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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everyone today’s workout is focusing on your core and also your arms and it’s part of two week shredding program Which you can find over here. This program is all free. So don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe and also turn on notifications alright If you want to join in on this challenge do not forget to leave a comment down below of your progress or use my hashtag on Instagram or even create a YouTube video like these girls have so that we can support one another and let’s get started So we’ve got 19 exercises today all 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off. Let’s start with inchworm with push-ups Start by walking down into a high plank then do a push-up then come back up If you can’t do a push-up then just do the inchworms only for now Next we got up and down plank remember to focus on your breathing and engage your core for this whole workout guys We’re not just working the arms, but also your core Next we have reverse plank with knee tuck make sure you talk about is and squeeze your abs and but don’t let your butt drop down too much Your arms will be burning and your core will have to work hard to maintain that good form This exercise works the whole body; it’s amazing Next we have tricep dip toe tap this works your arms and core at the same time We’ve got circle plank next Imagine drawing a circle with the corner soles and remember to engage that core and work those abs guys Next we have bird dog raise one hand and the opposite leg at the same time This is a really great exercise for your core, your arms and also your legs Now we have downward dog knee tuck. Make sure you’re squeezing your abs here Now we have heel touches work those obliques guys, we are almost halfway there you can do this Now we have side plank with dips This works your core, obliques and your arms. If this is too hard for you then you can hold the side plank without the dips Now on to the other side All right now we have a quick ten seconds break You can take a longer break if your arms are really sore And next we have push up with shoulder tap Start with a push up and then do shoulder taps Let’s push this guys you can do it and if you can’t do a regular push up you can get on your knee instead Now let’s do some arm circles start with clockwise motion first then halfway through switch it to Anti-clockwise motion this looks really easy, but your arms will be burning halfway through it Next we’ll have tricep dip toe touch. Let’s smash this Next we have body saw start in a low plank then walk backwards and then forward again Your arms and core should be burning if you are doing it right make sure your butt is not poking up or drooping down Next we have walking planks take both of your arms and legs to one side turn back to middle then to the other side I always have trouble coordinating because my arms and legs just don’t want to think alike Now flip around and we got the Russian twist just four more exercises to go guys don’t stop now you got this You have up and down plank next smash those arms and abs guys All right now let’s kill our abs with row up Make sure you use the core muscles to move your upper body up. We have one more exercise to go guys, so keep going Finally we have reverse plank and hold it there Make sure your butt is not drooping down too much Remember to squeeze those abs and butt and engage every muscle to hold that position I know it is hard. But this is the last exercise And that’s the workout guys. I hope you’re enjoying this program so far. Keep going it is just two weeks Don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe and turn on notifications And share this free program with people who need it and I’ll see you in the next workout. Bye!!!!!

100 thoughts on “Tight Core & Arms Workout | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

  1. I’m getting ready to go to basic training and I wanna start working out more and the fact this is free is amazing

  2. I’m on day 4!!! So excited to keep going! Thanks for being my motivation, and doing this for free it’s truly amazing! 😉💕💕

  3. my plan is.. to do this workout routine for one day and to do another one of your workout routines for tomorrow (abs) and keep switching off! because I’m always sore and I’m STILL sore from the abs. No idea why but YEP! Let’s see how this goes! I’m 2 days in!

  4. Chloe .. I have a problem .. I have “dimples” on my hips, do you have any exercises to get rid of them?

  5. I don't think so I can achieve 11 abs without protein.. extra..and also need that workout… Only workout is no enough??.. please I need answer?

  6. Chloe: your arms will be burning🔥on 1:56
    Me:gurl turn the fire down or else the house will go on fire!!!

  7. Hi chloe omg it's been a loonnggg time since I have commented on you videos but I love you SOOOO much your workouts have helped me SOOO much and I'm so happy that I found a YouTube like you there's one question I'd like to ask for some reason bts boy with luv workout isn't on your channel anymore do you know any reasons why? I'm definitely going to do this workout you chloe thank you so much once again!!

  8. Omg chloe ting this is my first time working out and i happen to se your vidoe and in one day i saw so many changes in my abs and arms thankyou so much you are incredible

  9. Thnx Chloe fr such wonderful workouts. I m following ur hourglass workout schedule. I completed my 20 daz bt from the past 4 daz I m not able to to exercise due to the illness. I m feeling guilty of not able to do exercise. Wil it affect my results? How shall I resume?☺

  10. Hi! What happened to the Boy with Luv workout video?? It's not available anymore? It was so helpful, can you re-upload pleaseee?💜💜☹️☹️

  11. honestly my arms are so weak whenever on the schedule theres abs and core and arms workout i exchange one to another leg/booty workout cause i cant do both in the same day ;_;

  12. Chloe please please another leg programme (inner thighs). I did your leg programme 3 Times and there are still 6 cm to reach my goal and I try everything but the progresses are very very very very tiny.

  13. 08/14 stats:
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Left arm: 10.5in/26.5cm
    Right arm: 10.75in/27cm
    Waist: 31in/79.5cm (not my proudest measurement but determined to shrink this guy!!)
    Hips: 34.5in/87cm
    Butt: 36.5in:93.5cm
    Left leg: 20in/51.5cm
    Right leg: 20in/51.5cm

    Day 1 (08/14): I worked out in the morning so I could have the rest of the day to cool down and relax… to be honest it was really hard to get back into shape so I had to start with low impact. I don’t mind but I definitely want to work my way back up to the high impact. Exercises weren’t impossible to do but still gives you a good amount of struggle

    Day 2 (08/15): I’m sore from yesterday but in a good way! Soreness more prominent when I squeeze my abs and feel them flex. Legs kind of wobbly when walking down the stairs but I’ll be doing all three workouts today including the optional one for abs.

