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What’s up guys? I’m jason wit rock. I’m a Spokesmodel in eas Maya Plex athlete and today, I’m going to teach [you] the top [5] Keto mistakes alright guys So the very first mistake is not staying patient during the Keto adaptation Phase you have to understand something you’ve been running on carbohydrates your entire life now You’re asking your body to completely switch metabolisms and start using fat for energy instead of carbs You will have some withdrawal effects through this time Commonly known as the Keto flu what you need to do is stay committed the Keto flu will pass and all of a sudden you Will be in Ketosis And you will feel better than you first started [ok] so the second most common mistake is not getting enough fat you have to Understand this is a Super high fat diet 75% of your calories need to come from fat, so that’s things like eggs bacon sausage Avocados oils coconut oil butter you need to seek these things out mentally It’s not what you’re used to doing you’re used to avoiding fats your entire life now all of a sudden You look at the grocery cart you have nothing but fat that’s a good thing fat is your new energy source You’re not running on carbs anymore You need fat if you don’t get enough fat your energy levels will go down and you will end up quitting this diet the number 3 most common mistake is too much protein What ends up happening if you consume [too] [much] protein on this diet is a process called gluconeogenesis Essentially your body is going to treat that protein like carbohydrate converted into glucose and that will kick you out of ketosis It’s very important that you choose high Fat low protein Foods So you’re not going to be eating a lot of chicken you’re not going to be eating a lot [of] tuna when you go to The grocery store you need to buy the full fat ground beef instead of the ground turkey you need to be going for the regular Bacon instead of the turkey bacon you only want 20% of your calories to come from protein Ok guys number [four] and in my opinion one of the most important is you are low on electrolytes? Electrolytes are absolutely critical on this diet And they are the number one reason [why] most people end up failing if you do not have enough electrolytes sodium magnesium potassium you will experience headaches fatigue constipation Lethargy and you simply will quit this diet insulin also happens to be the hormone that tells your kidneys to store Sodium when you suppress the insulin your kid are flushing out all the sodium from your body Especially when you work out Replace all that sodium by salting your food eating salty snacks and one of my favorite tricks is to drink a cup of chicken broth Potassium is also a major major electrolytes, okay? It’s used in all [different] types of contractions for your heart and major organs of [your] body To get enough potassium [you] can eat foods like green leafy vegetables and avocados finally we have magnesium another essential Electrolyte that’s used in almost every chemical process in your body. It’s important to supplement with Magnesium supplement You can find on alright guys We’re finishing up with number [5] here And that’s hidden carbohydrates listen only 5% of your calories that come from Carbohydrates [you] want to be eating a lot of green leafy vegetables nuts and seeds But you also have to watch out for the hidden carbohydrates that are found in processed foods food companies [have] become Professionals at hiding carbohydrates in Foods you need to make sure that you’re reading food labels Number 1 see how many grams of carbs are in each food and more importantly Look at the ingredient list to see if you can identify any different names for sugars that are there alright guys I’m jason [wit] rock and that was my top 5 Keto mistakes listen when done correctly the ketogenic diet can be a lifesaver and help You mentally and physically so give it a shot and for more information and resources make sure you keep [checking] back at you

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  1. Problem is it’s hard to know what “too much protein” is, on top of that what if I am cutting on Keto how low on protein can I possibly go???

    Can we actually be given a set amount as an example? Can we be told it’s ok to drastically cut protein due to a calorie deficit?

  2. I have sea salt and salted peanuts, plus a lot of spring greens, asparagus etc. The keto energy slump feeling is already subsiding. After the first day of almost no carbs (and not much fat as wanted to deplete carbs first) your muscles do feel achy and non repaired. After a day though fasted morning sprints should kill those last glycogen rebels.

  3. Nuts and Seeds are the absolute healthiest sources of fat, it’s not even close, they have incredibly high micronutrient density, anti inflammatory properties, cancer fighting, blood sugar regulation, fiber, ect. Yet I never hear keto “experts” mention eating Nuts and Seeds.

