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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Welcome my friends, check it out. You are live with two of
the vegan bodybuilders. On my left I have… – Jon Venus. – Jon Venus from Norway. (band music) The most common question I ever get being a vegan bodybuilder
is what do you eat to get your protein,
how do you gain muscle? Is it even possible? It’s like an unfathomable
thing for a lot of people and I remember when that was me too. – [Jon] Yep, same here man. – [Brian] Right, like
before I transitioned about a year ago. You went like 13 months
ago, 14 months ago. – [Jon] Yeah something like that yeah. – [Brian] Both of us
were like there’s no way. It doesn’t make sense. So basically this video
is just gonna kinda cancel out that view, because
we’re going to give you 10 amazing foods that have plenty of protein to help you gain muscle, right. I think it’s way easier
than it might seem at first. Especially after you hear
some of these things. You’re going to be like
“Oh wow I didn’t realize that was a lot of stuff that I could do.” So the first thing,
number one on the list. This one’s a little bit,
it’s a little bit weird. Like something you might
not have heard of before. First thing is spirulina. So spirulina is actually like a bacteria that’s cultured from algae I
believe, something like that. Not only is it extremely
good for you in terms of antioxidants, vitamins,
minerals, things like that. But, for the weight, the protein is so high. – It’s over 50% guys so
I think it’s the most protein dense food on the planet. I’m pretty sure I read that
somewhere so that’s insane. – I really only put that
one because it’s crazy how much protein comes
from that for the weight. I don’t personally use
that it’s kinda gross. – Yeah me neither. – Let’s get on to the ones
that actually taste good. (laughing) – It’s more relevant. Lentils and beans. You might have heard
this before when you’re seeing about like what
vegans eat and stuff. But actually they both have
huge amounts of protein. I know you go hard with the beans. – Oh yeah yeah yeah, beans
and lentils are the staple of my diet and especially
for me because I don’t have access to a lot of the
meat replacements or a lot of tofu and seitan depending
on where I am at the time. Beans and lentils are
something you can get wherever you are in the world pretty much and the protein contents are amazing. You can get all your protein requirements just from eating beans and
lentils if you chose to. – [Brian] Yeah and it’s mad
cheap, that’s another thing. – [Jon] It is cheap, yeah. – [Brian] A lot of people
think that it’s so expensive to be vegan, but that’s only if you decide to make it expensive. Beans and whatnot you can
buy in huge containers. I think it’s relatively cheap. – You want me to tell you number three? – I want you to tell me number three. I want you to go – Okay okay okay. You know we put down edamame bean, Edamame? Is that how you say it? – Edamame beans? But we kind of talked about beans already, just all beans in general. But edamame beans and edamame pasta, so pasta made from those beans and in general just pasta made from beans. They’re all super high in protein and I’ve never really
tried too many of them. I don’t remember what I’ve tried. I think I’ve only tried quinoa pasta, which has a little bit higher
protein than normal pasta. But I can see this being a really big help in your diet if you’re trying
to boost up the protein level. Just having the black
bean pasta or whatever. It seems like it’s a nice cheat. – It’s phenomenal bro,
let me tell you, man. And I know you’re saying
they’re kinda the same thing beans, and then black bean pasta. They’re two completely different things. Yeah they’re sourced from the same thing, but black bean pasta,
it takes out pretty much all of the extra carbs and fat and stuff. Number four on the list is
seitan and it’s not the devil. – Yeah a lot of people say “Satan”. – It’s Satan. Team satan. (laughs) Sorry, no, but seitan is wheat gluten protein, I believe. – Yeah that’s right. – And so it’s kinda funky at first if you’ve never seen it
before, you’ll look at it, and you’ll be like,
“What the hell is that?” It just kinda looks like
a big block of texture or something like that. – [Jon] Yeah. Yeah, it kinda looks like a… I don’t know, boiled meat or something. I’m not really sure.
