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Energy Drinks Are Killing You Slowly, Here’s
How. Dean Wharmby was a professional bodybuilder
that lived an unhealthy life according to many. He would need to constantly consume
at least 10,000 calories per day to keep his muscle mass; this included numerous meals
of fast food and energy drinks. Before he passed away. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so
you never miss our new videos! Energy drinks: Energy drinks are one of the
most popular beverages sold all over the world. They give us an immediate boost when we need
it and can often keep us focused as well. For Dean, he would consume two energy drinks
every hour while he was working out. A WHO study reported that there are a number of
short and long-term side effects that come with drinking beverages with a high caffeine
content. These side effects include caffeine overdose, type 2 diabetes and poor dental
health, according to the National Health Service of the UK. Unfortunately, we are not told about the hidden,
unhealthy secrets that come with consuming an energy drink. The good news is that consumers
are becoming savvier. The energy drinks that Dean consumed initially
kept him focused and awake. Unfortunately, things turned out bad for Dean. He was diagnosed
with cancer. Bad Habits:. According to the Daily Mail,
the doctors told Dean that his bad habits, including the energy drinks, are what destroyed
his liver and created cancer cells. Unfortunately, Dean was unable to treat or beat the cancer
this time and he passed away. He left behind his wife and daughter. Remember, excessive
energy drink consumption paired with a poor diet might have played a part in the death
of this man, and it could happen to us. The truth behind the ingredients in energy
drinks: The story of Dean is a tragic one, but it does open the doors to discussion and
information about energy drinks that we may not know about. Take the ingredient Niacin,
for example. Many energy drinks contain it and, according to a study published by the
British Journal of Medicine in 2016, it can cause severe damage to the liver. In some
cases, it has even caused the liver to fail. An average energy drink could contain up to
40mg of Niacin. Here is another sad story that involves the
consumption of energy drinks. A man believed he had the flu, but when he was hospitalized
and started developing jaundice, doctors knew something wasn’t right. The man was later
diagnosed with hepatitis, which is the inflammation of the liver and can later lead to liver disease
and or cancer. Doctors asked the man if there were any traces
of liver problems in his family, he told them there wasn’t. But what he did tell them
was that he was consuming at least two energy drinks a day. It is still unclear if the energy
drink had a direct connection to the man being diagnosed with hepatitis, but it is worth
noting especially since another person was also diagnosed with hepatitis. She also admitted
to consuming several energy drinks a day as well. The good news is there are many healthy drinks
that will give you energy, are great for your health and can help prevent illness. Coconut water. Coconut water is not only refreshing,
but it contains natural sugars and electrolytes that will give you a healthy boost and won’t
leave you with that midday crash! Banana and wheatgrass: Staying with the natural
methods to feel more awake, try a banana and wheatgrass smoothie. I know it might not sound
appealing at first, but bananas are rich in fiber that will give you the natural energy
you need to keep going. By adding wheatgrass, you’re building more red blood cells which
are responsible for transferring oxygen throughout your body. The more oxygen your body has,
the more awake you’re going to be. Milk: According to Men’s Health a glass
of milk (cold or warm) can help you sleep more soundly because it contains high levels
of calcium and tryptophan. According to research from Medicine and Science In Sports Exercise,
Milk’s casein protein is slow digesting so it can also help build muscle overnight.
Milk is overall a great source of nutrition. Apple Psyllium Drink: According to the Daily
Health Post the apples in this healthy drink limit the absorption of fat from the gut and
also make it easier for your body to break down fats into fatty acids. In addition, a
2003 study published in PubMed shows that consuming three apples a day can help contribute
to weight loss, minimizing the risk of heart issues related to obesity. The Daily Health
Post states that when the body consumes psyllium, it expands to form a gel-like mass by drawing
water from the colon. This helps move waste from the colon more quickly. To make this
drink, all you need is one apple, one cup of cold water, two teaspoons of 100% psyllium
husk/powder, and ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon. To make this healthy drink, cut up the apple
with the skin on it and blend it with the water until it’s smooth. Then pour the mixture
into a large cup and stir the psyllium and cinnamon powder with it. Drink it immediately
after mixing is complete. Grape Juice: Grape juice is great for your
nutrition. It contains insulin; and according to research that is published in Cell Reports,
insulin has the ability to regulate the body’s circadian rhythms. In addition, a study found
in the 2015 International Journal of Obesity found that resveratrol, which is an antioxidant
found in grapes, actually converts calorie-storing white fat into calorie-burning brown fat. Kefir: Men’s Health states that kefir helps
increase the levels of healthy bacteria in the gut, which increases proper digestion
and helps absorb minerals and vitamins more effectively. In addition, research found in
the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that kefir helps improve sleep. Soy Protein Shake: According to research from
Birmingham University, soy protein can help improve sleep by inducing melatonin. Also,
the tryptophan found in this beverage can help decrease cortisol levels., which will
help fight belly fat. Cherry Aloe Vera Drink: According to a study
published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, tart cherry juice produces significant reductions
of insomnia. Another study found in the European Journal of Nutrition explains that tart cherry
juice can increase melatonin levels which will improve sleep quality. Aloe Vera gel
contains powerful vitamins, enzymes, saponins, lignin, and minerals, that can help with weight
loss according to the Daily Health Post. So if you tend to drink a lot of energy drinks
and don’t have a very nutritious diet, try to incorporate some of the drinks in this
video in your diet. We’re not saying that energy drinks will kill you – we are just
suggesting that you drink energy drinks in moderation and ensure that you incorporate
healthy, nutritious foods and drinks into your life. Some of the drinks in this video
can help you lose fat, get better sleep, improve your energy levels, build muscle, and more.
Incorporate these healthy drinks and a well-balanced diet into your life, and your body will be
thanking you! If you do consume energy drinks, try to do so in moderation – just like everything
else in life! You should also try to ensure that you have a good exercise regimen and
that you are physically active a few days during the week. If you have trouble being
physically active, try going for walks, riding a bike, or joining a fitness club or gym.
If you want to improve your health, you can also ask your doctor or medical health professional
for advice. Do you drink energy drinks? What are some
of your favorite healthy drinks or smoothies? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Do you drink energy drinks? What are some of your favorite healthy drinks or smoothies? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. I eat 5 too 10 fruits a Day and skip candy and energy drinks and soda drink water and thee. Be fit for a long time ⚡

  3. I drink 1 once a week every Wednesday for full day working like heavy boxes and after that i feel sleepy and nothin happen to me cause i drink lots of water to lower the caffeine

  4. I drink 🍋 water with ginger and Tummeric root with 2 cloves of crushed garlic..Great for energy….

  5. yeah, yeah, healthy stuff, blah, blah, blah, but i can't buy most of it in my local shops, &, in any case, its only OK if your drinking it in your own home, & own a blender to mix up these obscure concoctions with. i don't own a blender, can't afford to buy one on dole money, &, even if i could, none of this would be of any use to me, as i eat my lunch in local parks & gardens & country places, most days, especialy at this time of year, & i can't carry a blender around to places like this, to whip up smoothies & exotic fruit cocktails, can i!. !!!, so ill just keep enjoying my one can of energy drink a day, & you can take your yuppie smoothies & tropical fruit cocktails &, well, lets say , give yourselves an enema with them !!!

  6. When i need energy drink instead I drink Kool-Aid it does the same thing it gives you energy try it dose work the same its more safe

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