  4. Taking electrolytes is no. 1. Using the right fats is VERY important as well. Without these important steps….everything will go wrong. Great video

  5. great video! I really appreciate how he gets right to the point…some of these videos just have too much talking about inconsequential things before they get to the point!

  6. Be careful with recommending Sausages. The ones here in the uk are packed with carbs. They pack out with barley and other grains. That's why I prefer American sausages.

  7. How to do this diet if fat makes you feel sick, just thinking of all the fat and grease makes me feel ill, Chicken feels light red mince feels so heavy and sickly.

  8. The low to moderate protein & extremely high fat ketogenic diet is for treating epilepsy. It's designed to keep the body in an almost permanent state of fasting & to maintain weight, not lose it & the low protein is meant to be just enough to prevent muscle loss.

    This is why it's not suited for weight loss &/or lifestyle. Restricting protein also restricts almost all other nutrients that come packaged with the protein. Which is why anyone following this way of eating needs to be closely monitored for any nutrient deficiency.

    Gluconeogenesis never produces more glucose than what is required. The body does not turn excess protein into excess glucose, the body stores excess protein as muscle & bone tissue. IF one were to eat a high protein diet of just lean meats, one will quickly waste away & die from a lack of fat. Hence why one cannot live on rabbit alone.

    Protein is king for satiating hunger, which makes protein physically impossible to over eat. A high protein meal will reduce ketones temporarily because your body is now in an anabolic state & is producing slightly more glucose as energy for growth & maintenance & is still burning fat for fuel.

    Only consuming carbs/sugar stops ketosis long term & triggers an insulin response to store fat.

    The beauty of the high protein ketogenic diet for weigh loss & life style is one can eat their fill of protein, so one never feels hungry & one simply adjusts the amount of fat one needs to suit their daily requirements.

    For weight loss & lifestyle a high protein & required fat ketogenic diet is the way.

  9. Great advise, my energy levels are sky high and my weight loss is at steady pace this is not a diet for me but a new way of living. Thanks for the insightful info.

  10. The problem with high fat ground beef is that grass fed beef is basically 10% fat or less. I don't want regular beef which are fed grains.

  11. Can anyone advise me some nuts that are good when you do keto? I heard that most of nuts are full of carbs. I like nuts so much and I want to use them as snacks but I’m afraid of spoiling everything.

  12. The too much protein is a myth and needs to stop being spread by misinformed people. In order for your body to turn your protein into glucose (energy) it would need to intake hundreds of grams of protein a day and even more.

    I've tested this myself and I ate nothing but chicken for about entire week and was still in deep ketosis, the levels of protein required to kick you out of ketosis is substantial, stop spreading this myth.

  13. i think i just experienced this flu today i woke up feeling like shit , dizzy and weak i don't even know how i got my self off the bed and i didn't get any gram of salt the whole day and i just ate something salty and ohhhhhh god ,the satisfying feeling that i felt was amazing .
    am still trying this but the thing is that i usually cut salt and am glade i found this video to understand that salt is important

  14. Its perfectly possible to get your macro's and do it on lean chicken and/or turkey meat, without diverting your diet to unhealthy ground beef. Bad advice, posterboy

  15. what confuses me is that if you're working out and your diet is consistent of 20% protein will that be enough protein to rebuild muscle? please help!

  16. Since i'm working during night time and sleeps during day time. What is the best time for me to eat? is it okay to do keto during night time?

  17. Just curious, I'm on keto since May and never going back to carbs. But my question is about that too much protein thing… I saw Paleo macros and it's 50/50 fat and protein and still low carb. But I guess someone who does Paleo isn't on ketosis or… is? Paleo does gluconeogenesis?

  18. You explained the ketogenic diet flu very well. It's important for people to remember this in case they are wondering why they may not feel good right away.

  19. Fructose is the most important type of sugar to avoid if you are trying to get into ketosis. Fructose is stored (as liver glycogen) and processed in the liver. If the liver is full with fructose you will not produce ketones even if you are eating a low carb diet. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, table sugar and cut back on fruits

  20. Hi Jason, last year I followed Keto diet and endup emergeny getting my gallbladder removed
    I think people who noticed pain as soon they start keto, stop and check with Dr, ignorance can be very dangerous, I have suffered so please carefull

  21. I want to start going to the gym but I used to get cramps before being on Leto and now that I’m on it they are so so horrible! Does anybody have any product recommendations because power aid and the supplements from GMC are not helping?

