Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m an NPCBodybuilder, I’m 5 foot 5. I currently
weigh about 200 give or take a couple pounds. I put on about 50 pounds when I first started
because I used to weight 145 and I was doing flips back then. I still can do a backflip.
I may not get as high of a height but I still can do it because I still kept my flexibility.
I still do my plyometric exercise along with bodybuilding. The main thing is you’ve got
to keep it balanced and anyone can do this. 2. All bodybuilders are “dumb” or ignorant. Bodybuilding is basically a science. To be
on stage and look the way people on magazines – the women and the men – look is a science.
It’s a lot of disciplines. To be able to do those things you can not be ignorant because
it’s cutting edge science. You need to be able to eat the right things at the right
time, you gotta take all the supplements at the right moment with the right amount. Preparations
take a lot planning. I for example am a bodybuilder on the side
as a hobby. I own a business – a convenience store. I know bodybuilders who are doctors,
I know bodybuilders that are very successful outside of bodybuilding. For example, you’ve
probably heard of Rich Piana. He’s mister California overall, he has youtube videos,
he’s a multi-millionaire by his company. He owns a supplement company, he owns a T-shirt
company, so that’s just to show you one of the very many examples out there. Bodybuilding
is not a sport for the ignorant, about the myth that bodybuilders are ignorant. Our goal in the gym is to tear down the muscles
and be in and out of the gym as fast as possible. The longer you spend in the gym, the more
catabolic you become. So average time spent in the gym lifting weights is, scientifically
proven… the body is anabolic in the lifting stage for 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.
Any time over an hour and 15 minutes, it becomes catabolic. I never spend more than 45 minutes
to an hour on a body part, an hour 10 or 15 minutes. We do most of our gains during our recovery,
during sleeping patterns, during meal plans – you know, eating 6-7 times a day, 6 times
a day and being away from the gym and balancing our lives. It’s more about body type. Some people are
naturally strong or if they bodybuild they will become strong. Some other individuals
are not as naturally strong, so they can build muscles but might not be as strong as others.
The concept of bodybuilding is not about how much weight you lift, it’s how you lift the
weights correctly and train with high intensity and tearing that muscle down and letting it
recover. That’s what bodybuilding is about. The strength part will come hand-in-hand as
you build muscle. You will see out there there’s gonna be bodybuilders who are very strong,
and you’ll see out there other bodybuilders who aren’t so strong compared to the ones
who are very strong. For example a guy with a barrel chest is going to be able to bench
more than a guy who doesn’t have a barrel chest, you know. The strength part is more
of genetics, but like I said when you put on mass, you should naturally get stronger. Muscle can’t turn into fat just as well as
fat can’t turn into muscle. People believe in that because once a person’s quit working
out what happens is the muscles get smaller and the calories that you’re taking in are
turning into fat. So that gives you the perception of your muscle turning into fat but that’s
what really happened – your muscles got smaller because you’re not using them and those excess
calories and bad eating habits are creating more calories in your intake which in turn
creates fat. The other way around, people thinking fat turns into muscle, which is not
true, when you see a person who is overweight working out, you will see they are losing
weight due to the fact that they are working out, burning calories and eating correctly,
and the muscles on the inside grow at the same time. Muscle cannot turn into fat, and
fat can’t turn into muscle. That is scientifically proven. So that’s just a perception.

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