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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Okay so, what we’re going to do now is a rope pull and what we’re going to try to do is, try to go through the body so we’re going to get a stretch on the lats and we’re going to come through and really try and squeeze, bring in that lower portion so, you guys can bring out that detail and that lower lat, work that lower lat and get the striations in there. Or just have a nice V taper, check out this exercise. Alright so what we’re going to do now is a pullover for lats. Okay, most people do this for lats or chest, so we’re going to do this for to really stretch the lats out I’m going to grab it a little different, I’m going to grab the handle more like this, whereas if I was doing it for chest I would grab it like this, I’m going to wrap it around so it really pulls the lat

100 thoughts on “This is how I train on back days

  1. Show us the gear stack instead, this workout is no use to us nattys, give us some roidtips so we can use this workout with it.

  2. Wait… Range of motion, attention to eccentric motion, slow and steady, weight, and reps?! 95% of gym goers can only do one of those at a time

  3. Your a good dude man I sincerely hope u concentrate on your health now and slim down a little for your cardiovascular health sake

  4. Hey jay. Just want to say I’m a huge fan. I followed your videos years ago and I’m glad you’re still doing these. I just started getting back into lifting again after 6 years of not making it a priority. I just wanted to ask you, do you workout total body once a week or a twice a week split?

  5. I just drop everything else that is worthlessly pointlessly killing me and put hours in and just kill it…. work it all… do it all. Satisfy the need and really have something to rEcOvEr from. Owwwwww… ouch… ouch and feed it good with all the sustaine you can!! Mr. Jay… YOU are MY GURU!!

  6. wow other people in the gym are working out if im on the same gym with jay i stop working out and just watch him.working out on the same gym with the mr olympia is cool

  7. This is Korea here. Jay I am glad to watch your videos via youtube like this. Appreciate for your tips and love the way you work out with smart. Well sad thing is that most gyms in Korea don't have the first kind of machines lol.

  8. Awesome workout. Quick and to the point. Do you do cardio every day? I’m working out 3-4 times a week and doing cardio My workout goes about 45 minuets then I do cardio 30-45 minuets. Is this to much?

  9. Much respect for Jay and still a big fan, but this is not the way to do reps and sets! If it was just to show the exercices he is doeing ok, but if you do them like this hou not working and targeting the muscle at all.

  10. This Dude looks so Bored lifting Weights, maybe he should get a new Career like Ballet Dancing or Flower arranging what do you's think ?

  11. just saw the belligerent and uneducated post you made on reallygracefuls video. You might want to grow your mind like you have your swollen body. You've seriously helped add to the stereotype of a stupid body builder……..which most aren't.

  12. I’m surprised that I still see idiots at the gym that don’t know how to train with YouTube available wow it amazes me

  13. I’m really Diggin your new YouTube channel Jay. I always love watching your videos and never get tired of them. You are a book of knowledge and have a wonderful personality.
    You are Legend
    Btw I love the part how you told Victor to pay attention.

  14. Those guys on their phone??? Are you crazy you’re training with Jay Cutler I would be absorbing every detail of every lift he performs. That’s just me I guess.

  15. Just watched your back routine very good you nailed it 30-40 min and get out that's all you need unless you're Dave the full time Bodybuilder he must train all day thanks Big Jay

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