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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

in today’s video we talked about my top five supplements what’s going on guys this is paul Revelia from Pro Physique dot com and i’ve got a new video topic today kind of going backwards in my video topics and just looking at some of the basic questions and basic things that i have not put on my channel in the past and one of the most basic questions when you start getting into training and nutrition and recovery and you have some goals like putting on muscle losing body fat getting yourself into a better body composition one of the first questions that everyone asks is what supplements should i take well I’ve got some thoughts on the topic so let’s discuss them let’s just actually talk about what supplements are and what they are used for what often gets overlooked is the term supplement or supplementation this should not be taking the place of a good diet and nutrition program you see almost any good supplement is just going to fill in the gaps of things that could be or might be missing based on your lifestyle your nutrition or perhaps how hard training and because of that you don’t get what you need you should not start with supplements before you get into a good routine and you get your diet in order it will not replace it some supplements will make your nutrition habits a little easier and most of the supplements that I want to talk about today are going to improve through your ability to train and recall that’s where we get the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to supplements and you might be disappointed to know that there’s not that many supplements that i’m going to recommend today you see being around very smart people people that study supplements people that study the effects people that actually do research and my research I don’t mean going on google and typing in creating I mean going into a setting where you’re actually giving supplements and giving the placebo doing experiments during training doing testing and finding out what is efficacious and what is worthless that’s the type of research that I’m talking about I have friends that do this i have made a lot of connections over the last few years and so unfortunately the more i have learned the less faith I have had and supplements and so with that said if you’re not already bummed out let’s talk about my top five supplements that i recommend and I’ll go through them in no particular order I’m not going to give you a top five and five four three two one just gonna give you five supplements that i recommend also talked about a few others and that would also like to mention if you didn’t already know this I represent a supplement program called core nutritionals so does that mean this information is biased take it for what it’s worth do I care of you supplements i don’t care this isn’t about me telling you to do something or not do something this is about giving information and you can choose whether or not you want to invest money invest time and purchase supplements to use in your training program do i use supplements yes i do use supplements and I do believe in them and even if I was not associated with core nutritionals those are the supplements i would use I don’t want to get too deep off topic let’s just start with the five supplements i recommend and while alright guys so if our goal is to go in the gym and recover and build muscle and look better and feel better well nutrition is going to play a major role in that and one of the most difficult parts of nutrition is getting enough protein intake protein requires a lot of prep you have to cook it you have to store it and so wait protein is going to be the first supplement i recommend and it might not even be a supplement for some people some people might actually just consider it a food because whey protein is derived from milk and therefore it actually is a food but the way it’s prepared and put into a bottle so that it’s easy accessible for us we can just put it in some water shake it up and drink it that makes it very valuable see chicken and turkey in the poultry and meets that we use are going to be difficult to have access to unless you have gone to the store cooked it or purchased it and kept it refrigerated whey protein travels easy it’s easy to use and if you want to talk about caloric bang for your buck you’re not going to get anything better than whey protein here’s why when we talk about the quality of protein sources leucine content is a very important aspect some of the highest food with losing content such as egg whites chicken poultry is things like that have a lower loosing content than whey protein so we’re talking about highlighting content we’re also talking about very high protein content / calories most whey proteins are only going to have a grammar to of carbs and a grammar to a fat to go along with a 20 to 25 grams of protein now not everyone can consume whey protein depending on your digestive abilities so therefore you should experiment if whey protein is not good for you if a concentrate is not good for you then maybe you don’t use a blend maybe you use whey isolate there are options out there but for the first supplement that i recommend when you’re getting started with the nutrition plan is a whey protein the second supplement that I want to talk about is probably the most well-known supplement in the supplement world i still see stories in the news of how it’s the devil and shouldn’t be used but creatine monohydrate and that’s the only one I’m going to talk about not going to talk about the other options i believe the supplement industry realize that creatine monohydrate is very cheap and very easy to make and therefore they simply come out with new versions of it every couple months and profess that it digests better that it acts differently that’s fine if you want to use a different form of it that’s fine all of the research has been done on creatine monohydrate it’s very inexpensive and it’s a very