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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Here are some frequently-asked questions we get about Titan Whey. Number one. How much should I take? Your protein consideration
throughout the day should be taken from all of your sources of protein. So, this is your meat, your fish, everything that contains protein. We recommend one to one-and-a-half grams per pound of body weight. So, if you take your whole foods and find you’re deficient,
add on your Titan Whey so you’re hitting that
one to one-and-a-half grams per pound of body weight. Number two. When should I take it? There’s a few key times throughout the day where having a protein
intake is important. Number one. First thing in the morning. After you’ve slept, your
body’s in a catabolic state ’cause you’ve haven’t eaten for awhile so you’ve been fasting. Having a protein, particularly
a fast-acting protein gets amino acids back in your bloodstream and helps stop that
catabolic state from sleep. Number two. Before you work out. Before you work out having protein again that breaks down to amino
acids in your bloodstream can help prevent your body from breaking down muscle tissue that is then gonna be used as energy to fuel your work out. Now, inevitably you’re gonna break down some muscle tissue, at least you should, while you work out. So, a protein source after you work out is probably the most important time throughout the day to take a protein. And, a powdered whey is an easy thing you could take with you to the gym and drink on your way
home after you work out. The third time, whether it comes from a supplement or
not, would be at night. You’re getting ready to
fast again as you go to bed so having some protein in your bloodstream so you have that prolonged
nitrogen detention to help increase recovery
throughout the night is very important. Number three. How should I take it? Our powdered protein is very easy just to mix with water. Actually mix it with a spoon, or if you have a blender bottle you can shake it up. The amount of water is gonna depend on you, to taste. Typically, six to 10 ounces of water is gonna be perfect per scoop so the more protein you put in the more liquid you’re gonna wanna add. Number four. Should I cycle on and off this product? The answer is, no. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting your protein from a whole food source or from a supplemental source
like a powdered whey protein, the key is to get an adequate amount of protein throughout your day. Number five. What happens if I skip? Let’s say you forget to take your protein after you work out. No problem, just at the next meal make sure you have an adequate source of protein whether that
comes from whole food or from powdered form. Remember the most important thing is to get an adequate amount of protein in an entire day. Now, if you have more questions about whey protein or any of our Titan products, please give us a call, shoot us an email, or find us on Facebook and Instragram.

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