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So one of the maddest things is back in 2012 me and Louis were actually working together I was a manager, assistant manager at Hollister and he was one of the models on the shop floor Folding T-shirts Folding T-shirts and I remember almost every day, at least every day he was in We were just talking, and hating our lives and talking about what we would rather be doing You know going out and about, doing something cool Going to the gym together Ye going to the gym because that was what I was actually passionate about And anyway, I eventually left Hollister, I don’t know.. What did you end up doing after that? Stayed at Hollister for like another year What was it like when I left? S**t? Ye, it was horrendous Ye I was a good manager What was funny was that, before he started working at Hollister there was him and this other guy Joss Mooney and this was before Instagram was even a thing And like, me and my friends used to like look at him and Joss Mooney on Facebook and like stalk their pictures and be like oh we really wanna be like them lolololol So like, whenever the opportunity came, for me to actually meet him as my manager We weren’t really friends, just, he was my boss And then we soon established a relationship and became friends When he left Hollister then we stayed in touch went to the gym together sometimes He literally lived like 2 doors down from my girlfriend, student house And then, after that just stayed in touch, whenever I needed life advice And stuff like that I always just asked him and he seemed to point me in the right direction And for like the last 2 or 3 years I’ve been messaging him all the time being like I wanna do YouTube, I wanna start filming, I wanna start doing photography And he was like, just do it When did you get into it? Like… probably 2 or 3 years ago now Ye, 2 or 3 years he was definitely passionate about it But I think he just needed that, sort of encouragement to just keep doing what you were doing Because obviously, whenever anyone starts doing the whole social media thing and creating content It’s not going to blow up to begin with It takes a hell of a lot of practise to get better at your craft I was trying to get all of the content for my YouTube channel by myself With my own camera, you know, going to these mad places and trying to film it all myself And it just, it was alright, I mean I put some good vlogs together But it was, it just wasn’t as good as it could have been And particularly all the places which I’ve been to in the past 6 months I’ve not made like one travel vlog And Louis He’s just, he’s got an eye for it He’s got skills, he’s got passion And I was like, do you know what, I’m gonna start making these travel vlogs And I need someone to come with me and document the trip But, I can’t just get any camera man to do it I need someone who’s actually, you know, there’s gonna be some good chemistry Ye We’ve already had a friendship So this is, this has been the first test, I’ve brought Louis to Dubai with me to capture Everything that I’ve been doing, all these mad excursions and activities and getting him involved as well And it’s just been, it’s been so sick Having the best time, EVER Ye man And we’ve got another full day left And many more trips to come Thanks for bringing me No problems bro *Emotional scenes* Kiss hehehehehe

100 thoughts on “This Is Why I Came Back To Dubai

  1. Mike – it's videos like these that make me go back to watching that video ''The Hardest Decision I Made" where you were sitting in a park talking about the move from being a PT in Newcastle busting your ass with clients and making ok-ish money, to grabbing life by the cajones, risking it all, moving to a higher rent gaff in London and subsequently becoming an absolute baller. I was a subscriber back in those good old days and this, my friend, is fucking brilliant to see now. Respect

  2. I would never go to Dubai because I dont want to support their evil ideology, don't let the flashy toys fool you

  3. Lmao at first I thought that thumbnail was a memey photoshop then I saw it was by you and was like wait a minute lmao 😂

  4. Wow, spending all day in 50 celcius degrees… Nothing special in Dubai, been there once and I would rather go to Croatia

  5. It’s always nice to see a YouTuber start to pop out of the shell a little more. Happy to be a follower since the beginning.Also, body goals my guy

  6. Living it up jelly i need to go on vacation again soon Dubai look like a nice place to go thanks keep up the good work bro

  7. Hey Mike! Been interested in going to Dubai for a while now and thos has literally pushed me even more to go. Where did you book the apartment? I have been looking on DMAC but not sure if it's in the right area.