– [Brian] Yeah. A meatloaf. – [Jon] Yeah, yeah. Exactly. It’s a bit weird. – [Brian] How do you make it? – [Jon] I personally
just…you can either put it on an oven, you can fry
it, whatever you want, or put it in the microwave. It’s up to you, but I prefer dicing it up into small pieces and putting
it in different dishes, mixing it with rice or something. Tofu scramble even, I’ll mix it in there. There’s is a lot of ways to eat it, sometimes I’ll even put it on a sandwich. – Yeah. – It has kinda like a…it
depends, there’s a lot of ways to prepare this,
but if you buy just seitan without anything, just 100%
seitan, it kinda tastes a bit smoky,
– Yeah. Kinda like a meaty taste and
texture is very similar to meat so if you kind of miss the
texture and you want high amounts of protein, that’s a pretty
good thing to go for. – Yeah, it’s great for marinating it for awhile,
– Oh, yeah. – And then, like you’re saying,
cubing it up really small and fry panning it or whatever. You can throw it into a
burrito, instead of a meat. It acts very well as a meat replacement. – I love it with barbeque sauce. – Whoa. Number five on the list is tempeh. This is relatively new
to me, I knew about it, but I never really went in
and bought it and tried it and stuff, ’cause it
kinda looks like brains. – [Jon] (laughs) Yeah, that’s right. – [Brian] It’s weird, man. So what it is…tofu is like a block of white, textured weird stuff, right. Tempeh is slightly
higher in protein levels, lower in fat, and stuff. And I suppose it’s just
smashed together soy beans. – [Jon] Yeah, it’s a little
less processed than tofu, ’cause tofu is almost like they
process the beans extremely, extremely much.
– [Brian] Yeah. (laughs) – [Jon] And then they
turn it into a block. While tempeh you can actually
see the pieces of the beans and stuff like that. – [Brian] Yeah. – [Jon] You can see it’s
a little less processed, so if you’re worried
about processed foods, this is a better choice
than tofu in that point. I really enjoy the taste. It’s a bit weird at first. – It’s so good. – Your taste buds change when you go vegan and stuff like that, so this ends up being
really, really tasty. Plus, you can marinate
just like everything else, and make it awesome. – The reason I think
this is such a good food, is because the texture isn’t like tofu where it’s all just kind of texture-less. It has this crunch, because
each one is kind of a bean shell there’s not only crunch on
the outside of the block, but within the block too
there’s little pieces of some sort of texture. Now the reason I point the
texture out is the way the way that I prepare this is so good. You just slice it up into little pieces, put it into a frying pan and
you saute it with some sort of oil, if you want to do
that, and then what you do is throw sauce on it. And it sounds like the
simplest recipe or whatever, but if you put orange
sauce from Panda Express, it literally taste pretty damn
exact to how orange chicken tastes from Panda Express. The sixth.
– The sixth one we put down dense veggies like broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale. Dark leafy greens,
– Yep. – Especially have a lot of protein. And I didn’t realize that before. I thought, “Yeah, I’ll
just have some broccoli or whatever, some spinach”, but I wouldn’t even count it as protein. I didn’t have no idea
there was protein in there. Even though I watched
Popeye when I was a kid. I still didn’t realize that
and make the connection, but there’s a lot of protein.
– [Brian] Tons. – [Jon] Yeah, yeah, yeah. The percentage-wise per
calorie is very, very high. The problem is that it’s very
hard to consume enough of it, because it’s very, very filling. But the percentage of protein
in these dark leafy greens and broccoli and that kind
of stuff is super high. A lot of people don’t
expect it, but it’s awesome. You can always get an extra
20-30 grams of protein just by adding that stuff. – [Brian] It’s so dope. And you know that you should be eating more vegetables, whether
or not you’re vegan already. – [Jon] It’s a good
excuse, right? (laughs) – [Brian] You know you
should, and when you add in those four servings of
vegetables that you should, then you’re getting that
extra 20-30 grams of protein. I didn’t really notice
that, like you’re saying, until I turned around a
broccoli bag and was like ‘Oh, wow! That’s a lot.’ – [Jon] Yeah. – And then also as you
eat more vegetables, you get used to eating more vegetables, and now I’ll just throw
extra broccoli on everything and that’s getting me
so much more protein. – Plus it’s really fuckin’ healthy. – Yeah, exactly man. I feel a hundred times better, energy’s a hundred times better, acne is a billion time better
when I overdose on vegetables, so that’s a powerful thing right there. Seven is tofu. Now you were expecting this one. I put it down the list,
so you didn’t be like, ‘I told you what this
video was going to be.’ But I always thought tofu was gross, I thought it was just
stupid and texture-less, and what the hell, how do you eat that? And of course the first time I tried tofu, I just a took a bite of
tofu after no preparation. – [Jon] Raw tofu, right? – [Brian] Yeah.