  22. I'm thinking if you need to read through an ingredient list to see if something is hidden in there, you need to put that can back down and go back to produce.

  23. What happens if the keto flu stays longer than 2 weeks?
    What do you do to combat it?
    Can we substitute some protiens for things like tofu and plants?
    Help..please and thank you!

  24. This video is really good!!! I just realized that I was making some mistakes which may have been stunting my process into ketosis. A question that I have is exactly how much spinac can I eat in a day? I'm quiet nervous that I'm still eating too much spinach. Another thing is, exactly how much protein can I eat? They say 20 percent but I don't have a measuring scale or anything like that so I primarily rely on measurements such as "a cup."

  25. Dont eat too many meals in a day. Not that you want to eat more than 1-2 meals if ur keto adapted. But just incase you are eating more often in a day, this will trigger insuline and you will stay tired and dizzy for ages.

  26. I tried keto, i ended up getting tightening pains in my chest and my cholesterol went through the roof. To avoid a damaged heart I gave it up.

  27. Man ….ur awesome ….they way ur explaining its already storing in my head…..awesome ur😉😉😉

  28. I have been doing it for 2 weeks but I have only lost about 6 pounds.
    I don't know where I made mistake.
    I felt like I had keto flu for only 1 day and after that I didnt feel so tried or any thing.
    My regular intake is no carbs and also low fat because i feel unsecured to eat so much of fat so I eat as much as less I can. Is taking less fat the reason I'm not in ketosis and not losing weight?

  29. Another mistake I have never heard mentioned is " Yeast infections in woman" The doctor I work with makes woman use Monistat 3 day to 7 day treatment or a pill to kill extra yeast in their body cause woman cant go into ketosis if they have extra yeast. She just makes all them use the yeast meds first and then at end of treatment they start diet.

  30. I make a continuous keto soup and drink the broth, it helps with hunger – use a lot of meat, bones, greens, apple cider vinegar, salt etc until you get something that you like

  31. im a month in ànd i lost weight but im sick of my diet like actually sick of it but im gunna stick with it

  32. Another mistake is to eat more net calories than your body needs. If your goal is to lose weight it simply won't happen if you eat 1500 kcal from fat and 500 from protein unless you burn more than 2000/day. The rule of net calorie deficit for weight loss still applies, at least for people like myself.

  33. Best ad I have looked at. At least he didn't take 10 or 15 minutes of introducing us to everyone who had lost weight in his lifetime. He got straight to the point. I'm trying it at the moment, it's a bit alien to eat everything I had to avoid before, but watch this space. I'm loving it. 👏👍

  34. Instead of supplementing with potassium and magnesium I blend a bag of spinach (226g) with water and ice in the morning and drink it throughout the day. It's almost tasteless. Sometimes I add a little Himalayan pink salt as well.

  35. maybe need to get magnesium pills or something. its been a couple weeks and im sluggish as shit if i dont keep going.

  36. OK I have some questions for the Keto experts out there, I hope you guys don't mind XD
    I would really like to try Keto, but in every video I watch about it it has just many things that turn me off. For example, I hate salty food and the only meat or fish I eat is chicken breast and tuna, maybe some smoked salmon every once in a while. I would like to know if it still works if I limit myself to just eat more nuts, avocados and fats from other sources like butter and oils.
    I have to say that I already lost more than 100 lbs in a year by changing my eating habits, but now it's kinda hard to lose more weight for me. (I would really like to lose 30 more^^)
    And I also hear a lot about intermittent fasting being really important for this to work, which wouldnt be such a big deal for me, but I would like to know how important it really is for Keto.
    That's all, thanks in advance! ^-^

  37. This was an excellent video!
    In addition, if you are willing to spend some money (it's about $37), this 28-day Keto program by Keto Resources is really amazing to losing weight. You can purchase it from this website: @t

    Good luck!

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