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what’s up muscle and strength it’s your
boy coach Myers I’m back again now you might remember my video my top 10
hardest core exercises well guess what I got a list of 10 movements that are even
tougher and that’ll we’ll put your core strength to the test and I’m about to
show them to you right now now this first movement is where my
all-time favorite core strength exercises and I purposely left it out of
the first video because I wanted to save some bangers for this one and that’s the
dragon flag this was first popularized by Bruce Lee it was also in the movie
rocky 4 you’re gonna want to start laying on a bench reach up grab behind
your head bring your legs all the way up in the air tighten your core up and kind
of let your legs fall over keep your body straight and your hips
off of the bench the entire time now you remember the medicine ball roll out for
my last video well here’s an even tougher version the bump or plate roll
out you’re gonna take two 45 pound bumper plates start with your hands on
them in a push-up position slowly roll the bumper plates out side to side until
you get them out extended in four in front of you as you can and then roll
them back keeping your abs tight pelvis in good position the entire time now remember core strength is not just
about having strong abs in a fixed position but it’s also about be able to
maintain core strength and stability as you move dynamically through a range of
motion and that is why core strength is so important for our next movement which
is really a full-body exercise and that’s the heavy med ball sit-up you’re
going to start in a sit-up position with your feet under a set of dumbbells with
a heavy medicine ball I’m using an 80-pound medicine ball in the video
you’re gonna sit up explosively extend through the hips when you get into that
front squat position stand all the way up keep your back tight and bring your
hips in at the top number four on this list is without a doubt one of the
toughest movements and that’s a steering wheel you’re going to get into a plank
position with either a bumper plate or a regular 45 pound plate underneath you
grab the plate at 10 and 2 o’clock keep your abs tight maintain pelvic tilt
and you’re gonna rock side to side touching your elbows to the ground as
you steer that wheel back and forth now remember like I said before core
strength is not just about the anterior side of your body the posterior chain is
just as important for maintaining strength and stability throughout the
core and this next one is one of the toughest ones it’s a 45 degree
hyperextension but you’re gonna do it in an extended position grab a light set of
dumbbells and you’re gonna extend your arms up overhead keep them locked into
place as you bend forward nice and slow and then come up to your bodies in a
straight line now if you’re familiar at all with my training you know that I
love bodyweight movements push-ups dips chin-ups well one of my favorite push-up
movements is the Chinese push-up and as hard as this one is for your triceps
your chest your shoulders it’s even harder if your abdominals in your lower
back what you’re gonna do is get into a diamond push-up position maintain pelvic
tilt flex those abs really hard but then walk your hands out as far in front of
you as possible and then maintain a nice rigid body as you push up don’t let your
body touch the ground or rest at the bottom okay you think those Chinese push-ups
look easy how about a dip variation for core I
want you to try these planche dips now these were taught to me by my gymnastics
coach world medalist Brandon Winn and this is one of the hardest movements to
do not just for your abs but also for upper-body strength in general what are
you gonna do is get on to a dip bar you’re gonna curl your legs up
underneath of you rotate your hips up you’re gonna really have to use your
lats to push and get your torso kind of level to the ground and then perform
almost like a push-up in that position keeping your knees high and tucked into
your chest now you might remember the barbell climb downs from the first video
without a doubt a tough exercise you want to kick it up a notch we’re gonna
make things harder we’re gonna take that stability of the barbell out of the
equation and we’re gonna use a rope these rope climb and downs are no joke
once again you want to maintain pelvic tilt keep your abs tight walk all the
way down to the bottom of the rope till your hands touch the ground and then
back up hey while we’re on the subject of
climbing ropes how about the hardest rope climb of them all and that’s an
inverted rope climb now you gotta have a strong grip strong biceps strong lats to
perform this movement but if you don’t have a strong core you don’t even got a
chance at this one start by laying on your back underneath the rope
you’re gonna put your legs straight up in the air really crunch hard keep those
abs tight keep your hips up as you climb up the rope pulling it to you almost
like in a rolling movement touch your feet to the bar climb back down
carefully this one’s tough now of course I had to save the best for last
and by best I don’t mean most complicated this is one of the most
basic ones on the list I’ve been doing it since high school but it is without a
doubt in my mind the toughest core exercise on planet and that is the
standing ab wheels you’re gonna start hunched over in a
standing position keep those abs tight roll that wheel all the way out to your
nose touches the ground and then pull as hard as you can
bringing it the wheel back towards your feet don’t let your hips sag on this one
you got to keep everything tight from head to toe good luck now remember core
strength is not just about having a ripped six-pack it’s about having
strength and stability across the entire midsection front and back so that you
can generate power whether you’re going heavy lifting athletic movements or just
for everyday life thanks for watching take these exercises put yourself to the
test make sure to subscribe below