– [Jon] I tried that as well. – [Brian] If you try a
plain piece of ground beef, you’re gonna be like “This is disgusting.” – [Jon] Raw beef. – [Brian] Yeah you gotta
season it and cook it right. The way that I’ll set it up
is I’ll cut it down the middle then I’ll cut it into squares that you can saute those
squares on both sides so each side is golden brown,
then you can throw some sort of sauce in it. Boom, and it’s delicious. There’s also a billion
other ways to prepare it. You can do scrambled tofu. – [Jon] Oh that’s become the
staple of my diet right now. – [Brian] Oh, that’s so good. – [Jon] Scrambled tofu. There’s a lot of different tofus I eat. You can buy tofu with some
sort of spices inside: curry tofu, mango tofu, whatever. I prefer just having the
plain one, because it’s easier when you’re counting macros
and everything like that and just season it yourself. But guys, the scrambled tofu is amazing. It’s pretty much just tofu that you make a scramble out of it. You just put a fork and
you press down on the tofu, spread it out, and then you
season it with, I prefer doing with turmeric and salt and
pepper, and that’s pretty much it It’s awesome, because it has a similar texture to scrambled eggs and it looks
the same because it becomes yellow when you put the
turmeric, so you can trick a lot of people to try it, and
most of them will love it. – And if you’re like me,
and you’re on team ketchup, – Oh yeah.
– [Brian] Tofu works so well with ketchup, especially that scrambled. This one probably a little harder for people who aren’t living in America, specifically the more advanced
places like California or New York and stuff, Gardein or just general
meat replacement products. And I go hard, if you ever
watch my videos, you ever see my full day eatings, you know
that I like to eat Gardein. I probably have one of
those every single day. But there are so many
brands, especially here in California, because we’re always on the cutting edge of things. There’s Gardein, there’s
Sweet Earth, there’s Boca, there’s all these different
product that either make their own thing that’s
a completely different new product, or they
just emulate something that you don’t wanna cut out of your diet because that’s the reason
you don’t go vegan, you’re like, “I don’t wanna
miss our on my orange chicken.” And then, bam, you got to
try that orange chicken. – Oh my god, guys. I recommend every single
person watching this to try this stuff out. It is phenomenal. – [Brian] It’s so good, man! – [Jon] Couldn’t believe it. – In my opinion, I’ve had people who are regular meat eaters, they
haven’t done anything with the vegan thing yet,
but they try the product just because, “Oh, I saw it in your vlog.” And then they’ll text me,
snap me and they’ll be like, “This is better than the stuff
I usually eat every night.” It’s good, it’s good. – [Jon] And we’re not just saying this because we’re vegan or anything like that. I would dig that stuff back
when I was eating meat as well. – [Jon] Yeah. – [Brian] I would give it
to my sister, and she’s not a vegan and she’ll be like,
“Wow, can we get more of this?” If you are in a place where they do have some of those more advanced
replacement products and interesting pre-made
and things like that, you should try them. – [Jon] Yeah, they’re
very high in protein. – Yeah, especially in the beginning when you’re transitioning
over, before you start getting into, “Oh I’m gonna make
a lot of my food myself,” because a lot of people don’t
like to make their own food, Don’t even know how to cook. It’s a great way to be like,
“For dinner, instead of me having to chop up all these vegetables and make my own salsa
and make my own sauce and make my…” You’re like, “I’m just
gonna throw all those frozen little pieces into a
frying pan, add the sauce. I’m a chef. (laughing) I just made sizzling Beijing Beef.” And it’s super good, so
that one’s pretty helpful. – It’s a pretty obvious
one, but protein powders. Basically, if you’re into
fitness and bodybuilding, you’re consuming some sort of protein, like most people anyways. You don’t need to, you
really don’t need to, but it can be convenient
and stuff like that. And if you’re vegan, that’s obviously… The highest concentration of protein comes from protein powders because it’s protein. So, obviously, there are
loads of different variations for vegan protein. There is hemp protein there is – [Brian] Brown rice, pea. – [Jon] Brown rice, protein, pea. – [Brian] Soy. – [Jon] Yeah, and
different blends as well, like everything blended together. There is a lot to choose from. I gotta admit that a lot
of companies are not doing as well as they should with taste, but there are some amazing
tasting companies out there, protein powder that you
have to just experiment to find the one that works best for you. Obviously it has all
the amino acid profiles. There is no difference, it’s not superior. Whey protein is not better
than this, in terms of the reward you get from it. It’s the same. – [Brian] I feel like a lot of people will not make the change
to veganism simply because they won’t have that cushion
pad, that insurance pad of having a protein powder
at the end of the day if they f-ed up their macros, ’cause a lot of people
would just be like, “Oops, I only got 78 grams of
protein or whatever,” and then they’ll put two
