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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Bodyweight Exercise MISTAKES – (STOP Doing These – Build Muscle!!)

  1. I noticed that drop sets work for me – Elevated pushups, then regular pushups, then knee pushups, or I'll do Pistol squats, then side-to-side squats, then regular squats. Each variation is done until failure.

  2. I can just imagine Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad saying that #3 thing "It's Physics BITCH!" hahah =P

    Wicked stuff as always Jeff, The Workout Yoda ; )

  3. 1 question can bodyweight exercises get you big or in order to get big do you have to go to the gym 😐 if anyone knows please respond 😊

  4. awesome!! finially someone who applies knowledge to working out. its soo cool ive always wanted to to bodyweight training rather than bench and stuff. I'll definitely check this out

  5. go to failure every time and every set and get straight to frustration and stagnation

  6. im curious what your stance would be on weight suits, aka suits that you can add weight to, in order to make yourself heavier. me personally i would want something like spartan armor (yeah it sounds cheesy but if you look at it, it doesn't restrict the body's movement and theoreticall you would be able to add weight evenly throughout the body instead of just the chest like most ones that exist).

  7. Jeff! Is the xero a one time purchase like yhe athlean X(1) or will i need to purchase it again should i want to use it again?

  8. hey jeff, ive been doing bodyweight for a along time now but am having problems with setting a a schedule for the whole body. . i tried push pull style, upper lower body etc. what do you recommend for a weekly schedule

  9. I understood each and every point you're making, except for the fifth one. What are you trying to say? That you should train to failure, and then be able to press through the failure in one single workout? Wut? If you train to failure, then congrats, you're done. Your body just told you that you can't do any more reps. I honestly don't understand what it is that you're trying to convey here?

  10. The only thing that I see that is wrong is those pushups where he puts his hands away from his body don't involve more work– in a physics sense. Most of the time using a long lever arm will result in more work, but because you make the weight travel a further distance. In this case, the weight is traveling the same distance, you are just using different muscles which makes it harder.

  11. Thanks for the tips. No-Mo works for me as it allows me to sync my breathing.
    The last tips "Going THROUGH Failure" killed me in the past 2 years. I either wanted to faint, had cold sweat or wanted to throw up. I often ended up on the floor and had to pause and sit.
    Because of the above, I no longer doing it. When I reached Failure, then I stopped. I already maintain proper breathing (not letting my muscle running low on oxygen) and sip a bit of juice.
    Much appreciate advice if you can have a video on "Going THROUGH Failure". Perhaps I'd gone too far 🙂 🙁

  12. push ups are killing my wrists 🙁 if i force myself to do them for a few weeks will my wrist "adapt" ?

  13. His example confused me…. in physics… the lever makes lifting weights easier. Also longer lever arm, more torque, easier moving…

  14. Since I had my son, and I'm home a lot more, I'm a huge fan of bodyweight training. I love the info Jeff brings, and how he simplifies what makes an exercise effective versus ineffective.  What a great channel.

  15. My Home Workout Routine is almost totally based on your videos! Only Bodyweight for now since i started a month ago but im deffinently not gonna stop again! Thank you so much for this free knowledge!

  16. So you can create or not muscles with bodyweight? Here you say it's possible by changing the way we do push ups and so, but in your video about the pros and cons about the callisthenics you said that it doesn't create muscle. Maybe you create muscle but not that much? I don't know, look at the gymnast, it's all about bodyweight and they are super muscular and strong


  18. Great hints in this video. Having integrated more and more bodyweight excercises not only in my own workout but also in my classes, it's really inspiring to get this kind of input here. Thanks loads!

  19. On your dips your hands aren't rotated out like you said they should be in another video. Is that intentional to work a different muscle set?

  20. I love this video. I always wonder why gym goers get triggered when they hear the word calisthenics or bodyweight exercises lol. Gyms are good, but they are not the only way to see results.

  21. Some people claim that such wide pushups damage the shoulder joint in the long term. Can you please do a video on this?

  22. Try one handed pushups, or one hand pull ups, or one leg squats. Those 3 bodyweight exercises alone will show u the true power of calistechinics

  23. I just recently started watching your channel, and it's amazing how much good content you have from over the years that I can finally start catching up to! 🙂

  24. Who the hell is giving this a thumbs down? This information is goddamn gold. It's made my workouts infinitely better.

  25. Yeah "physics bitch"…
    A longer "lever arm" has MORE leverage and LESS resistance. A longer lever can move a given mass with less effort and the lever arm must then travel more distance . Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.”
    Work = Force (not weight) X Distance
    W = F d
    Your videos are very informative but please stick to what you actually know.

  26. i built super aesthetic body using calisthenics only (body weight stuff). serious stuff, if you're ready to do a 2 hour session per day.

  27. I one leg squat with 2 10lbs dumbbells for counter balance and one leg deadlift with 2 25lbs dumbbells . It’s much faster than waiting for the muscle head to give up the squat rack also it keeps everyone from knowing how much I’m deadlifting . Body weight + weights

  28. Besides looking ripped AF this guy really knows what he's talking about. All the physics principles and anatomy/physiology explanations are absolutely on point.

  29. 165 lbs :-O damn I thought from the appearance of your torso (looks long for its width) you were a tall dude about 180-190.

  30. Damn man! He said longer=stronger. I was like okay what do you mean? Boys he full out has his hands higher than his head and doing push ups. My man Jeff you are a beast! Hella respect for you. "If you want to look like an athlete you have to train like an athlete." Spoken like a king.

  31. Neta que no me daría asco tener un cuerpo tan deforme lleno de pelotas de carne como las de este Pobre sujeto con cuello de tubería de 15 pulgadas. Es una deformación asquerosa y antiestetica

  32. When i'm working out on bars, should i do sets like i do in gym or should i just do different exersices in a row, many times? (like pullups, tips, pushups and then repeat the same exersices in the same order)

  33. Can you address yourself to guys AND girls…I am a 58-year-old woman who works out at a gym and look for your awesome hints to bring it!

  34. Help! I want to get in shape but have no clue where to start, I have no weights, no diet (don't have healthy foods), and I can't really get anything that I might need b/c of the lack of money and I'm only 15.

  35. According to Einstein the faster you perform each rep the more your body mass, and thus your weight, increases. So I work out just below the speed of light.

  36. No mo is the way to go. Even just take a standard pushup and go so slow you take 10 seconds to go up and another 10 to go down and feel your arms absolutely quake after like, 5. Same with pullups, or even going up on your toes. A guy with absolute monster calves would do those at work.

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