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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey workout partners I’m Blake Kassel
I’m an expert at helping people over 35 well come on it’s over 25 getting the
best shape of their lives with elastic resistance what are we talking about
exercise bands now I’m going to show you guys my top three back exercises with
resistance bands for building mass building incredible size of a quick
story in the in my earlier days flights to body build I had some great size and
I had small calves and I had great arms and chest and then I turned around to
the back and I would do my my lattice spread and it wasn’t much it was spread
there but since I started doing the workout to live exercise and chiseled
and we started doing these amazing resistance bands exercises when I
compete in bodybuilding in November of last year I couldn’t believe when we
would take a video the incredible size I’m on that incredible size but the
increased size that I had in my lat muscles from these specific exercises
and I’m going to give you the top three right now the first exercise we’re going
to do now you’re gonna ask what the lats – that’s your v-taper your wings on your
back and they take the arm from here to here and from here to here the first
exercise is a bent over one-arm row so you need something like a bench or a
chair in this case I have a great bench here I’m gonna take one band I think I’m
gonna take my 23 pound now some people will tell you can’t build muscle with
bands because you know you can’t stay in one position they pull you out of
position that’s a bunch of poppycock okay I’m gonna show you right now how
you can in this position I’m gonna stand on the band with one foot kneel on the
bench but this is really wobbly right okay and then from here holding that
band right above the clip with a relaxed hand then I’ll tell you why in a second
you’re gonna pull your hand up to your back pocket but not moving the shoulders
like this I want you to keep your shoulders square hand relaxed and pull
that hand to the back pocket elbow ends up by the hip
and then back down I can load up as much resistance here as I want to overload
that muscle this is what it looks like now I’m telling you guys to use a
relaxed hand because we want to isolate the Latin muscle here the tighter I grip
right here look what happens to my arm see how my arm the veins are starting to
pop up now why because I’m using the bicep another pulling muscle instead of
my lats so relaxed hands up to the back hip my goodness and I feel that already
incredible exercise that’s mass building exercise number one mass building
exercise number two is going to be a one-arm row but from a stand-up position
so in this case I’m gonna put my door anchor at around hip height take my
elastic thread it through and attach both ends onto one handle now you’re
gonna need enough resistance right so if you’re gonna need enough resistance and
you go looking for a band set and it looks like it’s a lot of assistance it
may not be but I can tell you there’s one that I know has a lot of resistance
I’m not gonna say which one it is anyway here we go same thing applies
here oh you know rowing exercises are amazing for the lats that’s what they do
so let’s do another one in this position now from here
kind of in a squatted down position again hand relaxed this time we’re just
changing the position of our body but the motion is the same oh my gosh right
there and you know what while we’re doing this I’m going to show you one
bonus exercise at the end right there so show this stay square here it’s
relaxed now when we come forward I want you to bring that shoulder blade forward
that’s called scapular protraction as we pull back our handle back with a relaxed
hand the shoulder blade comes back scapular retraction are also working the
muscles back here the scapular muscles are important to keep them strong as
well this is our exercise bang bang let’s go into the third exercise is
going to be from the top anchor and that is a wide grip lat pull we did this one
yesterday and we did it with a different scheme with a 4-minute we call
four-minute strip strip for four minutes get muscle and my goodness are my lats
sore so here’s our exercise it’s kind of like doing a pull-up this one you are
restricted by the resistance too much resistance will pull you up out of your
position so it’s better to go higher reps which you can still build muscle
with higher reps and less resistance this is our exercise I’m kneeling down
one foot in front for stability my upper body and arms pointed towards that
anchor with hands wide we’re pulling those elbows down and back and then show
the plates come up scapular elevation this time shoulder blades come up and
then we pull the shoulder blades down as we pull the elbows down as well this is
our exercise Bank you guys will build incredible size with those three and
let’s give you one bonus right what’s a good video without a bonus so here we go
bottom door anchor thread my band through both beds attached onto one hand
to love this exercise you can also load up the resistance here but I love the
stretch you can get so because number bands we can go from anti angular
doesn’t matter so here we are in three point stance so for stability palm is
facing up shoulder blade comes up the shoulder comes up and arm comes up all
the way right overhead and then with the relaxed hand we’re pulling down this way
until elbow is by our hip that is your bonus exercise right there so do those
exercises in the right way and the right type of a program I know a place you can
go we’ll get you guys incredible size and your Latin muscles and give you that
whiff that you want and especially when you start to lose that weight and we
lose weight around the hips then you see this incredible trophy shape on your
back there you go play castle with the top three mass building exercises with
resistance bands I hope you guys got something out of that remember give us a
thumbs up subscribe down below we’ve got tons more exercises and videos
coming we’ll see you guys soon have a great one


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  2. Been a pro trainer for over 25yrs..all I can say is" love the bands" for working out….my client base does so do i….just the flexibility and quick exercise interchange ….plus easily transportable (I used to have to lug DB's & heavy equipment to clients homes& offices…..

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