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What’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to share with you guys my [top] [three] exercises the target short head or inner head of the bicep But before we get [started] if you guys haven’t signed up for my spot and race team yet for the Boston Super on August 13th the Ridiculously good-looking Spartans Make sure you click the link down the info section below and I’m also going to have a meet and greet at Qdoba Mexican eats on June 11th all that information is going to be down the info section below as well You guys have to make sure you click that [link] and RSVP because we can only fit so many people in the restaurant So if you want to be one of the people to get in makes you RSVP today now the short head of the bicep is also called the inner head because it lies Inside of the long head or the outside head of your biceps, so we’re going to be targeting this area right here And it’s really easy to remember Which exercises target the inside or outside of your bicep All you have to do is think Opposites so for example if you want to target the inside of your bicep with the short head you want to do Exercises with a really wide grip if you want to target the outside head or a long head [of] your bicep You [want] to exercises with a really narrow grip and if you want to try to Target both Heads pretty much the same did he do [is] shoulder-width grip with all your exercises Now also keep in mind that if your short head of your bicep is a lagging body part It’s probably going to be best for you to start off your bicep workout with an exercise to completely Annihilate the short head first that while you’re giving it everything you’ve got on that exercise To really break [down] and focus on that area I also recommend Finishing with an exercise that’s going to target the short head as well just to make [sure] you got in there and did the work that had to get done and with that being said I’m going to Show you three exercises for you guys to choose from to Target the short head of the bicep the first exercise is the wide grip Barbell curl when I say wide grip I mean really wide as you guys can see my hands are well outside of shoulder width if You look at the barbell where the finger line is right here, so the line I’m grabbing on the outside of that now when you do this exercise It’s very important that you guys get full range of motion [so] what you’re going to have to do is actually Hold your elbows in front of your hips a bit Just like this so you [can] fully extend the bar at the bottom of the movement now as you perform the exercise You’re going to come all the way up keeping a nice tight grip on that barbell The whole time you guys can see that my biceps are Activating really well here all the way up to the top and then control that negative on the way down now What I don’t want you guys to do is come up like this And then just let it fall down in front of you, and you’re going to see a huge difference This is the wrong way coming up to the top and then letting it fall you guys want to control the negative And you’re actually going to lower it and hold your elbows in position So the bar goes away from your body this movement right here [of] lowering it and having you go away from your body is going to maximize the amount of tension on your Bicep So you’re breaking down the most amount of muscle tissue throughout the entire exercise obviously guys it should go without saying if you’re doing half reps or if you’re doing this You’re not breaking down muscle tissue in order to build muscle You have to get that mind muscle connection You have to feel every single muscle fiber rip and tear on every single rep just because you have a pump doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re breaking down muscle tissue for regrowth all that means is that because you’re swinging the bar around with heavy weight you’re Just forcing blood to the area So keep that in mind and use proper form the second exercise is going to be a preacher curl And I want you guys to use an ez curl bar. So you’re not crushing your wrist while doing the exercise So what you’re going to do, and I do mine standing you can do it seated if you would like But I’m going to stand up get a nice wide grip on the barbell So outside of shoulder width and I’m going to sneak down the Pad like this The position that you [don’t] want to be in when doing preacher curls is This position you don’t want your shoulders rolled forward like this. It’s going to put a lot of tension throughout your shoulders You can injure your [shoulder] this way and you’re going to take Strength out of the exercise you’ll be able to lift as much weight either so what you want to do Sit [up] straight pop that chest and then lower yourself, and then once you’re in position you’re going to go all [the] way down get a full extension at the bottom of the movement feel that tricep Flex and Then come [back] up to the top and really focus on squeezing your biceps on every single repetition Okay doing [this] shit this isn’t doing anything besides making you just look stupid, okay? Grab the barbell hold as tight as you can control the negative all the way down feel every single muscle fiber rip and tear and Once you get to the bottom of the movement. This is [the] sticking point This is where it’s supposed to get hard and because it’s hard that’s why a lot of people [avoid] it But you’re not going to you’re [going] to use full range of motion you’re going to hit that sticking point You can squeeze your hands as high as you can on that barbell and you’re going to rip and tear Every muscle fiber and your biceps [on] the way back up so all the [way] down Control all the way back up, and you can see the short head really getting activated on this exercise The third and final exercise I want to share with you guys is an incline Dumbbell curl So you need a pair [of] dumbbells and a bench probably about 30 to 45 degrees Play with the settings to see what works best for you. Now, if I had a choice I had a lagging body part and I had to work on my short head of my bicep I would do this exercise as my last exercise to really target and annihilate the area just keep that in mind Quick tip from me to perform this movement correctly you’re going to sit back And then what you’re going to do is position your arms out to the sides of your body and then let your hands drop down So your palms are pretty much facing away from your torso the entire time and what you want to do is really try to Supinate so turn your hands out So this is turned in turn your hands out just by laying in this position in Turning your hands out as much as you can you’re going to feel your biceps tat to activate already So full extension at the bottom flex those triceps make sure your arms are fully extended and they’re going to come all the way up To the top of the movement really squeezing your biceps and then lower back on the way down and again Keep your palms facing the ceiling and really focus on twisting your arms out throughout the entire movement All the way down all the way up, and you really feel it in that short head You’re gonna feel that whole area stretch throughout the entire movement guys so as soon as you go down You’re gonna feel stretch right [through] the short head all the way down full extension all [the] way back up So those are my three exercises guys if you want to add one [or] two of these into your current bicep workout I recommend doing three to four sets of 810 repetitions and only taking a 60 second rest period In between your sets And I do have one [final] tip before you guys leave it has to do with Wasted reps and wasted sets and what I mean by [that] is let’s say you’re doing eight to ten repetitions With any of these exercises will choose the barbell curl, okay? So you doing eight to ten reps By the time you get to ten it’s easy for you to bring it up and bring it down and you could have easily got three maybe four more repetitions out of it before you set it to feel really tired if Your goal is [to] do eight to ten reps and the weights too light And you just stop when you get to [ten] even though you can do more you’ve wasted that entire set because you did not hit the point so [where] you have to really struggle to force the repetitions to Maximize muscle breakdown, you can completely missed that window So you need to make [sure] they’re like for [example] a lot of you guys asked me What the right weight to use when doing an exercise Well, there is no right answer the right amount of weight is however much weight You can do so that by [the] time you reach those eight to ten reps you’re completely dead that’s the correct amount of weight to use and obviously using proper form [so] With that being said I want to give an added tip to this and it has to do with really maximizing muscle breakdown And it’s called forced repetitions and force reps can be done one of two ways okay? The first way is if you’re working out by yourself If you don’t have a spotter and you get let’s say the eight repetitions But you really want to get the ten, but you just can’t do any more reps on your own in that case and only that case it’s okay if you guys use a bit of momentum on the concentric portion of this of the Repetition in order to really focus on a slow negative, so if you’re doing a barbell curl and you’re stuck and you try to do that lap you try to do that ninth rep and all you can do is get to Here, and that’s as far as it’s going use a little bit of momentum. Get that weight up Reposition yourself so that you’re nice and strong keep that core tight And then do a super slow negative three to four seconds on the way down Rest for a second bring it back [up] and finish that tenth rep nice and strong all the way down full extension then that completes The set now if you do have [a] spotter that all you’re going to do is just have your spotter help you with the concentric Portion of the Movement [so] if you get stuck here Tell your spotter to come in and have them help you get to the top. Don’t let them do it for you Have them fingertip the bar and help you get to the top of the movement then have them step away Then you do the full negative on your own and lastly guys like I said through the entire video No shitty form no half reps and no momentum reps unless doing what I just said it’s only time you guys can use momentum [and] if anybody tells you that they got huge doing half reps or momentum reps just ask yourself one question how much bigger Do you think they would have got if they did it right? Hope you guys enjoyed the video if you need a full program to help you build muscle and strength Be sure to check out my 12-week Transformation challenge I’ll toss that link down in the info section below be sure hit [that] like and subscribe button and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys


  1. Would it contribute to working the short head if I on the last exercise, supernated – I think it's called lol – or atleast like 'turned my wrists' backwards?….

  2. The short head of my left bicep is smaller than my right. Will these exercises help even them out or should I do more reps with my left arm?

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  4. Would holding an ez bar on the outsides while standing and curling work the inner heads too? Or does it only work with the preacher curls

  5. Hey Scott! Shoutout from NY. Wanted to tell you how much I learn from your videos! You keep it real and your passion comes through in every video! Keep on inspiring and keep these videos coming!

  6. I want to ask, in first set i can do 8 reps with maximum power i can do (and proper form ofcourse) and rest 1 minute per set, but in second set i only afford to do 6 reps, Do i choose wrong weight? Should I lower the weight?

  7. I love barbell curls they wreck my arms, but that wide grip looks dodgy to me, I have to maintain shoulder width otherwise anything wider I can feel it pulling on my elbow joint. Not good.

  8. When I do wide grip barbell curls I feel it more on the long head. The next day I feel sore only on the long head of the bicep.

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  10. I am not sure about always the 8-10 reps because my bicep is a lagging body part that grows slower then my other muscles.
    12-15 reps aiming for 15 actually stimulates my biceps and makes them grow faster. I tried 10 reps for a very long time and i was stuck with small biceps for a long time but after the 15 reps i noticed the size of my biceps growing with each work out i did. Maybe they were growing faster at that point do to genetics of muscle fibers or maybe because they were trying harder to catch up with my other muscles. I am not sure but this is what worked for me.

  11. …"this is the sticking point, this is where it's supposed to get hard, and because it's hard that's why a lot of people avoid it but you're not goin' to you're going to use full range of motion and hit that sticking point!" My ex-wife told
    me this many many times.

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