scoops of whey protein and shake it up and drink it and be like, “Ah, now I’m all insured.” Go to bed all feelin’ like
games are coming and stuff. But you can do the exact same thing. Literally, a scoop of brown
rice protein is the exact same as whey. It has 24 grams of protein. The one I personally use
is brown rice protein. Buy my protein. I just say that because if you
guys do want something that’s super cheap, and you
want a discount on it, there is a link and a code and everything in the description below. But I’ve been using that forever, and I think it’s really
good, although it has a different texture, it’s
a little bit more gritty, ’cause you kinda have to play with it. So, that bring us to our last listing item, which is
hemp and other seeds, like chia seeds and things like that. You’ll hear a lot about this
if you ever start going vegan, people will be like, “Try
this seed, try that seed.” You don’t eat the seeds
straight in your face. What you’ll do is you’ll
mix them into a soup, you’ll mix them into your
shakes or something like that, and chia seeds and hemp
seeds have so much protein, it’s ridiculous – [Jon] Yeah. – [Brian] I think six
tablespoons has something like 25 grams of protein. – [Jon] Yeah it’s crazy. – [Brian] It’s crazy. If you’re one of those
guys who wants to go crazy on the protein, which
you don’t need to do, but say you still wanna have
the crazy amount of protein, you can make a smoothie
or a shake in the morning and throw in six tablespoons of chia seeds and then throw in one
scoop of brown rice protein and you just put in 50 grams of protein before you even left the house. – Of course it comes along with fat because nuts and seeds are awesome, have really, really big… A lot of protein, but they come
with a lot of fat as well. But it’s really good if
you’re trying to taper down on carb and having high fat, high protein and lower carbs. Nuts and seeds are awesome for that. As you said, there’s a
lot of ways to prepare this kind of stuff, put it
in smoothies and everything. I personally… I’m not a person who consumes
a lot of seeds and nuts. I really enjoy it, I
take more almond butter and stuff like that, and VP2, which is awesome. But apart from that, I don’t
really consume too much because I prefer keeping my fats low. But if you’re a person who doesn’t mind, if you’re bulking, for example, go hard on those thing, because especially if you’re a hard gainer, go hard on this because that
is gonna help you a lot. – If you’re someone like
me, I don’t generally get a lot of fat in my other meals, so I usually have to add something. I have to add some oil to
this sauté or something, just to make sure that
I do get my fats in. So if you’re one of those
people who’s already pretty low on fat, this is a great way to be like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna add this fat.’ Also, you get the benefits
of all this extra protein. So that’s the list of 10 things but this is only 10 things
that we just decided to throw out there. There are so many sources,
and this is not the best 10. This is just 10 that we
sat going back and forth… – Yeah, just like, random 10. – Yeah, put a list together. If you are ever worried about how you’re gonna get your protein in on a vegan diet,
transitioning to a vegan diet, I hope that this video
is something that you can go back to and reference. Also, you can kinda
experiment and figure it out. Just because I want you
guys to know that it’s not a difficult thing. I’ve literally never had an issue all of my journey this far, like 12 months into it, 11 months into it. Never have I been at
the end of the day like, ‘Oh no, man, I had a really
tough time getting protein. This was impossible.’ – Mm-hm – It’s easy, bro. It’s just
you gotta trust yourself and make that transitionary
period and start doing a little bit of studying
and experimentation. – It’s everyone’s worst worry, not getting enough protein. But it’s not gonna happen. Seriously guys, don’t worry about it. – Yeah. And hopefully this video
can kinda dispel that myth and that kind of fear for you and prove to you that there
is some good protein eats out there, boys and girls. So, that’s the end of the video. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I implore you, I really want you to check
out Jon Venus’s channel because I have all this
food and stuff on my channel and it’s a really great source, but if you go watch him
too, he eats in a completely different style than me, so you get two whole sources of
different types of food that you can pull from. And also tons of great workout
videos, production videos, traveling vlogs, all sorts of good stuff, so check him out. His link’s gonna be like… Right there, right under the video. Right there! Make sure you give it a thumbs
up if you enjoyed this video. Let us know what you thought
in the comments below. If you do have other foods
that you think are high in protein that you like to eat, that is a great place to
put them, you will help so many people, so please take the time, the cuff pain and write a little bit. Let us know what you think
in the comment’s below, give us your suggestions and ideas and if you’re not
subscribed to my channel. You know what to do, hit
that subscribe button. Team Beyond the Weak – Lift heavy! Or die ‘mirin, motherfucker. (downbeat techno music)

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