76 thoughts on “Top 10 Hardest Core Exercises Round 2 w/ Coach Myers

  1. Any tips on how to progress from a standing ab wheel? I've been doing it for quite some time now, and i need to take it to the next level.

  2. Just watched the previous Video and was kinda bummed that I already mastered all of the ones in it, guess you still got me some work to do in the end though! can't wait to do these.

  3. I guess those seven dislikes are from people who were disappointed because he didn't give the number of sets and reps like in the first video.
    Don't get me wrong, I myself liked the video.

  4. This was a great video and I will try this. But I just happened across this video. What is your back ground if you don’t mind me asking

  5. I have never heared of these but so far just by watching I like the rope climb down, the med ball and the……Chinese push up. That dragon flag is everything! Ill try these out one all ab days

  6. I showed Dragon Flags to a friend of mine who was in really good shape, but he still ended up getting a hernia from them, so be careful.

  7. Pretty fresh excercises you got. I'm getting so tired of my leg raises on bar all day long. Really like the chinese pushups, eventhough they seem too hard for me yet. 😉

  8. very nice exercises! no doubt you know what youre taalking about but could you please stop using your hands like in bad rap music video..

  9. I tried the wheel yesterday, only rolled with my knees on the floor, my shoulders are killing me today, so sore from that, will try it on tip toes when I m recovered

  10. Part 1
    1. Weighted planks
    2. Ring layouts
    3. Barbell rollout
    4. Walk-outs
    5. Barbell situps
    6. Plate layouts
    7. Barbell climb
    8, 90degree
    9. L sit pullups
    10. Medicine ball wheel barrel

    Part 2
    1. Dragon flags
    2. Bumper plate rollout
    3. Heavy med ball sit
    4. Steering wheel
    5. Back extension
    6. Chinese triceps
    7. Paunch dips
    8. Rope climb
    9. Inverted rope climb
    10. Standing ab wheel

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  12. And I realize form is key, but curious if still, you've ever experienced back pain due to these (or other) of the exercises you do?

  13. Those tuck blanche dips weren't even full range of motion. you are supposed to lock arms out at end. makes it way harder on your shoulders and its also not much or a core exercise.

  14. Great video, straight to the point, no nonsense, hardcore exercises demonstrated finely…. love the background music too !!

  15. Which of those (and the other vid) dont cause a lot of strain on the lower back? I love a core challenge but hate lower back pain. So the roll-out is out of the equation for example. Oh, and pls no bro-science as in (low macho voice here) "y0u gotta train those abs to fight your back pain" 🙂

  16. The first video of him got 3 million because people tought they were strong. Now they tried 3 of those and failed, this is why this video is not getting at that 3 million yet…. They got scared Coach Myers… U scared them hahaha

  17. This was exactly what I'm into. Thank for this great video! Saved it and will definitely take the challenge!

  18. What’s crazy is the standing AB wheel is the only one that is easy for me. Bumper plate one kicks my a.. good stuff. Got work to do! Happy New Year.

  19. ?? Im a 16 year old basketball player 6'0 and 140 lbs looking to gain weight. I have ON whey protein and am wondering if i should drink a glass everyday after a basketball practice (intense conditioning and cardio) (5-6 days a week) or if i should save it for days I go to the gym which is either 1-2 days a week. Or If i can drink it regardless if i've done nothing that day ??

  20. Hi coach. I like this video because it doesn't show a common list of the most well-known exercises. Good job!

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