    Just did them at the end of the day.. I’m going to knock out for sure for bedtime 😂

    Day 3 (08/16): still sore but first two exercises were getting easier to do. I’m not needing to stop and take a break every so often so I can push through them better. The new lower body workout was new so it got me a little worn out, but should get easier as I do it more often. The 11 abs workout is getting easier as well. Stomach looks flatter than when I started two days ago! Not too big of a difference but it doesn’t bulge out as much.. muffin too going away faster than I expected. Eating clean too so it must be helping, will explain in video when I post it.

    Day 4 (08/17)
    Everything was going great, decided to keep pushing through and only have tiny breaks! Noticed stomach is a little flatter. Still getting tired after workout but the ones I struggled doing before are getting easier to do. Form is improving as well

    Day 5 (08/18): active rest day MUCH NEEDED

  14. I have really been wanting to tighten up my core and work on my arms for a while now. Really need some support/Advice 😁

  15. Chloe is so much stronger now. Been doing one of her earlier programs (seeing results already, recommended it to others), and here I see more power and speed in her movements. Sending my admiration for this wonderful lady!

  16. Hi for a video idea, if their are some, can you do exercises to get rid of hip dip.
    Ps. I love your vids. A lot of other workout channels I watch don’t keep me after like 5 days but yours have and every time I get discouraged I watch a results video and then I’m fired up again. Keep up the good work👍

  17. my arm fat is the worst..i hate gonna try your 2 weeks workout looks like hard for me but im still gonna try it and see if it works💪🏻 thanks for your amazing worouts..i really appreciate it!!❤😘

  18. Your workout are fantastic😍😍 but I want to know how many calories do you burn in every workout, if this is possible

  19. Day 4 of my 2 weeks Shred Challenge which means, this is the first time I am doing arms. I haven't even started yet but I know already, that my arms are gonna be dead after this.:D They are the weakest, so wish me luck. True challenge right here.

  20. Hi… I started watching ur videos and I am falling in love with ur videos…. I had lost hope … But u have motivated me….thank u 😘.. I am a mother of a 5yr old kid…. And have gained alot of weight… But I am going to follow ur videos and will get back in my old skinny jeans 🥰

  21. Chloe.. doing the cardio workout, 2-week abs and this one, the number of times the UP AND DOWN PLANK comes up oh my god!!!!

  22. 8/20 This is my third day doing it and I’m still sweating like hell 😂 But it’s starting to feel easier

    8/21And 4th day!
    8/22 still here
    8/23 sixth day. getting easier
    8/24 full week 😀

  23. My 20th HS reunion is coming up soon and I really want to get toned af! I play tennis a lot so my legs and arms are pretty nice but my tummy is still flabby🙁 I’m gonna try this out tomorrow and see what I can do in two months if I’m consistent. Wish me luck!!!!

  24. Hi there chloe ting i have a question to ask
    So i weigh about 187 lbs and I’m just 5ft tall, i need to be atleast 110lbs for my height. I want to start following your routines but since I’m on a way heavier side what do you think is the best for me also I’m really scared about loose skin so how should i avoid that?

  25. I hate you and love you at the same timeee! I can't feel my body but it feels soo good!!!❤️ Thanks soo much for sharing this, this is everythingg!!

  26. Hey! I’m doing the Summer shred program and I am seeing a few results on day 7! But my body is getting slimmer and my weight is going up. I’ve been following your food’s on Instagram and YouTube and I am a bit stuck. I want my body to look nice and feel nice back in school. Anyone else like this? Chloe or anyone, help?

  27. Some of the exercises, especially the up + down plank really hurt my wrists, does anyone have any tips for not putting too much pressure on them during workouts like these??

  28. Hello Chloe Ting ..I need a help from you
    Can you suggest me some videos for upper back fat ? .. my upper back is the 2nd most area in my body , after my belly , which have the most fat .. please chloe Ting

  29. Girl… I was laughing and crying following your routine!! 😂😭😂😂😭😭. When I saw this first I said: oh look it’s too easy, she doesn’t even get her legs that up… yeah… I wasn’t even able to hold the planks 😫… you really have gold here!

  30. Ahhhhhhhh!! Why??😭😭😭 Chloe’s trying to kill me! What’s with the observation with up/down planks? I’m dead 😵

  31. Hey Chloe!! I’m a big fan of you and your amazing work!! But I wanted to ask you, I have been using your breathing technique for engaging the abs. At beginning I could really feel the muscles contracting and now I don’t. Is there any possible reason to that? Thanks! ( ◠‿◠ )

  32. i just started this and it makes me feel so badass! I need to make sure to keep up with it for the full 2 weeks and can't wait to post my results!

  33. This was especially hard for me because I just don’t have enough strength in my wrists to hold my body up. Any workout involving wrists to hold body weight has been hard for me. I hope my wrists strengthen through the challenge !

  34. Suggestion: love your workout. I'm doing the 2 week shred. On day 4 but could you change up the music please. I cant do it for 2 weeks listening to the same music, especially if they've appeared in Other videos that I've worked out too. Anyways thanks for the program, your my body goal!

  35. me: wow i wonder how hard this'll be

    chloe: alrighty so now we do a double squat leg lift crunch inchworm pushup and then you do into a death drop afterwards

  36. hi ms chloe. i hope that i'll get a response from you huhu my pelvic area is my biggest concern cause it really looks big and i want to get rid of it please help meeee i'm a girl but whenever i wear skinny shorts or pants i look like a boy. pleaseeeee

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