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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, boys and girls,
Tony Horton here, fitness expert,
creator of Power90, P90X, P90X2,
P90X3, 22 Minute Hard Core. You know the drill.
So this is my gym right here. Here are the doors to get us in. Actually,
there’s multiple doors. If you want to check it out,
here we go, come on. Should we show you
the origin of the gym? What’s happening here
in the gym? Well, here is my dumbbell rack,
right? So, you know,
I’m a body weight guy, and I like a lot of pull-ups
and push-ups and squats and lunges. But for example, yesterday
it was a chest and back day, and I just pushed and pushed
with the dumbbells, which is kind of fun. Brand new TH fitness kettle bells
in the corner, you can see them down there. Some really cool Plyo boxes,
you can see that. Here’s a ski machine. I’ll even demo. Want me to demo?
I’m gonna demo this right now. I’m gonna pull this out. Great, obviously for improving
your skiing. But what I love about it too is, you know,
because a lot of folks are aware that I was kind
of sick couple years ago, and I lost my balance
and this really helps a lot. Then you’ve got your, you know,
your basic stationary bike and your versaclimber. That thing is mean,
but it’s really, really good. Your standard treadmill,
heavy bag. And my wife
is a big fan of BOD. You know, she’s always on BOD.
She’s doing my workouts. And she’s
into Jericho right now, so that’s kind of cool.
Jericho, rock on for you. You know a lot of people aren’t aware of this piece
of equipment. It’s pretty new. It’s called a Tonal. All you have is this here
and the bench. And then back here
if you turn around, you can see the rowing machine, and then up here you can see
we’ve got pegboard. But this space
that you’re in right now that you’re seeing,
this was a garage. So this half of the room
was garage and where you are back there,
that was a bedroom. And we didn’t need
another bedroom, so we knocked it all down. It took about a year,
longer than anticipated. And this is the indoor gym. So should we go outside? You want to see
the outside stuff? So when I first moved here, this area didn’t really exist. You know, it was all uneven, and I basically threw down
all this artificial turf. And we work out
here all the time. So if a day like today, for example, if we’re doing
plyometrics or something, we’ll do plyo here. So I’ve got rings
for muscle-ups, and I’ve got a pull-up bar
for obviously for pull-ups, and pullovers, and muscle-ups,
and everything else. And of course,
you got your classic, you know, parallel bars. Everybody should have a pair
in their backyard. Right? You do your dips. Up, and down. You can walk. Do another dip. Fun. Of course, the battle rope too.
Those are fun. So many ways to play there. Of course, there’s a little
slack line here, which is really pretty cool. Thank you very much. So one of the workouts
that we do, or one of the exercises
that we do on, you know, any given day
are called tomahawk push-ups. I have two different kind. You can see this is sort
of a graphite metal one, old school tomahawk. And you stand right here– And you can see the target. We’ve been beating
the hell out of it. And so every time, you know obviously,
I’m going from the center, but if I miss,
it doesn’t go in, five push-ups. Zero push-ups. Looks like five. One, two, three, four, five. There you go. Sometimes we have six tomahawks. If you miss all six,
that’s a lot of push-ups. All right, here we on
to the next thing, right over here. Now if you’re on Instagram
or Twitter, you’ve seen
probably this little area more than once. But, you know,
one of the things that I’ve learned
as a 61-year-old is that you got to get outside
your comfort zone. You know, I mean, if you really
want to push the envelope, that’s how you stay young. We have a pegboard, right? And we have a pull-up bar. And one of the exercises which is really kind
of fun and challenging is that you go up the pegboard and then you go up
to the beam to the top, you ring the bell,
come down the rope, you go back up the rope,
you ring the bell, you come down the beam,
you go across the pegboard, and max pull-ups. That’s a thing. So I’ll do four corners
for you guys. So four corners is this. You’re only allowed
to put the pegs in the center hole, in the far corners
as you go around. I love this thing. And, you know, even is somebody
who is super fit ’cause it was so new
and different, you know,
having not been able to do it since I was
in junior high school. I thought I have to have one. And I was not very good at it even as somebody
who was pretty fit, but it’s such
an amazing challenge. You know what I mean? I mean, honestly,
of all the things out here, that guy right there,
that’s my favorite. Follow me one more section,
the ninja course, the big kahuna. Let me show it to you. That’s a salmon ladder.
Let me show you how that works. So if you ever watched
American Ninja Warrior, you’ve seen this, right? So– It took me six
to eight months before I could figure it out. And this crash pad, I got the wind knocked out
of me a couple times before I figured it out. So I’m gonna go,
I’ll go up three, down three. Let’s cross our fingers.
Let’s see what happens. Not bad for an old guy. And there, of course,
are all kinds of it. Come on over here. There are two main courses. When we get together
with our buddies, ninja one, ninja two. And ninja one starts with– You go from these two balls
to these two sticks, to the cone,
or the reverse cone, ice cream cone, to the table. To the rings. Come off the rings,
monkey bars, back to the table, ice cream cone, regular cone,
two sticks, ball. Hard. But I’ll just give you
a little taste. I’m just gonna go
from the yellow to the red, the red ones spin, so they make
it really exciting. Let’s see here. So I’m like this. See how they spin?
It’s very cool. Whoa! They spin.
Did I tell you they spin? So there you go, action packed. That was not planned.
That was not a scheduled stunt. But, you know, that’s the challenge of it,
right? This is all, you know, training to work on– Your athleticism, on your skill,
and on your balance. This is challenging. And last, two weeks ago, I fell pretty hard,
banged up my knee, and my shin, but I lived. So there you go, man.
That’s the Horton house. The Horton house of horrors
or I mean, fitness fun. I don’t know.
I think that’s about it. Thank you so much.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. All I can say
is continue to bring it, continue to get some. It’s a brand new year.
No more excuses. It’s time for everybody
to get fit and healthy and share that
with the people that you love. Tony Horton, over and out.

25 thoughts on “Tony Horton’s Insane Home Gym Tour

  1. He finally aged, I was thinking he a vampire or something. He never ages. Nice to see him again doing what he loves.

  2. Tony, thanks for bringing us into your home! Love the renos you made! Truly jealous! You could film Ninja Warrior or Cirque de Soleil at your place! I love how you are exploring different ways to perform functional fitness! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. You're the man! Your P90 & P90x programs were one of the main reasons I lost 60 lbs. You're got a great, playful energy that makes working out fun. Thank you for everything!

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