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Tom plaques a lot of people have said
bodybuilding has the best legs in history no one else can touch him he
recently decided to come out with a supplement line he’s called an old
school what do you think I come from it and do you think it would be successful
well one oh the school is one of those terms is used against people like myself
that’s been around for years for people to younger to try to almost put down
what we learned 40 years or 50 years of doing this and so that’s a term that
some of the younger people take this right that means that you’re not up to
date and he’s able to help them accomplish what they will accomplish at
a fast pace but the facts are everything for training goes it’s pretty much the
same you can’t reinvent the wheel so I think he’s capitalizing on Colorado
going car let’s go we gonna accept that name and I think the supplements that
they don’t have because he does have a lot of those it’s gonna be reputable
supplements and supplements that it’s good or better than any other supplement
out there but they using the term to go ahead it’s okay we accept in that term
we are old school and the people that are logical is going to see that that’s
what he was gonna get you during the long term so I think it’s gonna be very
successful you got Samara Newton and a couple other
people that were top named bodybuilders in the eighties and nineties then these
are people that know the sport and then around like myself for years and know
more about it that someone that’s been doing five years of competing or trend
and all sudden they’re saying we’re over school in their new school there’s only
thing new is the fact that they don’t have the knowledge we have so that’s
where I think about that your opinions on him having the best legs ever in my
view and definitely for sure at the best legs and you know again we go back to
the saying over school he trained hard heavy like myself and he did more reps
with 535 pounds of me but I think I’ve ever heard of certainly bodybuilders in
certain age body weight so in size and definition I don’t know of anybody that
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  1. Did Tom Platz have the best legs in bodybuilding history? Also, will his new "Old School" Supplement Line be a hit? Please subscribe to my channel – Fitness Q Youtube Channel –

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