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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Not too long ago, we covered ten of the safest
ways to lose weight and received a few requests about the opposite problem – how to gain weight. So, we did some research. It seems everyone struggles to lose those
extra pounds, but it’s true that some people have difficulty gaining and doing so safely. You know what could use a few extra pounds? Our subscriber count! Go ahead, hit that button and click that bell. Help it bulk up! If this list helped you at all, be sure to
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your own healthy methods of gaining weight. 10. Gradually Increase Calorie Intake
How does a person gain weight? By taking in more calories than they burn. It varies from person to person, but the average
calorie intake to maintain a healthy weight can range anywhere from 1,600 to 2,600 calories. Anything over that, and you’ll start to gain. While it would be easy to just shovel in food,
that will eventually deteriorate your body, so you need to gradually increase what you’re
eating. Once you’re at a healthy weight or one you’re
comfortable with, level out your calorie intake to remain steady. 9. Dine More Frequently
We’re told that three meals a day is the norm, but piggybacking off of increasing your calorie
intake, you may need to spread your meals out throughout the day. Sometimes your body just can’t handle eating
more in one meal, and you shouldn’t be eating to a point where you’re getting sick or feeling
massively tired. Spread your meals out over the course of the
day, maybe eating six or seven times for effective increased calories. Not every time you eat needs to be a big feast,
though. Snacking frequently can add up quickly. 8. Add High-Fat Foods to Your Diet
Note, that doesn’t mean eat junk. There are plenty of high-fat foods that are
still healthy and can benefit your body. A very popular one these is avocados. Unlike most fruits, avocados have a higher
fat content, comprised of about 77% fat, actually. Cheese, dark chocolate, certain fish, nuts,
and full-fat yogurt are great foods to integrate into your diet to increase fat content the
healthiest way possible. 7. Avoid Water Before Meals
It makes sense. Drinking water before a meal means there’s
going to be less room for your food, right? Studies have shown that drinking 500 mL of
water about 30 minutes before a meal causes a decrease in food intake. If you’re trying to gain weight, you want
the opposite effect. Don’t cut down on water completely, though,
but definitely consider avoiding drinking it before you sit down for a meal. Another thing to try, but not overdo, is to
eat when you are hungry and not drink something instead. As we mentioned in a prior video, drinking
water when feeling hungry can suppress hunger pains, as your body reacts the same way when
dehydrated. 6. Drink More Milk
Unlike water, milk does contain calories that will work toward your goal of gaining weight. Rather than try to gain solely by drinking
milk, however, you’ll want to consider mixing in a nonfat dry milk powder. This will boost a cup of milk from about 122
calories to 230, which could result in an extra pound gained over the course of 15 days
or so, depending on your current weight, metabolism and activity level. 5. Work on Building Muscle Mass
Yeah, it sounds weird. It sounds like we’re telling you to exercise
to gain weight, but lifting weights is a much different workout than, say, running on a
treadmill. Building your muscle mass is a great way of
gaining weight without packing on extra fat. You’ve likely heard that muscle weighs more
than fat, which is a bit misleading. It’s not that muscle weighs more, it’s that
muscle takes up less space than fat, so you can have more of it without looking… well..
fluffy. Start a simple regimen of strength exercises,
purchase weights for home use or join a gym. Don’t cut out cardio entirely, though, as
it will help keep you fit and energized enough to tackle your core-strength exercises. 4. Eat a High-Carb Diet
When people try to lose weight, they often turn to cutting down on carbohydrates. According to the McKinley Health Center, anywhere
from 45 to 65% of your daily calories are from carbs. Increase your carb and calorie intake by turning
to healthy, high-carb options including dried fruits, quinoa, potatoes, and beans. More carbs will also energize you to be able
to do more strength exercises, as well. 3. Eat Plenty of Protein
We know protein is good for us, so how is a diet rich with it going to help with gaining
weight? Without overeating, a good amount of protein
can actually promote the formation of muscle mass, which, in turn, will add to your overall
weight. A diet with a lack of protein will result
in the formation of fat. While this, too, will make you gain weight,
it’s not the healthy kind of weight you want to be packing on. 2. Treat Yourself, Cut out Suppressants
You can enjoy the indulgences of life without overdoing it and still benefit from a little
weight gain. Be mindful of what you’re eating so you don’t
overdo fat and sugar, meaning don’t just chow down on sweets. Your snacks should still be healthy, like
yogurt and granola, as they’ll provide the fat and protein you need to gain while still
delivering on some of the essential nutrients your body will need. Finally, cut out any natural or unnatural
food suppressants, such as smoking tobacco or digesting green tea or saffron extracts,
grapefruit oil, spicy foods like cayenne pepper or ginger, and, finally, high-fiber foods
like beans, flaxseeds or chia seeds. 1. Turn to “Gainer” Supplements
There isn’t any miracle drug that can help you lose weight on its own, but gaining is
a bit of a different story. “Gainer” supplements, such as whey protein,
are designed to help promote the formation of muscle, leading to healthy weight gain. Supplements will affect people in different
ways, unfortunately, so it can be a crap shoot finding one that works for you. Some that you may want to try out include
Marine Muscle Mass Gainer, Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer, Universal Nutrition Real Gains,
and Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack. Many of these natural supplements will stimulate
your appetite, helping you intake more food and, therefore, more calories. Thanks for watching! Help us pack on some YouTube weight by subscribing,
clicking the bell, liking this video, and leaving your ideas for safely gaining weight
in the comment section….. dang it, now I’m hungry.

