really need to think about the heavy weights Iโ€™m lifting.

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