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33 thoughts on “Top 3 Exercises After A Dislocated Shoulder

  1. So my left thumb HURTS. Im 37 yr old female and have had this pain for a few weeks now. Its stays local to the MCP joint and moves up the inner part of thumb to the IP joint. Its senitive to touch and move and I cant grab anything. Any ideas?

  2. Nice video,i dislocated my shoulder 2 times when i was punching (hook) and i'm 17…Do you think i can be back to sports

  3. These really work for me. Especially the empty the can and external rotation exercises. Shoulder pain goes away after a couple days of them consistently.

  4. Very helpful, I have shoulder problems all of my life from an auto accident that messed my spine, neck and shoulder, to the extent that I had to learn to do activities with my left hand. I'm putting this in my 'like' folder. The rest of my body was messed up with sports accidents and falling off the roof, however I had to do manual work all of my life to support myself, I have so many wraps for body parts to hold me together, you would not believe, and wait until you get into old age, your mishaps come back to haunt you!!
    Don't take meds, just use cloves soaked in a jar of vegetable oil as a rub, and, just grit my teeth and keep on keeping on. Appreciate ever video you post for us

  5. I like how this channel is basically awesome. We all admit we're not perfect. We all also commit to trying to make the best of it.

    In short, your channel is more potent than Paxil.

  6. Very interesting video, guys! Thank you so much🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 It helps for my hémiplégie.

  7. How to know if you dislocated your shoulder? Hmmmmmmm…. Ummm…. How about mind gripping, heart-stopping AGONY AND P-A-I-N beyond imagination? THANK YOU! I needed this one!

  8. BOB & BRAD. PLEASE! How about an in depth discussion on how scar tissue builds and grows to help hold together a shoulder after a full rotator cuff tear? ALSO, please consider a video on your own personal research or experience with rebuilding joint cartilage as we age. Are there ANY particular brands or products that you believe are actually effective and worth the time and money? Bless you for helping so many all over the world. LOVE your channel!

  9. I love your videos guys!!! Sometimes I jus watch and do a few exercises to keep my RA from hitting me too suddenly (sometimes I can feel it start to flare). Thanks for keeping the videos moving smoothly and clearly and for keeping me smiling! Wishing you both and ur team good health and happiness! PS: I have my mom subscribe to you in hopes that her 63yr old self will practice your methods! So far so good just gotta remind her.

  10. Hello –
    thank you for the dislocated shoulder – is there by chance the same tips for a dislocated HIP?

  11. Ojalá y puedan leer mi sugerencia yo fui operada en agosto del corazón a corazón abierto después tuve algunos problemas fui dos veces hospitalizada por dolor de mi brazo izquierdo y no poder respirar por el dolor tan fuerte a todo esto fue que no pude mover durante todo este tiempo mi brazo izquierdo o más bien yo trate de no hacerlo porque pensaba que así me iba a doler menos No sabía qué era lo que producía ni dolor ni los doctores lo sabían cuando ya pude yo estar mejor después de casi cinco meses me dolía bastante mi brazo izquierdo ya hasta las puntas de los dedos me dieron por fin la autorización para ir con un terapista entonces el El doctor me diagnóstico que tenía el hombro congelado la terapia está me pone a mi parecer muy poco empeño me pones los algunos ejercicios no sé si ella debería de sobarme para mejorar lo cual no lo hace pero yo veo que a los demás pacientes sí lo soba entonces esa es mi pregunta me gustaría que pusieran algunos ejercicios para esto también mi dolor va del cuello hacia el hombro por favor ayúdame y muchas gracias por todo lo que

  12. Hey guys! You cannot "lay down." You have to lie down. "Lay" is when you place something down. For example: Lay the baby down; lay the book down. I know it's confusing.

  13. Is it really necessary to put the dislocated hand in the sling back in 'L' shaped manner, as per instructions in the video for a span of 3 to 4 weeks for age less than 20 years?

  14. I have a question nobody has been able to answer yet, I landed on my elbow while training wrestling and my whole arm was hurting but mostly my elbow and shoulder i never dislocated my shoulder but I was in pain for about 2 weeks and then out of nowhere my shoulder got dislocated from just lifting my arm and then it was dislocated for about 3 hours before i got it into place again I wonder what happened before I dislocated my arm, was my arm lose but not fully dislocated or what happened?

  15. My traumatic injury was sleeping on my arm and waking up with it all limp. It popped back in when i hanged on to a bus bar 😂😂
    Love your videos! You're great and extremely helpful!

  16. I hope you guys will read this…

    I have dislocated my left shoulder 4 times, my left knee twice and just now my right knee popped out and back really hard and fast. I was literally just walking the garbage back from the curb.
    I just dont understand what is wrong with me and i'm beyond frustrated. Is there some sort of disability that comes to mind? Ive been exercising regularly fyi.

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