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Top 10 Beautiful Female Bodybuilders Women are born beautiful and we hope no eyebrows
jumped up at this! Well, the female sapiens were surely sculpted
with care and a lot of time at hand, after all the results are pretty spectacular, what
say? Let’s add some icing on this lovely cake
with a bit of bodybuilding and voila; you get to see a true sensation here! Perfectly ripped after a strict fitness regime
and a pretty face to go with it, you have more reasons to watch them dude! So let’s unveil the most beautiful women
from the sport that you can’t help but appreciate! Number 10. Larissa Reis
This blonde woman was a part time model back in her college days when she was studying
tourism and hotel management. But soon she was spotted by Playboy Brazil
and her career changed forever. Later she moved onto becoming a fitness model
and that shouldn’t be a surprise after seeing her ripped body! She refers to everything about her career
as 100% hardcore, a term she coined herself. Isn’t that amazing? This gorgeous lady earned her IFBB pro status
in 2007 and hasn’t looked back thereafter! You go girl! Number 9. Brooke Holladay Ence
When you talk of a well proportioned physique you are bound to mention this American woman! Just look at her abs, aren’t they rock solid? The gorgeous blonde sculpted her body through
lifting iron which she never fails to flaunt. Well, as they say “If you’ve got it, flaunt
it”! Brooke came to limelight during the 2015 Crossfit
Games where she bagged two first place titles, not bad at all! Apart from that sexy body, Holladay has got
a really pretty face that could easily beat any fashion model of today. Wow! Number 8. Eva Andressa
From a skinny teenager to a fitness model, Eva’s journey inspires us to no limits! With muscles packed on her frame, she indeed
looks strong. But that’s not all to her, have a look at
her assets and you’d be left awestruck! What do you think 4.1 million people are following
her on Instagram for? Yea her well carved abs compliment her curvy
assets and that cute smile to go with it. Boys beware; you might lose your heart to
her! Number 7. Oksana Grishina
A former gymnast, Oksana graduated from University of Kaliningrad, Russia with a degree in Physical
training and Sports. A right move we should say! She took fitness to be her life when she started
working as a trainer in a gym but later, on the advice of other instructors, she took
to bodybuilding. She had been in the industry since 2004 and
got her IFBB pro card in 2007. Thanks to her physique, she has tasted many
wins. Oh and did we forget to say that she has got
the looks to slay? Number 6. Amanda Latona
You might have heard of Amanda but if you haven’t, you at least know about the Booty
Queen! She began her career as a pop singer and in
order to maintain the image of the band, she was told to work out and stay in shape. It was then that this brunette fell in love
with fitness and switched her career, quite a move we could say! You know she is special because no ordinary
person ever gets the title of IFBB bikini champion 10 times! Don’t we love her sculpted abs and those
mesmerizing eyes? Number 5. Sara Piana
The world knows her, OBVIOUSLY because of her former husband Rich Piana! We won’t say that she came to limelight
only after she married ex- Mr. California who is one of the biggest guys in the sport
but after their divorce her graphs came down! She took part in Rich’s videos but had stepped
on stage for the competitions before she became Mrs. Piana. There aren’t many accomplishments to boast
of but when it comes to hotness, Sara can be placed on the list without a doubt! Who said female bodybuilders aren’t worth
gazing at? Number 4. Adriana Kuhl
Would you believe us if we told you, this fitness model grew up as a skinny teenager? The Swedish woman has always been active,
with badminton and running an important part of her life. But she was unhappy about her underweight
body and moved towards the gym to get fit. The rest is history; by 2016 she had gained
a lot of followers on social media and inspired them through her videos and pictures! Her shredded figure and radiating face can
never be overlooked. We sure love you girl! Number 3. Erica Cordie
Born in Minnesota, Erica had a love for snow skiing but during one of her trials she hurt
her right knee badly. That is how she landed in the gym, for rehabilitation. See you have no idea what good might come
from bad incidents! She has screws in her knee and due to compensation
her other knee also pains but her determination has kept her going. Look at those strong arms, flat belly and
enchanting smile. No wonder you’ll fall for her in the first
sight! Number 2. Pauline Nordin
You’ve seen Pauline on the Swedish version of the show, ‘The Biggest Loser’ where
the winner was from her team! Also she has featured on the cover of various
magazines so she aint new to you. Started her training as young as 17 years
and by the time she turned 20, she was competing. What a young achiever she is! This lovely lady works as personal trainer
and we are sure you’d want to hire her. Come on, look at her… she’s pretty, sexy
and tough! Number 1. Jennifer Rish
There is no way that this gorgeous smile is not making it to this list! Apart from being a fitness model and figure
competitor, she is also a registered nurse from South California. Can we call this woman multi talented? Her early life had a strong influence of kickboxing,
gymnastics and dance but when she met the gym… she really turned her body! Well, but all this kinda fades out once you
settle your gaze on her pretty face. My, this woman is beautiful and we can’t
get our eyes off her! Which of these women changed your idea about
the beauty of female bodybuilders? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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