43 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways To Gain Weight FAST

  1. #1 smoke weed, a lightweight can eat up to 3500 kalories a day when you are high (average for 95 kilos is 2500 kalories)

  2. "Weight Gain" is really an untapped market.
    I mean, there are things out there but not like the weight loss market. There are probably just as many people looking to gain weight as to loosing weight but are often over looked.
    It may be hard to comprehend but for some of us it's really hard to pack on the pounds no matter what you try.
    Some people just have genetically high metabolisms or may suffer from type of illness.
    If someone could come up with a simple, inexpensive way for those who have trouble gaining weight (I know what you're thinking, not weed) they may just as well corner that market and make millions.

  3. It's rare to see people do this, but being one of the ones that has a hard time gaining weight, this is super helpful

  4. I actually cannot gain weight really in any way, I’m a grazer and have always had a BMI if 16.2, because I have no ability to reform triglycerides in my liver! That basically means that fat is broken to be absorbed into the blood, but I cannot reform the fat once inside. My triglyceride count is 12!

  5. G'stuff, T10A! And I love how even though you guys are showing a vid on gaining weight, You showed the healthy way to do it! I'da simply said, "Sit on your butt all day and order some pizza!" xD

  6. Giving up smoking made me put on a fair few pounds. So if you want to get fatter start smoking enough so you get addicted, then stop.

  7. I was a steady 140lbs from the age of 18. When I turned 30 I was still the same but ate shitty foods and lots of it. I read online that having smaller healthier meals but more frequently works even if you have a fast metabolism as I do plus I cycle stupid amounts each day. in 18 months I'm up to 161lbs. Watching this Video I've just had a bowl of porridge (slow burning calories) and getting set for my bike ride. I hope this helps.

  8. What's with your channel? You get less views than my gaming channel, yet you have 1.2 million subs and my gaming channel only has 50k subs.

  9. No thanks. I have lost 10 kg the last year (weighs now 61,8 kg, 175 cm height) but I think I refrain from increasing more, I do not want to eat such fattening food you suggest, since I feel so much better now. So this time your suggestions didn't fit me at all….lol.

  10. I’ve been going through chemo, and radiation, for brain cancer, which has left me looking like the stereotypical chemotherapy patient. Thanks for this video. Thumbs up.

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