effective i recommend for men to take five grams a day and for women to take three grams a day now how does creatine monohydrate work creatine saturates your muscle cells so when you hear people talk about a loading phase what they’re actually doing is they’re ingesting more creatine in a single day to saturate the muscles quicker yes this doesn’t work it does help saturate the muscles quicker but it only happens by a few days after you’ve been taking a maintenance dose for several days maybe a week you will have successfully saturated yourselves some people notice digestive distress when using the loading phase so it might be easier for you to do five grams a day and for females that are lighter body weight 3 grams a day and you’ll get all you need now creatine actually is in a lot of red meats and a lot of people choose not to eat red meat therefore if your diet is very low and red meat i would suggest you might try creating monohydrate I had a client last year vegetarian he started taking creatine monohydrate gain 526 pounds in a single week i’m sure he was a hyper responder he was a male bodybuilder you know close to 200 pounds and he got fantastic results from it can’t promise those kind of results for anybody else but simply the fact that he had probably no red meat is diet and he started supplementing with something now remember it was supplemented because it was missing from his diet so something to take into consideration the next supplement that I want to talk about might not even be thought of as a sports nutrition supplement you see a lot of us use it to get through our days we wake up and we have a cup of joe and then around lunchtime we have a couple diet sodas or some sodas and before we go to the gym we might have a monster caffeine is very powerful lots of positive research lots of research showing the benefits and so the third supplement that I want to talk about is caffeine and we can also pair that with a couple products so caffeine is highly used in pre workouts it’s also highly used in fat burners so let’s talk about those two categories because i don’t want to just tell you to use caffeine because we all know that has benefits pre workouts are no longer just about being stimulant punches to the face where you get this crazy buzz and your earlier crazy and then you have this huge crash the supplements that are out now the pre workouts in particular are fantastic that is because they have introduced a new type of pre-workout stimulant not just caffeine but nootropics nootropics actually work in conjunction with your brain and they allow you to have things like fatigue resistance improved focus mental clarity i myself notice a huge difference when i get to a low body fat level and I take a pre-workout which has some high-quality nootropics the benefit the true benefit that I see for supplements at this point in my life is the impact that they have on my day-to-day life my day-to-day performance in the gym by using a supplement like a pre-workout prior to training and getting a better training session perhaps you push through some pain barriers perhaps you get some extra volume over time that is going to equal a better physique a better result and that’s where the power of the pre-workout comes in it’s not magic that you take a pre-workout one day and it’s going to change your life no it’s consistently having better workouts so that is why i feel that the caffeine and the pre-workout and specifically the way that they create pre-workouts now so that you actually have a better experience while you’re in the gym now fat burner which would also contain a lot of stimulants like caffeine as well as some others you’re going to notice more of a buzz from that see fat burners are kind of design so that they increase their Genesis you might even notice you get some sweating going on basically the idea behind a fat burner that you can burn more fat with doing less that’s because it increases your body’s metabolism I don’t believe that’s the real benefit what I believe the benefit of a fat burner is is much like a pre-workout it allows you to get more out of your day you see when calories are low and body fat is low what tends to happen is we tend to reduce how much we move around we become more efficient we make excuses for not getting up off the count for not walking around the office for not playing with our kids whatever it will be you’ll notice when you have less energy you start to change your behaviors then you burn less calories throughout the day with a fat burner taken at the right times maybe in the morning maybe in the afternoon certainly not too late at night if you want to get to bed at a good time trapper will help us maintain more activity levels and that’s where I feel they have the most benefit I now the four supplement I want to talk about is something i never really used until I started competing and dying down for competitions to get to that ultra lean body fat level and that is branch chain amino acids you see branched-chain amino acids are made up of three amino acids leucine isoleucine and valine and the value of branched-chain amino acid is that a very low-calorie almost all you’re going to be able to extend muscle protein synthesis and i found a great benefit using these between meals you can get a similar response based on the research to a large dose of carbohydrates between meals so if you have a large protein meal and then a long space and another large protein meal you can extend muscle protein synthesis you do not want to increase large protein doses because you then get a refractory period whereas if you let the normal levels rise and fall you get a benefit well we can extend the rise of the protein synthesis with branch chain amino acids the last supplement I want to talk about is something that i have taken on and off for the last couple years and every time i take it i just noticed a benefit the first time i was introduced dias para casa there was a couple research studies that came out and of course they were sensationalize and it