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Be it the approaching rainy season here in
Florida or the lingering cold up north, it’s not always feasible to walk and exercise your
dog. The good thing is even in a studio apartment,
there’s room to keep your dog fit and healthy. These are the top 5 indoor exercises for dogs! First up are stairs. They’re everywhere! Apartment buildings, 2-story homes, even well
placed Rubbermaid containers can be used to keep your dog active when they can’t go
outside. Call them up and down the stairs or use a
toy to keep them motivated and they’ll tucker out in no time. Next is a fun game of hide and seek, except
treats are what’s hiding. Keep your dog in a bathroom or closet temporarily
while you quickly hide treats behind doors, under tables and rugs, or in the couch if
it’s already well loved. Once done, let your dog roam as their natural
curiosity takes over. Once they catch the scent, they’ll be off
on the hunt for treats, keeping their body and mind active in the process. Have a treadmill at home? With a little training, this is the perfect
way to get your dog’s steps in. To start, turn the treadmill on and let the
dog get accustomed to the sounds. Then turn it off and entice your pet with
a treat once they climb onto it. Turn the treadmill on the lowest setting and
keep giving treats to your dog for staying on the treadmill. A leash really helps here but NEVER tie it
to the treadmill itself. It’s also good to remember that dogs are
sprinters, not marathon runners, so be sure you’re not overexerting your dog. A no-brainer really but some of the best exercises
for your dog, assuming you have the room inside, is fetch and tug-of-war. Clear a space, make sure all breakables are
stored and choose the proper toy to get your dog moving. We’ve got a nice stretch of hardwood flooring
in the hallway that allows for less grip thus taking more energy for her to get going. For tug-of-war, however, I suggest carpeting
as they’ll be able to strengthen their muscles better. The final exercise requires going out into
the elements. If you have a favorite pet store near you,
take your dog for a nice active AND sociable event. Try some dog outfits on, meet some new doggy
friends and maybe even leave with a treat! The pet store is a great place to get some
walking done and get some much needed pet supplies in the process. Keeping your dog socialized is also very
important. Beat the heat, cold or rain and try one of
these indoor activities today to keep your pet healthy and active. Have your own favorite indoor dog exercise? Let us know in the comments below and while
you’re down there, hit the “Like” button and subscribe if you haven’t yet. Have a fantastic day everybody and thanks
for watching!

9 thoughts on “TOP 5 Indoor Exercises for Dogs | Best Exercises for Indoor Dogs or in Bad Weather

  1. Great Video :)! Thanks for the tips :)! What part of Florida are y'all in? We are in Lake County :)!

  2. Some really great tips! We love playing hide and seek. Magic cups is fun too ( hiding treats under plastic cups!). We can't play catch; Papillons do not share!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow Another Amazing Video.Very helpful i might add!You may have seen me before in your comments.I just set up twitter and maybe we can DM and we can just chat about our dogs.

  4. Slippery floors are not good, my Yorkie needed knee support because he slipped on the hardwood floor, I know that was the reason 100% because I saw it happen. Yes I know that small breed already have knee problems but this is just asking for it, I was going to put a runner along the hallway so he wouldnโ€™t slip but I admit I was lazy.

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