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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello Guys, it is Farruh, and today I am going
to be telling you guys, these 3 exercises you probably don’t know. Because they were kept secret. All right that was little bit ugly. But, whatever. So stick around, here we go. As a natural bodybuilder, we know that it
is difficult to maintain a constant growth, right? Even if you train every day or even if you
have enough rest, sometimes it is difficult to hit the PR or even workout as good as you
did last time. So what is my solution for that? My solution is trying out new exercises. And today, I am going to be giving you guys
these 3 exercises by famous athletes on YouTube, that are tried and that are definitely going
to give you some results. So, here we go. First one is by Steve Cook. It is his secret chest exercise. So are you ready? So Steve, what is your secret chest exercise? Would you tell us? Thanks Steve, I love this dude. I watch his content on YouTube all the time. He is really cool. And the next exercise is by Greg, from Kinobody. I know he gets a lot of hate on YouTube, but,
my personal opinion, I think his content is legit and he deserves respect. So, check out his exercise. The last exercise is for biceps. And Jeff is going to tell us more about it. So, it is your turn Jeff, Here we go. These are the 3 exercises I told you guys. Try them out. Maybe you like them or not. And leave your comments below if you liked
them or not, if they worked for you or not. And always remember not all exercises are
for everybody. So you should try them out and find them out
for yourself. If you like this video in a bit, please, put
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you can. It is going to help me out to grow this channel
little bit and to share this hopefully valuable content with more people. For today that is it. Take care. See you next time. Peace.

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