was made out to be the next great thing and it quickly disappeared but after using it i did notice a positive change and the most positive change that I noticed was just my overall well-being how good i felt i had this like positive mood all the time and my training was great and I don’t know if it was a result of my mood because my training was great for my training was great because i wasn’t a good move but i also noticed some other indicators of male hormone improvements such as increased libido i just noticed a denser look to my physique I noticed I was you know getting better pumps in the gym I had an overall better feeling i will take it for six to eight weeks at a time and i will time it specifically based on periods where i feel like it’s going to have the most benefit for me or my training is going to be really good where I’m dying down and I need a little extra boost with that said that’s our five supplements that i’m going to talk about today if you guys have comments or questions below or think what I’m saying is done let me know below i will reply to all you guys if you have other supplements you want to ask questions about their so many supplements out there there’s literally like hundreds but i don’t really worry about too much of that because when supplements really good it’s gonna get a lot of research it’s gonna get a lot of backing and there’s a new supplements coming out all the time to get included in pre workouts things like retain things like a guillotine you know so there are new things coming out coming from someone who used to run out and get every new muscletech product that promise 11 pounds in seven days and you know 15 pounds of lean body mass and 30 days and all these things i was the first to run out and buy those so nothing wrong with getting excited you know it even if it’s just a placebo effect of going to the store getting a supplement running to the gym doing your workout and feeling like maybe not workout was better because of that supplement I’m no problem with that in fact I get excited about new supplements now I would be remiss if i did it at least mentioned my sponsor in the supplements that they provide again you don’t have to purchase these supplements these are just i’m going to talk about the ones that I’m the most proud of and so let’s talk about the whey protein so we talked about whey protein this is called core probe I way they also have a core isolate the great thing about this supplement if you want to talk about fantastic fantastic macros 24 grams of protein for grams of carbs and two grams of fat and this is peanut butter ice cream and if you get the isolate there’s even less calories from non protein sources and the second one I mentioned was creatine monohydrate now this is simply creating monohydrate in pure form you don’t need anything else here is a container of Corey bc which is the branch chain of no acid product by core this is white passion peach this is my favorite along with the watermelon but there are many great flavors that come from corso getting the flavored amino acids are just going to be a much much more fun option but if you’re looking to save a little money you can get from core also the core commodity you can get just branched chain amino acid without the flavor it will save you some money but it will not save you your taste buds and then finally everyone’s favorite supplement is a pre-workout this is corey fury extreme this is strawberry colada this is a fantastic product that I use and I actually tried not to use sometimes just so it has that extra punch when I need it on days when I don’t feel my best or on days when I know I really want to go and crush two hours of training non-stop stay focused have lots of energy get a great pomp courtier extreme is what i use and what’s great about core is we also have a product called core pump you seek or pump is a pre-workout based product that gives you all the things like fatigue resistance and all the things that are going to improve your workout without any stimulants because sometimes we work out late at night and we still want to get the benefits of the supplements that allow us to train harder on train longer but we don’t want to be up to four in the morning and then the final product that i talked about today was d aspartic acid and the product bike or that contains that is called core test and i’m actually going to be starting that this week for another four to six weeks cycle maybe eight leading right up to the arnold because when i get to columbus I gotta train with doug miller and those are going to be some great intense workouts dog is a beast along with all the other guys at work it work it corny traditionals crazy uncle Karl Patrick me guys made Andrew party all you beasts cliff Wilson we’re going to have some fun calm yo hiyo time but that’s it for me today guys if you are interested in purchasing any of these supplements then please go to court officials dot-com i have a discount code for you it is Paul r20 also have some 100-dollar giveaways coming up when i reach the 10,000 subscribers mark so i’m going to be giving away for I believe for one hundred dollar gift certificates for nutritional products just because you guys have used my code and it’s given me a kick back instead of taking that money and keeping it and give it back to you all anyway guys have an awesome rest of your week i don’t think i’ve been doing a video tomorrow because I fly to LA and we are going to be at the la fit expo if you’re interested in seeing their common hangout and finally i will also be at the santa monica promenade on Friday january six at 8pm with my friend and client really hated and my friend and friend Lane normal we’re just gonna hang out outside starbucks the promenade shoot the breeze talk about anything you want to talk about i’ll probably end up taking a lot of pictures for you with lane and a lot of pictures for you with Emily anyway guys have an awesome rest your day and some great workouts

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