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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Dungu waters diving deep just a mother
nature right now, on my infinite waters wave and I want to talk to you guys
about the top five foods for building muscle top five top five top five real vegan gains, these top five foods you don’t have to worry about protein, you can get
your strength and you can be ripped, all my guys starting out, you should be eating these for
my guys want to put on weight, who want to get ripped, i eat the same things when i’m
getting bigger or getting more ripped my last video to see how
big i was I haven’t even trained in seven
days and I still look like this that’s the vegan gains in me, i dont lose my gains cause it’s inbuilt in my, because I eat life so
life comes out of my skin, all right number five on my list… is black eye
beans and I talking by the singing group I aint talking about will’i’am back in the day, I’m talking about the real gain food if you want to build a muscle it should be
in your diet… for one it it taste good coming from a Nigerian background i
eat that black eye beans anyway highly packed in protein there are very nutritious for you but
the reason I don’t eat them as much is i prefer the others, that’s
why it’s number five but it’s very nutritious number four my list….is lentils all different types I love them all red split to Green lentils to brown lentils around to
the mung beans, all of that good stuff nutrition is very protein-packed you
should be eating lentil on a regular you can have it as a side, it’s easy to cook
you can have it in a curry, you can have it with rice, ‘muahh’ protein packed, very
naturally balanced, easily digested too which is also good number…. number three, the big
three, top three selected. number three is it’s more of a treat
for me, i don’t eat it as often but it’s very high in protein high in
nutrients and good to nourish the body soak thee before you eat them but it’s QUINOA everybody is ranting and raving about
quinoa it’s high in protein very nutritious very good for the body, i class
these in the same bracket with amaranth you haven’t heard of amaranth, google it. Amaranth and spelt these are all my… when im feeling like
money mitch i buy these foods i order them online because they’re hard to get in shops well quinoa is easy but the others are a bit hard very good wholefoods, you should be eating these man, they’re beautiful if you want them gains in, number two on my
list why i put these as number 2 because I eat these more often and as
snacks too but they’re very very good to go with the other means that I put here in the top five and that’s my plantain, my yam my sweet potato bread fruit these whole
foods that come from the earth that i love so dearly, are very good for giving that energy when you need to lift heavy when you need that extra boost
when you need your food to be tasting l like jamie oliver is vegan and cooked in
your kitchen and they’re are your go to food if you need something quick and easy to eat and my number is chick peas chickpeas don’t eat chickens eat chick peas, better for you anyway nutritious for you and more protein packed
i love chickpeas and I eat them very very often and they gains that I wish to me . I eat the same foods when i’m bulking and when I’m going triming only thing
that changes is how I train and how much I eat. i love chickpeas if you cook them you need a pressure cooker you just soak them
overnight. a quick thank you to every single person who has bought and supported my ebook vegan bodybuilding 101, i’ve sold over hundred copies and I’ve got about 30 five star feedback, check it out if you haven’t it’s not about the money um if you want it for free just the direc tmessage me on my instagram which is @DUNGUBOOK D U N GU BOOK And i send it to you, the information in there
will help you get those gains I mean this is a update for me now but in
the next few months I’m hoping my physic will be on
another level so stay with me that’s our questions below after all
questions this question was asked by vegan hustle
and I said it subscribe and check out these two
beautiful game videos this

73 thoughts on “Top 5 Foods For Vegan Muscle Bodybuilding | DunguBook

  1. zinc is also very important for building muscle (very important over all for EVERYTHING) but it is key in stabilizing the proteins in your body and balancing your hormones. so pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are very high in zinc and I found out the other day that watermelon has lots of zinc in it! good video (as always) and you're looking great! 🙂

  2. i like these foods but bro i just eat good foods i like that i feel are good for the body eat until I'm good and train..thats it

  3. I think starting out began the main problem is coming up with a variety of meals, if you have the time could you come up with a few simple meals we can put together?

  4. Yo, man. What's up with the bags under your eyes? I got the same bs and it wasn't from smoking weed, since I quit for a long ass time and it's still the same. It's prob from pc now, or not early enough nights. Any ideas?

    Ever do a course of hormones? maybe when you were younger? or full natty brah?

  5. Wicked tips man respect 👊
    I just wanted to ask I know its off topic but if you've got any advice for someone who's got eczema any foods which can help which to avoid or any website/books to read thanks man ✌

  6. 'I havent trained in 7 days and I still look like this' – Hehe. Thank you for teaching us!! Videos like this make me want to work harder in the gym and focus on my diet And next time can you do a video showing us how to make ur fav dishes! Thanks

  7. How do you cook amaranth grain?
    Use a ratio of 1 1/2 cups liquid to 1/2 cup amaranth. (Yield: 1 1/2 cups cooked.) Place amaranth and water or apple juice in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, until water is absorbed, about 20 minutes.

  8. Nice vid and channel bro 👌…
    And how do you ensure you intake enough vitamin B12 ? (lol I know this is off topic but as far as I know a vegan diet is low in vitamin B12).


  9. Hey dude, Cool vid man…my fav….black beans!!! I have them with sweet potato, spinach, soy sauce and hot cayenne pepper! It's the best man. Am just starting out my body building journey. I am 43 years old and the muscle is coming on way easier then I can ever remember, and as you say in your video, the gains stay for ages.

    Have subbed and will be watching your progress with interest dude.

    Dyl 🙂

  10. "…when you need your food to taste like Jamie Oliver went vegan and he cooked it in your kitchen."

    I laughed so hard. You got a new subscriber.

  11. do you have any radical plantain recipes? if just started eating them along with green Cavendish bananas, just boiling and adding to salad and veggies

  12. Been thinking about going vegetarian but you and vegan hustle have me seriously thinking about becoming vegan. Realizing that there is so much you can still eat as a vegan

  13. my metabolism is really fast and i loose weight easily. i'm a dancer so i'm being asked to gain weight. how often do you recomend to train? i train alone at home or in the street. can you please explain how can i organize the muscle groups and intervals? how often can i jump rope and bike? thank you so much

  14. hi! i am from India. I am a vegetarian. we normally cook brown rice at home with some vegetable carry. Now my question is:-
    is brown rice good? does it increase fat in your belly region. i see some gains in my arms and solders but my belly size is increasing? i am going wrong somewhere? i don't know?

  15. I have a question do you really have to get the recommended amounts of Proteins ,Carbs, and fats to get the best results?

  16. Sounds good but those potatoes are hybrid food and contain a lot of starch. According to Dr Sebi, which I'm sure you heard of. Dr sebi say if you are going to consume potatoes make sure its the RED ROSE potato. The Red Rose does not contain as much starch as the others. The chick peas on point that's the only bean I eat. Thanks for the video. Peace and property!

  17. I eat black beans burgers (I don't burn them though) with avocados, seaweed in place of lettuce (b12), bread and hot peppers and only a month after being vegan after I lost a lot of fat and crap in my system but gained muscle even without working out ! It is crazy because I'm putting many calories, protein, good fats, vitamin and fiber with that combination. $0.50 per black bean can make 4 burgers @ 43 g protein plus avocado fats more protein amino acids = $1.69, so under $3.00 = 3,000 cal.

  18. Do you ever have any problems with getting tooth cavities? I want to become vegan but seen that grains nuts and beans contain phytic acid

  19. Been vegan for 6 month now and I can honestly say at 31 years old I've never felt or looked so good in my life.

  20. Hi! Where do you buy breadfruit in London? Have had it abroad and LOVE it but never been able to find it here at home

  21. Going plant based and working out and I don't want my nutrition advice coming from skinny, anaemic hippies. Thanks for doing what you do!

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