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59 thoughts on “TOP 3 ROWING MACHINE WORKOUTS (In 20 Minutes or less)

  1. 🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 ★★★★★ 🧐 👩🏾‍💻 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. ❤❤❤❤❤ 👁👁 👍🏿 🗺

  2. I really like your "new style" videos. Lighthearted, but still packing a lot of info. You have more shoes than my wife bro.. Hilarious ending hahaha. Also: Matthew Tarrant!
    And yes, I'm going to do one of these workouts either today or tomorrow!

  3. Thank you for this video. I am in week six of your marathon prep workouts. It’s been a blast and supper challenging mentally. Thank you for the great content you share.

  4. The 2k… The single most debilitating yet exhilarating distance on the rower :'(
    Hurts every time, but the drive to chase that elusive sub 6:30 is alive and well.

  5. I'm a 30-something mom of five who picked up rowing about 8 months ago. I hadn't done a 2k race for a while, but your video inspired me to try one today. I got 9:29. Not a PR, but not bad for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great work outs– working the 2K HARD! 7.31 min— working to break 7min. The November Challenge is certainly that, a challenge!

  7. Been following dark horse rowing since I bought a poor quality Head magnetic rower 2 years ago. I am now 7:05 min for 2k. The counsels are great and feel I have improved. Way to go though, and each workout tips helps. Thanks a lot!

  8. Did the 30/30 x 20 as a warm up for todays squat session👍 Was a bit too conservative effortwise during the first 8 intervals, but went all out for the last 12… A good workout that lets me go hard, but still keeping fairly good technique😊

  9. Me & a buddy are doing a Full Marathon on the Rower this month. So I’m gonna do all 3 of these after work today 👍🏼🤪

  10. I did the 20min with gradually changing rates, with a little help from the app Metrownome. Grate little app that is, you should give it a try 👍👍 The workout is really good for your rate “sense”

  11. I usually do 40 sec intervals with 30 sec rest x 12 and it is very hard like hell but quite worth to challenge every time. 🙂

  12. I was just rowing because I had an Achilles injury. This makes me want to stay on this for a few more months 🙂

    I’m sure your brand will grow big and fast. Very clean and I’m tempted to buy a program.

  13. Going to do workout #2 after work today! I’ll probably need to review some of your videos about stroke rate though. I find it hard to row at the slower rates. I’m feeling beat up from lifting so I think this workout will help.

  14. Got my Concept 2 last Christmas first 2k was 11 min…thought m lungs were going to explode, but I kept at it, now I'm at 6:58 . I'm pretty happy with that considering im a big guy 6'4 330lb and need a lot of oxygen and energy to move that weight. I also dropped 30 lb since last December. Since rowing got me in better shape I was able to excercise more and longer than before. It's definattely one of the best investments I did.

  15. Did the 16/18/20/22 stroke row today.. Feel great now.. Lower stroke rate really concentrates your technique and push.. Love it

  16. Starting rowing 3-4 months ago. First ever 2k for time was 7:01 now I'm at 6:51. I'm obsessed with it but want to get sub 6:40. 183cm + 83kg in my mid-twenties. Don't feel like I'm improving much but I still enjoy it just as much. I just started trying steady state too (which seems to help). I'll try the 5min stroke rate intervals tonight!

  17. Yes, I will do one of these workouts…tomorrow. It will not be the 2K.
    Today is for jogging 7K, and being thankful it's not a 2K.

  18. 4AM: just watched your video going to my local gym to do my weekly program (5 min row warm up then 2 x 1000m 30sec rest) love your channel

  19. I'm 62 years old and have had my Model E about one week. Working on form – it sucks right now, and just finished a 20-minute, 30-on/30-off workout. Would like to improve the form to get more out of any workout I use. My goal is fitness, improved flexibility and weight control, so my question is about subscribing to your athlete program. I won't workout daily with the rower; perhaps three to four times a week. Assuming I maintain a three to four times weekly schedule, will I realize a return on my investment with the aforementioned goals in mind?
    I do enjoy the YouTube videos you've posted. You have a gift for presence as a coach. Keep it up!

  20. I am a 45 year old father of 3 boys who used to do some Indoor rowing as part of gym work 10years ago AND LOVED IT. After a long break of doing no rowing I just got a concept 2 for our 21st wedding anniversary and have just done my 1st 2k in 10 years in a time of 7:54 (1:58.5/500 pace). I love this machine!

  21. Hey Shane, great content as always, does dark horse use strava? It would be great to see comparisons between participants. Any way off to go work out!

  22. I recently purchased a used concept2. It had a saved workout under custom list that I really like

    2km 3 mins rest
    1.5k m 3 mins rest
    1k m 3 mins rest
    500m 3 mins rest

    5k total m. I'm doing that 5 days a week, sometimes 2 a days.