  8. Thanks Mr for inviting us on your great holiday very very nice and your workout is great 👍🏋️‍♂️💪🏽💪🏽🦵🏽🦵🏽🏆🥇🍡🍢🍱🍲🥙🥘🌮🍰🍧🍿☕️⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺😁🍺👍👍😘

  9. Hi Mike,
    Love all your videos and as u have said your videos have reached out to me and influenced me and have motivated me to stay fit. Where did u stay this time around when u were in dubai…It looked really good.

  10. Unreal content, you've come along way. I'm currently grinding day in day out on my laptop like you were in your flat not long ago, wondering if it's all worth it (not my life lol). Inspiring me to keep at it, even if I can get 10th of your success. Appreciate it, cheers!

  11. Mike, you need a high-end barbershop. Visit The First Studio, you will like it.
    We are in JLT, Cluster A

  12. Never decline gel seats on a bicycle.
    Also I recognize that hotel room – Hilton The Walk Dubai. Very good value, especially given the size of the suites.
    Also if you haven't already tried it, I recommend Conrad Hilton on Sheikh Zayed Rd, the 2-bedroom suites are very nice.
    Be careful with the jetski people, especially in rough water, if you stop too suddenly or the nose of the jetski hits a wave,
    you will go flying over the front and injuring your neck or back. I've seen this happen to a couple riding double – the woman went flying over the man,
    and paramedics had to deploy. If you want to JetSki and want to go as fast you want, I recommend Doha Qatar. The sea around the Pearl area is shallower and the water very smooth.

  13. 7.27, I stayed at The Rixos Hotel which is behind you Mike and it was free!!! We know the night manager from back home so we stayed free and got his 50% discount on excursions including jet ski – sickest holiday i've been on and I just love Dubai – will defo look to live here in the future

  14. Man this is probably the only 30 minute travel vlog I've ever watched all the way through. Outstanding content and great vibes mate. So many caught vibes. Enjoyed the bits of humor. Enjoyed the food and cool cut scene movie style edits. Nothing bad to say.

  15. A wonderful example of a human being. So giving, humble & selfless.

    May we all reach this level of kindness.

  16. Amazing vlog Mike. I don't usually comment on videos but been following you for a while and its nice to see how far you have come. Would love to see more content like this. Truly an inspirational individual.

  17. I hope you can drop by our shop in emirates terminal 3 candylicius dxb i want to get a selfie with you….please


  19. haha Great to see Mike in DUBAI , now finally i might get chance to see you. Its a GRRREAT place , The best thing about DUBAI is that we care about all races , sexes and all rights. And i hv been living in dubai about 16 years and im talking through EXPERIENCE.

  20. Genetic cookie cutter. All you muscles are cookies cutter muscles. Couldn't chose a different gym equipment from everybody else?

  21. Wow very handsome very hot sexy bald masculine body wow im not gay but what is happening to me whenever i watch ya hahaha

  22. They are so stupid I ended up having a Step brother called gabriel, Mike…found that out just by doing some research, what do you expect to find out with the DNA test, it is just drama…pissing my pants laughing at your unofficial independent booties…

  23. Lol “I don’t know what is Garrett Gold” too funny. FYI Garrett’s is one of the most famous popcorn brands ever. They make some of the best popcorn.

  24. Thank you so much for posting so much insightful content.  As you say in this video, a lot of us can't train with you so it helps to have your channel for support.  I used to exercise religiously but fell out of love with it.  Now I watch your videos daily to keep me motivated to eat well and workout.  It's wonderful to see someone actually enjoying a fit lifestyle and not just doing it as a chore.

  25. I've watched few of your YT videos and I'm really impressed by the depth of the content, your detailed aspects of bodybuilding and how the life really is. Really appreciate and all the best buddy.

  26. hahahaha, hair cut…cheeky ***** comment. Personal commment: Struggled a long time with my weight etc but just changed the way I operate! Work hard and play hard…just wonna live the life I wonna live. Keep the great vids up. Fantastic character and good to see the good old British, dry humour! 😉

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