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  1. Coach, can woman take the test product, am a Latin woman with sexy curves, 5'9, did a mini bulk, but looking to do a " cut", doing muscle and fitness 4 week diet plan. Just need good supplements to give me that lean muscle yet staying sexy feminine look. Might do a show in Brooklyn this spring not sure. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Muchas gracias por todo. Carmen

  2. Love your content Paul, you are so informational! I have a question: Is the D Aspartic Acid only beneficial for males and not females?

  3. How many grams BCAAs are beneficial? I've seen 2-1-1 BCAAs and also 4-1-1. I think it's the ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine. No idea if more leucine is good or not though.

  4. Yeah I'm team always just considered whey protein food.

    Still haven't pulled the trigger on D-Aspartic acid. Based on what I've seen you typically don't want to be on it long-term, would you say that's correct?

    10,000 coming up soon man, probably within a week!!!

  5. "Or if you guys think what I'm saying is dumb.." LOL come on, Paul! You know we appreciate the information! Thanks for sharing the video

  6. I thought about starting to take creatine but if it makes you gain weight and hold more water as a woman I think that is counterintuitive to what I'm trying to achieve. Would it be visible or just make your muscle look fuller? Do the benefits of it out weigh this?

  7. Hey Paul, regarding D-Aspartic acid, I read in the muscle and strength pyramid site that new studies found it does not raise testosterone or caused changes in body composition, and later that it even lowered testosterone. Would you still recommend it? You can read about it in this link:

  8. Great video Paul. I've really been loving the Core line this prep. Plus all the flavors have been so on point lol!

  9. I recently started taking the preworkout Mesomorph by APS Nutrition. It has DMAA in it. I really like this preworkout. Good energy and strong focus.

  10. I tried that Core Pro peanut butter ice cream flavor.  The quality is top notch but I have to be honest, that flavor was horrible! It tasted nothing like peanut butter. I was so disappointed in the taste.I couldnt even finish the tub. I give it a 1 out of 5 on taste.

  11. Hi Paul, I like your honesty about supplements. When I first started, I wasted so much money on un necessary supplements but at the time I bought what people told me were the " must have's " but they weren't. I only take whey protein powder, BCAA's, a good multivitamin, fish oils, vitamin D and C and glutamine. I drink espresso as my pre workout and a few throughout the day.

  12. Hey Paul this isn't very on topic but I am doing a calorie increase today but I don't want to increase my protein much. (I've commented in the past) It's currently at 125 and I wouldn't want it to be anymore passed 140. Carbs currently at 250. If I do this increase I would like to keep my protein at 125, carbs at 344 and fat at 69. (20, 55, 25) Is that okay or no matter what should I increase my protein as I increase my carbs that much? I feel like my diet should consist of more than 20% protein as a bodybuilder, it's just I don't want stress on my kidneys as I already have constipation problems. I would love a second opinion of somebody who is very educated on the topic. Thank you for great content always!!!

  13. What about consuming a lot of fiber? Consuming a lot of fiber can affect my weight loss process? Will I get fat if I consume a lot fiber? When I say a lot is like 40 grams per day or more

  14. very cool that you put the discount code in at the end, thanks Paul…the studies I have seen on DAA delivered short term and minimal results..Other than the protein, creatine, joint product (called Fortify by Legion-others I don't bother with), some extra vitamin D, and quality multivitamin..nothing really out there that is worth it…makes sense on the BCAA application..have used it when training fasted on occasion…enjoying the regular content are churning out the videos! subtitles are cool when you want to watch the video muted

  15. so I have a question.. as a firm believer in flexible dieting, how do you feel about vegan bodybuilding/building muscle on a vegan diet. I know a lot of coaches believe in animal protein for muscular growth. thank you Paul!

  16. Paul you've been cranking out some very awesome content man! I've been watching them every night when I get home after training, keep it up!!

  17. Paul at what age would recommend males start taking supplements for hormone support such as D-Aspartic Acid you mentioned? I've generally understood that at my age, test levels are probably peaked, any point in supplementing anyways?

  18. Would there be any benefit to adding BCAA in MPS between meals in the offseason if you are taking in adequate protein in meals every three hours?

  19. I just started taking Creatine and my current goal is weight loss. Is taking Creatine only beneficial for building muscle and counter intuitive to fat loss or can it be beneficial for both? Thank you! I always learn so much watching your videos!

  20. hi Paul, thanks for the video! I currently take a Multivitamin and digestive enzymes. do you think these are beneficial? I am eating a good amount of veggies and fiber.

  21. Thank you for sharing your top 5 supplements to consider taking. I haven't considered creatine before but it is something that keeps coming up so might be worth a closer look to see how it might benefit me. Keep the great comment coming.

  22. When do you recommend taking Creatine Monohydrate, before or after a workout. There are many different ideas out there. Your recommendation would be much appreciated.

  23. Paul, looking for clarification regarding your comments on BCAA intake between meals. So if we were to intake the same amount of leucine from e.g. whey protein powder, dairy or meat between meals this would have a different effect on MPS when compared to ingesting BCAA's? many thanks Sam

  24. what are your thoughts about HMB? I recently tore my upper hamstring and heard that adding hmb 2 my supplements could help with reducing muscle loss during this rehab and Recovery time.

  25. Hey Paul. I really enjoy your videos man. Great info. I have a question. When you took/take D-Aspartic acid, did you also take any aromatase inhibitor or did your diet compensate for any excess estrogen ?

  26. Do you recommend D Aspartic Acid for men only? I know it's a naturally-occuring amino acid, but it seems like the substance is geared towards men in general?

  27. Hey Paul! How much BCAA do you recommend per serving or per day… specifically a bikini competitor? I see a wide range from 2.5g to 10g per serving. Always appreciate your expertise 🙂

  28. Saying a “preworkout” is a top supplement is completely meaningless. Pre workout is not a supplement it is a mix of supplements and each one is different. What should we look for in a preworkout? Citrulline? Beta alanine? B12? How much of each. What is useful and what is filler. That would have been useful information.

  29. Hi Paul, great video. What is your take on creatine and hair loss . I am 40 years old and my hair is thinning. Does use of creatine speed up the hair loss or no? Thanx

  30. Mass gainers work better when doing heavier & intense training… a mass gainer with bcca …then your good… creatine is good for performance.. but not to improve your physique….. mass gainer with bcca init & a nitric oxide pre workout but no caffeine…. ..

  31. One scoop of pre workout per 6 ounces of water 30 minutes prior and and scoop of whey per 8 ounces of water intake during workout that's all I take but I'll add creatine to it thanks

  32. Hey Paul good informational videos. What would you think about l carnitine for fat loss along with proper diet and exercise.

  33. I know this is an old video, but I have adrenal issues and a doc check up next week. Paul, would you recommend I discuss neutropics with my doctor? You mentioned it helps protect against fatigue?

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