  23. I`m 47 just started back at the gym after 2yrs off 🙄, I've been using the 2k as a warm up for a gym session but really enjoy rowing now ,my time is 10:30 but going give it a go for real this evening see what my base time is. 👍

  24. I've had a C2 rower and used it for years in my basement. I just started to get serious at the health club trying to figure out how to get better and test myself maybe against others. Always rowed on 10 until looking at the DH video about that topic. Gonna mess around now with 2 and 4 going faster. Been shaving my 2K time on 10 for a few weeks now. 64.6 years old, pulled a 9:02 @ 10. Will see what I can manage Monday on 4. Need to get this down with the kids. Excellent videos.

  25. Thanks for the suggestions… i dusted off my old rower today and just rowed for 20minutes straight just for fun. Remembered how much I love rowing… so I am going to do it more regulary now and of course trying this workouts!

  26. I always see a lot of people posting their times, however never posting the damper settings. Does that matter? I've been playing around with the damper settings the past few weeks (got my Concept2 just after Christmas). Learning a ton from your videos…thanks!!!

  27. I've been rowing pretty regularly for the last few months, last night did 3 rounds of 18 mins, each 18 minute round split into five 3-min chunks (1min @ 22s/m, 1 min at 24s/m, and 1 min @ 26+ s/m.) Dialed to 8. I'm super introverted and an independent guy when I work out, so I wasn't aware of this 2k test. I'm gonna head to the gym & see what I can do, I'll reply back later with my result!

  28. I am 56 and 127kg. About 7yr ago I done a 2k at 6:40 and thought that I done ok. Then about a month later had a massive pulmonary embolism which caused a heart due to the blood clot exploding . I was very lucky to be alive. I have had long standing issues health wise since then . I now suffer from extremely high creative kinase levels which cause massive spasms in my body etc but was determined to get back on track. I purchased a concept2 a couple of weeks ago and managed to do a 7:58 for a 2k. Am not to sure of I am happy with my time our not. Am hoping your videos can help me learn better techniques to improve my 2k as basically my times have just been all out aggression rather than technique. Thank you for taking the time to do these videos. It really is appreciated from us all who have come to your channel.

  29. I just turned 50, I have knee disabilities, diabetes, asthma and I'm in the heavyweight category… I got a Concept 2 as my big splurge to invest in myself. I've used your videos to learn the technique. Thank you.
    Now I'm going to do a 2K. Wish me luck!

  30. Follow through! Did 2K this morning. Total time 8:50.5! Average split 2:12, with 26 spm. Drag factor 130 (need resistance for my knees.) Peak force 153. Peak HR 158. Great considering my 2K practice efforts, one month ago, before learning technique, were10:57 and 10:31 minutes. I have to say, for the record, that sucked the life out of me. HR is still 105 and hands are shaking. People do this for fun? I did a video, but don't want to post it publicly. (I'm not even sure I want to watch it. LOL)

  31. 20/30 Done, loved it. Great practice for rowing hard and quick, time to rest in-between for best efforts of hard work. Very fun!

  32. Just finished the 4 x 5 minute interval with S/R 16,18,20,22….So fun! Very doable. Concentrating on S/R distracted me from the hard work of trying to maximize meters. So fun! I was really breathing at the end. Great skill builder, did I mention this was so fun? Thanks for the work out!!!!!! your work outs are really helping me learn how to use my new C2 Rower. Thank you Dark Horse! I want to get a Dark Horse Shirt!

  33. I didn't comment when i first watched this video in November but, since then I have taken 50 seconds off my 2K time by using the 2 – 20 minute interval workouts. Also has helped me immensely in my two primary sports (Ice Hockey and cycling) Thanks a lot. stoked on the channel.

  34. Following your channel and really like it ! My rowing machine is not a Concept 2 ; it’s a NordicTrack RW200 and, when I follow some Youtube Video with rowers that uses a Concept 2, it seems that my distance are screwed up compare to the ones on Youtube. As an example, British Rowing have some videos where you row 100 meters, then you stop until the next minute, and so on… I always have to row more to reach the 100m, even if I follow the teacher’s stroke per minute ! Convinced me to change my rowing machine to a Concept 2. I never had the chance to try a Concept 2 until I came to a Cruise 2 weeks ago with my wife in the Carribean, where the boat gym had 2 Model E Concept 2… Second reason that convinced me to move to a Concept 2 rower ! I rowed for 11 days 30 minutes a day ! Thanks for your videos !

  35. Just bought a second hand (albeit one-month old) C2 PM5 and can’t wait to do these workouts. Have been using a water rower at OTF and found myself loving the 2K when I trained for and did the Dri-Tri. I know the C2 will be harder, but I’m eager to get at it and improve my rowing. I just turned 40… what better time to learn/refine a new skill?! For the record, my 2K benchmark on a water rower is 6:43 as of 3/25/19. From what I’ve read, I should expect it to take me around 45 sec longer on the C2. I’ll update here when I find out!

  36. Just started to incorporate rowing into my workouts due to knee issues whilst running. Wasn't sure about how to pace myself but hit the 2k in 9:28. Will try again in a few weeks to see if I can improve. Thanks for the workouts.

  37. I all in..i just got a rowing machine and i am planing to loose 20 kg. I am 5.6 tall and 101 kg …not really fat for my high becouse i have some muscle mass … What exercise would you recommend me for a faster fat loss?? Thank you 🙂

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