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>>The seat monitors your heart health. The real benefit of this platform is that
it integrates into your daily life with zero change in behavior required. We started thinking outside the box. What devices do people use every day? So, then we came to the bathroom. It’s something everyone uses every day. The intention is that we send this home with
patients, specifically heart failure patients, who will be discharged from the hospital to
monitor them in the home for signs of deterioration. Their physician could then intervene early
– maybe something as simple as a change in medication – that could then prevent a hospitalization. People are generally excited about it. They’re excited for the possibility of having
peace of mind and having their heart health checked without actually having to do anything. We have three main instruments integrated
into the seat. The first is the electric cardiogram, which
has some electrodes on the surface. It measures the electrical activity of the
heart. We also have the phytoplasmagram, the PPG,
which is a local measure of blood volume. And it gives us blood oxygenation as well. And then on the back, we have four stand offs,
which allow us to measure weight and something called the ballistocardiogram. The ballistocardiogram is a measure of the
mechanical forces of the heart. Using those three instruments, we can measure
over nine clinically-relevant parameters, including blood pressure and cardiac output,
which is the amount of blood pumped out of your heart per minute. I’ve always thought outside of the box. I knew I always wanted to be an engineer and
I was never scared of solutions to problems that may be atypical. Also at RIT, they focus on a lot of creativity
here and it was a great place to innovate and come up with something that’s an out-of-the-box
solution like a toilet seat. That’s something that
I’ve never shied away from, no matter how wacky the solution may be.

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