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  1. Hello Thenx, My name is Marcos, I am 24 old, my arms have grown crooked about 15º to in , so I can't streight them complete, I want to learn FULL Planche, you think i can learn with arms crooked? they dont streight no matter what I do they are crooked both of them.

  2. handstand push ups and straight bar dips and muscle ups helped me alot but i can do only straddle for 12 seconds

  3. I've started to add your bodyweight workouts into my normal workouts until I find a way to get a home gym going with straight bars and rings (lacking the space for it at the moment). These exercises are what hurts the most out of the whole workout!!

  4. When I need to get serious I get back to your videos, cause you always have these not obvious but extremely helpful tips😎

  5. Super helpful. I've been working toward a planche for a while and either missed it or never heard to keep your arms strait. Very helpful

  6. After two months of planche training I reached a solid tuck planche and I'm very close to an advanced tuck planche. So I'm wondering, how long does it usually take to go from advanced tuck planche to straddle planche and from straddle to full? Just want to get an idea of what to expect.

  7. Yo, please learn some anatomy and basic muscle actions. You are obviously on the right track, but you sound like you are talking out of your ass.

  8. I'm gonna try this out, i'll post updates down below if anyone is interested! 😀 (I might forget about this comment so please post a comment to this comment if you are interested at all)

  9. I've been stuck in the tuck planche for 5 months and i thought I couldn't progress because I always fell when attempting the advance and now I just found out I could go straight into the advanced @[email protected] but i still need more protraction thought. Sometime we just gotta go for it head on.

  10. Chris, I keep trying to understand exactly what "elbow ditches out" means in all these videos, but I can't be sure. Should the bend of my elbow be pointed away from me to the sides, or behind me?

    Thank you!

  11. i wanted to say thx to cris i know you get this a lot but if it wasn't for you i would be as strong as i am today but now i motivate all my homies and family to start your program and when i get the cash i will too but till then just thank you so much

  12. Im 17 and only have one leg due to cancer back in 2016 and I can’t straddle with one leg necessarily but I’m gonna keep trying! I started calisthenics 3 months ago I can already L sit for about 45 seconds pistol squats are very easy with one leg lol but other than those movements I can’t do much else YET! I wanna try and get the handstand push up, planche and muscle up down by the end of this year! Can’t wait to see how I progress!

  13. I watch alot of your videos and it has changed my life I want to get stronger just like you I have started to do the work out that u do and it really works keep it up

  14. good afternoon my brhoter, activate the legend in portuguese for us Brazilians you are very short curtu the channel of voices

  15. I'm glad to bought Gymnast Rings last week. That thing is a game changer. I can do solid Dip Support (Ring Hold as Chris said), tmr I'll try doing the front grip hold and back as in the video. On my way to mastering Planche. Thanks!!

  16. Chris I have a doubt, my arms grow up tucked, they dont streitch !! the most high i cant streitch is 150º I can't 180º , my question is : Can I do the full planche with my arms like that? when I streich then I feel the preasure in the mid. what u say!

  17. Wow, very helpful ! I’m doing the same thing, training for the planche everyday and recording the results on my channel. Just finished month 1 ☺️

  18. I want to say you're a great musician but then I see that you're the most awesome trainer on earth!😅

  19. I have over extending elbows. Is it still a good idea to lock them or should i just do the exercises with the forearm and upperarm in one line?

  20. Hi, why do you need to have your arm completely straight during a planche? Isn't it dangerous? (Might be a dumb question sorry)

  21. Hey Chris, first of all, big fan of your app. I'm still a beginner but i'm steadily making progressions.
    Second of all, i'm encountering a problem. I'm hyper mobile in my elbows and shoulders. A locked elbow position is for me around 210 degrees. How do i train this without putting too much stress on my joints?

  22. How do you keep your leg so much straight in air while doing L-sit and all. What and all excercise are required daily to overcome with hamstring

  23. doesn't it strengthen you at all if you do a bent arm planche for the full planche because i got it for 4 days 1 week ago just trying to see if i can do it doesnt it at least improve the balance or make you more comfortable when planching

  24. Hi thenx what other exercises do i need to do aside from these? I mean how can i strengthen my shoulders buttocks and core?pls help me!very much appreciated what ever it is.🤘

  25. Chris if you want to get straddle or full planch on rings you don't want to push the rings to touch unless they are turned forward. if you turn the rings out you keep them about shoulder width apart, if you touch the rings together you should have them turned forward. this will help you develop your planche faster as I have never witnessed anyone do a planche turned out with the rings touching.

  26. If I can do tucked planche and not normal planche, then what is it I require? If I can only lift myself while tucked, what part of my shoulders do I need to train, unless it is my shoulders to begin with?

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