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A few months ago, I learned the muscle-up
in 35 days. I got countless comments saying that’s not
a real muscle-up because kipping doesn’t count, so I worked on the muscle-up without
kipping for a while but I didn’t make progress. Recently my friend suggested I should try
to learn the ring muscle-up first before going back to train on the bar muscle-up without
kipping. According to him, it’s easier and it will
help me build up the foundation strength for achieving a bar muscle-up without kipping. So starting from today, I will attempt to
learn the ring muscle-up until I can do 3 in a row. Here is my first attempt. Ha. Nope. Quite tricky, eh? This seems to be a lot harder than the bar
muscle-up because I can’t utilize momentum, and this thing is constantly shaking. Ha. Oh, this is going to be a long journey. Oh. Today I am going to try the push part of the
ring muscle-up. I am totally stuck. Hoo. I can’t believe I can’t even push myself up. This is hard. I decided to go through as many ring muscle-up
tutorials as I could on YouTube, and I realized the biggest mistake I made was not using a
false grip. I tried the false grip out and I had to start
with hanging with the normal grip in one arm and the false grip in the other arm because
my wrists were not used to the pressure. Eventually, I was able to hang with both arms
in a false grip but still couldn’t pull myself up. I also decided to work on my support hold
and continue to get my elbows and shoulders used to the dip position. To my surprise, on day 6… Oh, hoho! First dip of my life. Alright, haha. Yes, that’s progress. Goob job, man. Thanks. Oh-ho, second dip of my life. Oh. Very intense on the, the pec. OK. One, coming down, and two. Ah! Wow, what happened today. It might be you. It’s you, haha! Yes! I made another progress the next day by being
able to pull myself up with a false grip. I was even surprised by how fast my wrists
had adapted. I continued alternative training between dips
and false grip pull-ups. On day 17, I decided to start attempting the
ring muscle-up but then realized the transition was quite tricky. On day 18, while I was working on the transition, need to be able to pull to here somehow, all of a sudden I had an epiphany. Ohhh, okay, man,
it gotta be on this side. I realized my false grip was most likely wrong
because the ring crossed the outer part of my palms. The transition seemed so much more possible
when the ring crossed the inner part of my palms because it allowed me to push down with
the bone here on my palms. My arms were gassed at this point, but on
day 19, this happened. Ahhhhh, yes! Yaaa, first rep! Yes, good job! Yah! Hoo! Hoo! Wow, number two! Hoo! And then come down. Try not to loosen
it, and then one more time. Oh man. Haha. Oh, that was good! And then on day 21, one, two. three. Yes! Yes! Yes! One more time for people who are gonna say
it doesn’t count because I didn’t turn the rings out at the start. One. Two. Three. One last time for people who think I might
be cheating because the bad camera angle cut my feet off. Thanks for watching. My next goal is to do the bar muscle-up without
kipping. Stay tuned and make sure to like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “This Average Guy Learns the Ring Muscle-Up in 21 days

  1. Amazing. I'm sorry to hear people faulted you on your bar muscle up. Well done on the ring. Wanted to ask how much time did you spend each training? Well done.

  2. I´m starting to think that you still title your videos "This AVERAGE guy…" because you like how everyone in the comments tells you that your NOT AVERAGE at all.
    And they are right. 🙂

  3. That's not an average guy. That's a guy who trains and has trained for quite a while. The average guy could probably hang on those rings for 8 seconds until all strength is gone ^^ pulling up will not be an option for the average guy 🙂

  4. This video is pure gold. 3 weeks ago I couldn't even maintain a false grip and yesterday I did my first ring muscle up, I worked on my false grip 3 times a week and pull ups and dips 2 times a week.I remember watching this video multiple times in a day and I was inspired all the time, and my friend ,I have been there thinking Its impossible but I just kept on working on it and by God when I made it I was so satisfied.Anyway the point I am trying to get across is to never give up and no matter how much time it will take you can do everything

  5. Muscles up are actually pretty easy and the only reason why people struggle with this exercise is because their not Consistent

  6. Ring muscle ups are much easier than bar muscle up. I never saw you do a bar muscle up, I saw you do a bar kip-up.

    Well done on the ring muscle up. Now try and do a proper bar muscle up.

  7. Muscle up:An exercise done for strengthening the arms and upper body, in which one lifts one's own weight while hanging from a bar to a position above the bar.

    Says nothing about a kip making it not proper

  8. As a 61 y.o. recovering couch potato, I’m very impressed with your achievement! Wondering if I can follow your example. Going to look into rings😁

  9. How this guy cant push him up on rings but did a Bar Muscle Up WTFF

    i can do 15 Ring dips (187cm 87Kg) but not a single Bar MU.

    Fuck my size

  10. His voice is so wholesome and excited when he finally gets it. Makes me feel like I'm watching my grandma work out.

  11. Am I the only Person in the World that thinks the ring muscle up is a lot easier than the bar muscle up ? honestly I got it in 5 minutes after using the false grip but I can’t do a bar muscle up.

  12. He makes it look so easy, but the transition between pull up and dip is SOOO freakin hard. I've been trying to do a slow ring muscle up for months and still can't do it

  13. Heyy I‘m a rings Specialist in gymnastics and even tho we don’t we really use the muscelup at all a have one Tipp for u that really pushed me forwards:

    Do a fast pull-up and then try to keep ur arms as tight as possible while moving into the dip position

  14. Day 19 I didn’t notice his muscle up on the rings till I watched it again, I was too busy seeing the guy behind him doing one arm pull ups on the rings

  15. You rock dude! I love your goal setting and "don't quit" attitude. You're going to go far in life my friend. And, you're definitely NOT average.

  16. Man this is so inspiring! That persistance and ability to learn practically on your own is anything but average. Keep up the awesome work!

  17. I'm going through the same process and it is surprising how quickly your false grip develops. I was able to do half rep false grip pull ups on only my second day of training it. It hurts at first but it's definitely something everyone could do.

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