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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi Bob Mathews with Power One K Body Shaping
Program. I’m going to show you a tip on how to define your pectoral muscles. Before I
show it to you it is important that your number one ingredient is your diet. It is always
going to be your diet. It is hard to have lean defined muscles if you are carrying fat
over them because while you may have those lean muscles and you’ve done all those great
exercises to get them, I’m sorry if you have a lot of fat, they’re not going to show. So
let’s start practicing the exercises that will actually produce those results when you
get your diet in line so good luck on the dieting. That’s always going to be your toughest
thing. Getting to the gym is tough but dieting is really hard. An exercise that I like that
I believe to try to squeeze the pecs and create that shaping sort of definement if you will
is through more of an isometric squeeze. I do it on the incline press and what I do is
where you will see a normal fly like this where you are pretty standard, pretty universal.
The difference is when I get to the top I squeeze it in, keep squeezing in. It’s pretty
interesting. If you do it like a microsecond pause on the top it is really good too. You’ll
notice actually it will force the blood to run a little quicker so you start to recruit
that and you can’t do it as heavy and you probably won’t be able to do as many reps
but you are going to definitely feel that pinch and that squeeze and it feels pretty
good. If you keep that up on your exercises, not on every exercise, I am doing it on the
flies you’ll see that you will start to isometrically shape your muscle so when you finally lose
the fat it will look defined. Good luck.

100 thoughts on “Toning & Building Muscle : How to Define Pectoral Muscles

  1. Serioiusly, Most of these expertvillage people have really rubbish advice. But this guy, he seriously knew his stuff, I've been bodybuilding for a long time and am entering a musclemania show next year and this guy has taught me some seriously awesome stuff that i can't wait to hit the gym with. So to this guy, your awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. @TheSachinsrini
    Man you seriously need to learn to spell… and read. You both are saying the exact same thing… only difference is i don't fly off the deep end when i realize im wrong

  3. he need not to show his muscle…because he is an instructor..he is in the video for educating viewers not for exposing his muscle..

  4. I have a problem at doing brench press and excersises like those… My problem is that my arms get tired instead of my chest O.o
    so my chest does not receive any excersise or trainig… I just get tired from my arms ans biceps :S
    I dont know what to do

  5. not all of this is true, you can have fat on you and get muscles. You can do workouts to LOSE the weight and gain the muscle

  6. Okay. I have pecs alright, but I want to tone/define the lower part without putting heaps of bulk muscle on. I'll take any advice please.

  7. @Rambl147 there is no such thing as "toning" a muscle but i do believe with the right variation smaller muscle fibres will show and this is done with variation, but to answer your question your pecs are like that because A. you have too much fat or B. you are shaped like that genetically

  8. @clotheschair no you lose the fat by doing cardio and eating properly, and you gain muscle by eating healthy foods with plenty of protein and working out hard

  9. @GMPro24 No, I have been eating the same havnt changed anything about my diet.i started doing crunches and pushups every night for a couple months and theres a giant difference

  10. @GMPro24 I eat alot of carrots and fruits like apples and oranjes. I eat candy like only 2-3 times a month and barley any. Im asian so i moslty eat alot of rice. Is this a good diet? And im trying to build muscles too. My chest is drooping a little

  11. @clotheschair well of course at first you will see gains, but as you see gains and get a bit bigger your body needs more food to grow…

  12. @lambomb222 veggies are great, add chicken/turkey/tuna in your diet as they are the best sources of protein and if start hitting the gym then its great to invest in whey protein and as far as rice go, brown rice is an excellent source of carbs so nothing wrong there.

  13. @lambomb222 also, if you don't like brown rice, maybe basmati or jasmine. those are the best white rices but ultimately brown rice is best for you.

  14. @slapupchrist Being serious about it? I'm just wondering why you can't just keep your comments to yourself? And why does everything have to be in perfect English? As you probably can't tell(because of your lack of judgement), the comments on YouTube don't go towards you Doctorate degree in English. Also the base comment of this whole stupid conversation is from 7 months ago! Get over it man. I'm sorry for what I have ever done to you. Now just drop it. Thanks

  15. Who cares if your english grammar is perfect, i'd rather speak 4 languages pretty fluendly like i do now than speaking 1 foreign language (wich is english for me) perfectly.


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  18. @TheLizardKing1967 He wasn't making fun of the guy, he was cracking a joke about how muscular he is and thats why he has such a gruff voice, he was giving the guy a compliment

  19. @Zoonjse unless your lifting hundreds of pounds or dont have a spot, its best to stay away from machines. if youre forced to manually stabilize the weights yourself itll help with the muscle definition.

  20. @DezyreHD I was gonna former marine corps DI, cuz my friend who went through Marine basic, would always talk about his DI's and he always talked in a voice like this guy.

  21. is it true that if you do alot of reps with lighter weights, u won't build bulk, but will have smaller musles with much more tone?

  22. @GQbum yh man small weights + lots of reps = RIPPED (muscles with more tone but they wont be big) however lower reps with high weights makes ur muscles BIG then u can get ripped which is more sexy ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. So the only thing that makes muscle look defined is the absence of fat that hide it? Thatยดs it. Am I right? Correct me if I am wrong.

  24. @pnntjye yes i mean it. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. Between really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. i've heard legal action is already underway but you can get them for now from here >>>

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  26. Overtraining or not training at all ๐Ÿ™‚ For overtraining you can do a chest isolation workout (only flys) every day or even better twice a day, so your chest has no time to rebuild in between and gets destroied week after week. And if you dont train it at all, it doenst feel the need to be that big and will start to decrease in size too.

  27. yea ive completely stopped doing any chest workouts..its shrunk a little bit..but hardly noticeable. i think ill need cardio to tone it down even more..the prob is my knee isn't good so i can't do much i switch up to swimming, but swimming actually works out your chest a lot..the more i swim the bigger my chest gets..unless i do backstroke

  28. really..damn..i thought running makes you lean.. well i know it burns fat..i just need to find a way to burn muscle..

  29. Well, you can get small through runing (creating a caloric deficit enough to burn muscle) but you cant target chest-removal that way, it will burn muscle off on every spot, keeping your chest unproportionaly big compared to the rest of your body.

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