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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Craig: The body isn’t really meant to be between 330 and 350 pounds of muscle. What do you recommend bro I’m trying to get huge? I decided to break the boundaries I guess. Oh there’s more? I work out five or six days a week, about one and a half to two hours a day depending how much I’m yapping. This is Biggy Big he drives the ladies wild just like his daddy. My name is Craig Golias I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada. And I am a bodybuilder online coach. I’m just trying to get huge. What do you have that’s going to get me huge? What’s going to get you like big? Craig: Yeah, massive trying to get huge. I just woke up and decided I want you know some muscles. You know once I saw the progress I just wanted more and more and more You know the attention I was getting and you guys probably saw that. The bus picture that went kind of viral for a while. Girls were starting to be what’s up and I was like hey what’s up? All right lovely ladies, can I get a pic check? Yeah pic check yeah. Craig: Before I knew it, I just kind of got obsessed. I was a toothpick in high school. I don’t remember those days to be honest with you. I didn’t start working out till I was 20. Going from 150 pounds at 350 pounds that was quite a change. I mean it’s dramatic. Such a crazy comparison. I even liked my own picture. Was just kind of like a pyramid you know you keep on going and going and going and you just tell yourself when is enough, and you never want to stop because you are never satisfied. So you just keep on going. Negatives about being you know, 350 pounds of muscle I would definitely say it’s like tying your shoes, taking a shower. You know, going upstairs you know just the little things, but they add up. Your heart can only take so much weight on it, but I don’t plan on being like this big forever. You know, I mean, like, I know there’s going to be a certain time I’m going to relax you know. Bodybuilding to me is one of the hardest things a human being can do. And it’s 24 hours a day, so you’re not eating, you’re sleeping and if you’re not sleeping, you’re training, if you’re not training, you’re eating more if you’re not doing cardio, it’s just like there’s always something you know, like you blink and you got to do something differently. Woman: I don’t know what you’re worried about you look huge man. All right, let’s go. Craig: I am at Stacks and Yolks. I am here for breakfast it’s meal one for me today. What do you recommend bro I’m trying to get huge? Waiter: So what are we contemplating right now, actually cheese. Craig: A little more jalapenos too.
Waiter: Sure. Craig: I’m really trying to
get huge today as you can tell. Waiter: Honey burrito.
Craig: French toast. Waiter: How many do you want to get?
Craig: Three. I get about four to five meals a day and a shake or two here. Waiter: Burrito and side B.
Craig: Lunches consist of, you know, red meat, chicken, complex carbohydrates and more rice pasta, potatoes. I’m pushing 340-350 pounds so I got to keep it lean and tight. I have to replace it through the night. Keeping the sugar low because I want to keep it lean. I want to keep it shredded. Now **** that you know I want to get huge. Once I get to a weight of 340-350 pounds, the body does not want to be that big. Your body fights you every minute it can to get smaller. Oh, there’s more.
Waiter: Ranchero French toast. Craig: Yeah.
Okay, these are so good. If my portions got smaller, I would just drop a lot of weight. Probably look a lot sexier. Here’s me in front of the club, relaxing in the hot tub, taking a leak, another one of me in the club looking like a scrub. You got to zoom in on that. I do online coaching. I love it. It’s an amazing job. I better people’s lives for a living. Alright guys, so I’m going to take you through an arm workout today. And I’m going to show you normally what I have for biceps and triceps. To get those arms super massive as you can see. I love helping people you know achieve their goals and their dreams with their body. I feel there’s nothing wrong with steroids considering on how old you are and if you’re not abusing it, you know, and you’re using it for the right reasons. It’s very common for bodybuilding. But I was always a huge believer in building your foundation first. Like I have so many clients they’re like 18, 19, 20. Craig I want to jump on jump what do you recommend? Bro you still got a lot more growing to do. You know get that natural muscle first. You know what I mean? And then take it to the next level. You know that’s what I’ve always been big on. I do a lot of stupid stuff too as you can see on my Instagram. Got to get that mass to get that ass here with wow. Sometimes people will come up to me and they’ll want some pictures. I love when they come up and say hi. I say that’s my people you know. I’m very proud of the journey. I feel like ‘19 has been definitely one of my best years by far. My business has grown and my name is grown. A lot of people you know are working hard and doing stuff they don’t love. So I get to wake up and do what I love. So I find it a blessing. What does the future hold for Craig Golias? I’m very content right now with how things are going you know what I mean, all I can do is just keep on going up, from where I’m at right now just better myself. You know better everything keep on climbing. What do you got this going to get me absolutely massive. I’m trying to get huge.
Waiter: What? Craig: Trying to get huge.
Waiter: I’m sorry?

100 thoughts on “‘Toothpick’ Student Gains 200lbs Of Pure Muscle | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. This guy is on so much steroids his penis is now a new from a small, it's consider a super ultra micro penis also the way he's breathing my bets on a few years before having a heart attack and paramedics finding him with his dog chewing off his face

  2. He didn’t gain 200lbs of muscle even with steroids more like 60 to 70 no one can gain an additional 200lbs of muscle after adulthood people don’t understand how steroids work smh

  3. Just stop about the STEROIDS, its obvious, everyone is criticizing him, whats the different between him and most professional sports players, most of them take steroids/drugs and become obsessive with there sport, just like this guy, only real difference is so called fame and money, because people are so crazy and think these athlete's are special, cheering for there home team ha, people are sheep.

  4. I don’t understand why he kept going. He has a great aesthetic physique at 0:58 – he looks big, he’s lean and most importantly he’s really healthy.

  5. 3:30
    This antics shows how this guy got the whole "body" using roids

    Can't even control his tea how will he control being on a healthy diet lol

  6. Pass on the steroids, a naturally healthy body built on healthy food and dedication is the way to go I think. If it makes him happy however, good for him, though I do worry about his heart (especially on the steroids) and I hope he knows what he is doing and he runs it buy his doctor.

  7. This man can never be able to have a boner naturally ever again… not attractive at all in a man….
    Plus is his goal to get cancer, because with this life style he is either going to die from a massive heart attack or cancer in the future… 😰

  8. the thing is that the angles that this video is recorded is very similar to the angles that the takes his own picks and videos to look bigger when he is with the jacket its a normal angle and views but when he shows his mucles the angle changes to look bigger … he is big but the guy has to do this angles and a liltle of photoshop on his stuff to look even bigger

  9. This isn't very impressive, shitty eating habits, and workout regimen just a high quality cycle shooting yourself up with gear isn't something to brag about. However this is what's it come to ppl like this shouldn't be giving out PT advice… ppl are dumb

  10. Ugh I hate people who already know the answers to they're own questions just to hear other people say the answers to stroke they're own ego.

  11. U may get a little big lifting weight but this big is from some help Called ….. steroids his talk is full of crap covering up his steroids addiction….all that talk

  12. I am 6'5" 350 and can lift more than this guy. Why is there not a special about me? Oh yeah, I am not an egotistical dickhead and have never done steroids in my life. I look normal, and am healthy. Both physically and mentally. Some people are just sad. What's worse is the media giving them attention.

  13. It is the year 2032. Planet fitness and CrossFit gyms have a total domination on the fitness market. There is only one man who can defeat them. This is the story of Craig

  14. I don't see any problems with people who want to take steroids. If that's what they want to do with their life, it's their decision. However, they need to realize they may not live past mid 40's or live with serious health conditions for the rest of their life.

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